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True Life Story: I Betrayed My Wife But I Was Only Doing It For Money


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True Life Story: I Betrayed My Wife But I Was Only Doing It For Money

Hi Lively Stones,

I need your advice. My wife is not talking to me. I hurt her badly. I fear she will leave me but I do not know what to do. I am 38 years old, I married my wife  years ago, we have two children. My wife is a caterer, she is into food business an supplies. Last year, I lost my job, so my wife suggested I join her in the food business, so we can grow the business together and maybe own our restaurant in the future.

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I joined my wife to become the manager and accountant. I also helped in marketing her. You need to see the way women were flirting with me anyhow. My wife was not bothered because she trusts me. I used to gist her what some women did behind her back when she was not watching.  Some would slip their no in a wad of cash to me, some would touch me inappropriately. I tried to fend them off without offending them cos they are customers.

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That is how we met madam Uche. This lady owns a beauty salons. She would order food from us. Sometimes, I would deliver, sometimes my wife would deliver. She became friendly to me. I told my wife that madam Uche was after something else. My wife just advised me t be careful because the woman is one of her big customers.

We catered for one of her many big parties. Unfortunately, some of the food got bad in the process. Madam Uche was upset and asked us to refund her money. We had spent so much preparing this order. We even borrowed 1M from someone else to carry out the work. What it would cost us to refund her money was up to 800k. There was no way we could refund her.

My wife begged and begged. She threatened to get police involved but asked me to come and see her. I suspected she wanted to make a move at me. My wife and I discussed it. My wife was like, I should go and play along but make sure it does not result in having s3x with her.

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I met madam Uche at her office, she gave me drinks and weed to smoke. She made sure I was high and before long, she started playing with me. She asked if I knew she liked me, I told her yes. She said she would forgive the debt if I slept with her. I laughed and told her we can play together but no s3x cos I am married. She was like, no, she started touching me…she asked me to give her oral, at least, that was not s3x.

I did oral on her…she then demanded to give me oral too. I was nervous because I know, oral would render me weak from her attacks. I agreed because she was pushing so fast. She did suck like a pro and before I could say no, I was penetrating her. It was such a crazy situation. I regretted it immediately but I was helpless.

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When I got home that day, my wife asked me what happened, I told her we flirted and that Madam Uche gave me oral cos I told her I would rather die than have real s3x with her. Yes, I lied. There was no way I could look my wife in the face and tell her I f*cked another woman. We agreed not to do any other business with Madam Uche.

A week later, Madam Uche called me and told me that she wanted to see me. I told her never again. She then promised to give me 3M if I came. She wired 1.5M to me as upfront. I was like, no, I am not doing that again because I have not been myself since the last time. The guilt was killing me. This woman said, are you sure its guilt or lust? I was not sure anymore…maybe both of them.

Madam Uche knew perfectly how to manipulate me. She waited two days after she transferred the 1.5 before calling again. This time, she said, what are you feeling bad for, you already did it the first time, what will it cost you to do it again and be 3M richer? In my heart, I knew it was a bad idea but the money was tempting. I thought of what we could do with the 3M…we could actually rent a place to start our restaurant business. So, I told her I would see her.

What I did not envisage was madam Uche taking my phone when I got to her. She did not want me to call or receive any calls while I was with her. We smoked weed and drank alot. The s3x was wild and she wouldn’t let me go after. She said she cant pay 3M for one round. She made me stay the night. I knew my wife would be worried to death so I begged her to let me text my wife.

I texted my wife to say, I quickly went to visit a friend in Ogun state and that I would return next day. I knew my wife would not believe but madam Uche never gave me much choice. I just wanted my wife to know I am safe. The next day, my wife didn’t go anywhere. She was waiting for me at the door.

Next thing she asked, did you spend the night with that evil woman? How women know these things is just a marvel. I was too guilty and I was smelling of alcohols and weed, I told her yes…but we didn’t f*ck…my wife screamed and said…if you didn’t come home last night and you lied about where you were….then you f*cked her.

At that point, I broke down and cried. I told her the truth,…everything. My wife was broken. She cried for days. She wouldn’t let me touch her or talk to her. Last Sunday, she packed some of her things to stay with a relative.  My once happy home is no longer happy. My children are sad seeing mummy and daddy not talking. She took my children with her. Madam Uche has not even paid me the balance,…I have not had the gut to ask her for it cos I realize now how I have sold my self for money.

I have begged my wife with every thing I know. I know I f*cked up. I am a disgrace…I betrayed her….but I just want her to forgive me. I do not see any future without her. I am having suicidal thoughts. Even though I do not blame my wife but she encouraged me to play with fire when she told me to play with this evil woman. Its just that we did not know my weakness will also betray me.

Both of us have not told anyone of our family what really happened because we are ashamed. That for the sake of money, I had s3x ….my wife says she does not want to hear about this among our family members so that our children will not be embarrassed as well…ha…I am tired. I really need help and advice on what to do.

Please help me beg my wife. I made a huge mistake. I will do anything to make it right. Please help me.


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  1. Geez that’s really bad , you messed up man, you really hurt your wife, that’s really bad, she’s really hurt, she needs time to process what’s going on now,….how would you feel if it was your wife that did same thing….I can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now….bro you crossed the line and scattered your home,…keep begging her,I hope she’s able to forgive you, peace bro….

  2. Hmmmn, both of you played with fire and got your fingers burnt. Read my words: BOTH OF YOU, HUSBAND AND WIFE. Wat was your wife thinking??? Abeg! she should know better. what you wont eat , you dont smell!
    i commend you for not being defensive like a typical African man after she found out . However, please dont be suicidal ,you need to man -up,seeek her forgiveness over and again and give her time to heal . keep being remorseful, not only to her but to your creator.
    on the flip side, please I wish i could ask: were you actually aware the woman in question put weed in your drink?? I want to assume youre a family man? Why doing weed? Never mind my inquistiveness. lol

    However, please forgive yourself and fight for your marriage. BUT its a process for your wife, please be patient with yourself and her.
    i donot envy your line of business, but there are people into it without compromise like this, esp since both of you are involved. Please carry eachother along better going forward. Nobody should encourage the other to play with fire and now turn around to blame. Please, seek God’s forgiveness and help eachother better in truth and discipline next time.

  3. Please keep begging your wife,no matter how she feels about the whole situation, please keep begging her. Fight for your marriage biko,don’t allow the plans and wish of that yeye Madam Uche work ooo,make sure your wife forgives you biko. You have a beautiful family,so don’t allow it scatter. May the Lord forgive you and show you mercy,amen.


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