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True Life Story: I Get Turned On Watching Our Maid- Pls Advice


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True Life Story: I Get Turned On Watching Our Maid- Pls Advice

Hello Lively Stones,

Hide my name and number please. I am a 40 year old man. I have been married for 8 years with 3 beautiful children and a lovely wife. Our marriage has been a beautiful one for the most part. I love my wife but we both have demanding careers. Sometimes, we had to bring in relatives to the house to help take care of our children but it began to bring about over familiarity, so we decided against our initial plan to get house maid.

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We hear horrible stories of how maids treat children so we may sure that screen our maids and get proper background checks for them before we bring them into our home. We also installed camera in most parts of our house including her room. We got a 20 year old maid, someone who wants to learn a trade after working to get some money after a while.

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Grace our maid is extremely modest and godly. Our children like her and the house chores are being done accurately. No issues with her. Sometimes, my wife goes through the camera footage but in recent times, shes been very busy, so am the one that goes through the footage. Its sometimes tiring just watching footages but I have to make the sacrifice cos we cant afford a surprise.

It was then I watched a footage of this seemly godly girl, Grace masturbating in her room one day. Come and see how this girl that ties her head all through the day, was shaking as she was fingering herself, she was moaning and shaking. Her niipples became so tensed. I was shocked and immediately wanted to show my wife but something stopped me. Instead, I found myself watching our maid masturbate and pleasure herself. I did something even worse, I downloaded that footage and started watching it and t really turned me on.

Since that day, I also secretly watch the video and I have been spying on her when no one is looking. I am afraid that I am getting myself into serious trouble. I don’t know what to do. I think I want to send her away but she is very nice and she really needs the money pus we only just got her, its really hard to get a new person that does her job very well.

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I decided not to say anything, at least, its just masturbating to her footage but anytime I do it, I feel so terrible. My biggest fear is ever cheating on my wife because, she means the world to me, I cannot bear the pain that would cause her so I need advice. How do I manage this situation? Should I send Grace away? What reason will I give for telling my wife that we need to send her away?

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I am feeling guilty already. I have never looked at another woman s3xually since I married. This is the first time…the video of the maid masturbating feels like watching p*rn cos I never imagined getting aroused just by watching another woman pleasure herself. I toyed with the idea that maybe I should ask my wife to do the same masturbation act for me but she would wonder what has come over me….my wife does not even know that I masturbate.

I am lost, I need help.



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  1. Nna you are not lost,the only problem is you.
    You are busy watching your maid’s nude,please delete the footages biko and allow the innocent girl do her job accurately.

    Discipline yourself and tell the devil to get behind you,this is to avoid regrets tomorrow.

    Your wife is enough for you,don’t use your hand to scatter your marriage,leave Grace alone,and if you feel it will get you into trouble please ask her to go but on a second thought,who says you will still not lust over another maid when you employ her.

    Self control, discipline is the key,have these and have life. Rebuke every spirit of lust,after you have done it,na that time your eye go clear.

  2. Oga. You are playing with fire ooo… You better face wetin concern you… You are only setting your self up for destruction.

  3. You better delete that nonsense you downloaded. You want to send away a maid both you and your wife have certified to be good and not a threat to your children so far, because of your lust and selfish desires? How many people are lucky to have such maids?
    You must be very wicked and selfish.
    You better tuck in that thing you have between your legs and face front.
    Go for deliverance and ask God for mercy.
    Such nonsense

  4. Sir ,u did not need to put a CCTV in her room ,it was very wrong u were overstepping ur boundary ,two I have always believed there are no good girls she hasn’t just been caught ,may be that why u see her tiring headtie etc ,alot are pervert ,u have already cheated on ur wife watching another naked woman is the proof ,don’t drive her away call grace and tell her what u saw and ask her how u could help her or better still leave grace and her private life I just hope she does not s.e.x ur child because it is certain she is s3x starved and probably u are the man who she is fantasizing s3xing during masturbation ,u didn’t do well grace either is s3x starved u are already cheating on ur life looking at another naked lady ,if u want ur wife to masturbate in ur presence to heal u ,u better tell her or pray to God to deliver u ,if not h would have s3x with grace one day and u would enjoy it more than ur wife because s3x with a stranger always feels good till u are caught

  5. Uninstall the camera from her room and delete the one you have.

    Your wife means the world to you….don’t ever make anyone the source of your happiness, IG your wife cheats, will you now kill yourself, reflect on this thing i just said.

    Remove the camera from her room. Its simple

  6. You and your wife are crazy. Why would you put a camera in her room. That’s her privacy. So your wife did not think she can go naked in her room before she agreed to such act?????
    You better delete the video and remove the camera from her room then your figure out a way to delete her images from your head. Nonsense

  7. Your wife must be a big fool. Your wife did not know that the maid might be naked in her room sometimes? And your wife knew that you will see the video of the maid naked one day if you go through the videos. Your wife is really a GOAT


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