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True Life Story: I Have Been Having Sleepless Nights About My Marriage-Pt 2


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True Life Story: I Have Been Having Sleepless Nights About My Marriage


Good evening Lively Stones House,

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These past few days have been the most traumatic days of my life. Remember my husband left our home last Friday and did not return until Sunday evening. His number was switched off all through the weekend and I could not reach him. I called his people and they all were surprised and told me to wait, that if he did not return by Sunday, then Monday morning, they will go and look for him.

Around 10.45pm, my husband drove back with the three children from his ex. I had cried enough and was too tied to cry anymore. I also remembered the advise from most people on lively stones, I held myself back and did not ask my husband one question about where he was or why he did not call us all through the weekend. We went to bed, I cried all through but very silently. I knew my husband too did not sleep cos he just faced the other side of the bed all through.

The next morning, I was sick…so sick…all my body was paining me…my eyes swollen from crying. I got the children ready for school and tried to get ready for work but I could not…so I stayed at home. I was just reading comments from Lively Stones….praying to God to deliver my husband and save my marriage. My in-laws called to ask me, I told them he was back. They asked if he said anything…I said nothing.

They encouraged me to be patient that they will speak to their brother. By Monday evening, I was running temperature…I had to take medication before I could sleep. I could wake up in the morning the next day to prepare the children for school. My husband did that, dropped them off and went to work. Still he did not speak to me.

That Tuesday, I was so sick…it was God saved that saved me that day. I was finally able to feel a little better by Tuesday night. But I could not sleep in our room with my husband. The sight of him sleeping beside me….was just too hard to bear. So, I went to sleep in the palour. At mid night, my husband came to me and started to beg me. Asking me to please forgive him. I asked him what did he do that I should forgive he ….he said he knows I know and he feels bad for putting me through such pain.

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Then I told him, I can only forgive him if he stops going to the ex’s place. My husband said ok but that means, I have to allow her to come and visit because this evil woman says she cannot be in the same Lagos with us and not see her children every weekend. That if that we prevent her, she will take the children away and take legal action. I said ok…let us go and take legal action…so the court can advise on the custody of the children. My husband said the best the court will do will be joint custody and that will not change the fact that the mother of the children will still be allowed to see her children from time to time.

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So, my husband has agreed….let us go to court but at the back of my mind…I am still afraid. I could not sleep last night. I was wondering : what if the court gives this woman joint custody or even full custody cos I dont want her around…that will mean…my husband will be going to her house to see his children more and more. I discussed with my family and my in-laws, everyone says its better the children stay with us…let their mother come and visit them but she will not be allowed to spend the night. They say its better to keep my enemy close so I can monitor her.

Please what do you think? I can’t stand the sight of this woman but is this the cross I have to bear for the rest of my life? I know she will never stop trying to sleep with my husband. She is an ashawo with no shame. My husband confessed he has a weakness for her but he does not love her. Is this my fate? Is this how we will be living for the rest of our lives? How will I not be afraid anytime she comes around….how will I not feel jealous….how will she not sleep with my husband. Sometimes I wish this woman will just fall down and die or go back to where she was before she came to scatter my home.

Please what else can we do….I need prayers and help. Thank you my lively stones family for your support all through these days but the battle is not over. All my prayer warriors….all the married women, those who know how this thing hurst, please I need your help and prayers. I do not think I have the strength to deal with this matter on my own.


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  1. Madam your case is settled,amen. Please go to court,that is the best you can do for now,let the court give their judgement,so that everyone will obey and stick to court’s order or judgement.

    Don’t be tied to pray, prayer does wonders. The Lord is your strength nne. You’re loved,you are such a peaceful soul, don’t know why that moron and lunatic came into your home unannounced.

    I love you ,be strong and courageous. This too shall pass

    • Dear poster, you’re the one getting sick,and more sickness will still come if you do not accept her. Your husband said it all he as a weakness for her. Please accept so your mind can be at rest. No matter how the case goes,weather you like it or not she’s fully back for your husband.the kids are her weapon. Please accept so you can be better. You can’t monitor your husband no matter what and he can never resist her. 3 children is not a mistake. Believe me before the end of next year she will get pregnant again. As long as your husband is interested in the children staying in your home, she will always be there. Forget court o court will not monitor your husband for you. You don’t need monitoring so you don’t end up losing.focus your energy on your child please and try to bond with your husband. No get BP o. My thoughts.

  2. You’re either the first or second wife …you can’t fight such a stubborn baby mama. Either you leave or stay and concentrate on your child…. whatever she has on her sleeves,she seems confident that she’ll win. Good luck

  3. My sister it’s well with you. But I want to assure you that if you can pray violently you will surely get your home back. If there’s a person to pray, there’s also a God to answer. If you need counseling on the prayer warfare you can private chat with me. Shalom

  4. Please tell your husband to allow the children to go back to her and he will be sending money to her for their up keep. And anytime he want to see his children, he must take you along and it must not be too frequent.
    Just take care of yourself. It is well


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