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True Life Story: I Regretted My Actions Against My Wife. Please Help Me!


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True Life Story: I Regretted My Actions Against My Wife. Please Help Me!


Good morning…. Pls I’ll go straight to point.

My wife and I have been married for 3 years, God has blessed our matrimony with a beautiful daughter. My wife is so decent, caring and beautiful inside out. I have been a great husband and father to my pretty daughter. I have never cheated on my wife since we got married.

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Recently, she barely give me s3x. Infact it would take a whole month before I could see Just the color of her undies and I wasn’t happy about it.

Last week Wednesday, I committed an unspeakable abuse, I’m so ashamed of myself. I Raped my wife and I hate myself since that incident.

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Honestly, I don’t know what came over me that particular day, I tried to make advances towards her, she refused and she pushed my hand away. Out of anger I slapped her on her face (she bled from her mouth), I overpowered her and forcefully had my way through. She cried all through that night.

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I regretted my actions, I feel remorse, I hate my Life cryI have begged her seriously to forgive me but she haven’t said a word to me for over 5 days now. She cook for just herself and my daughter, she no longer sleep in our matrimonial bed, she would rather sleep in my daughter’s room or the visitor’s room, she no longer greets me anymore.

I have never abused, beat or raised my hands on my wife or any woman before. Last week was my first time I did such an abominable act in my Life sad What If any one notice we’re having issues now, how will I explain to them what actually happened?

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I don’t even want my little daughter to know we’re having issues. I don’t know who to talk to. It’s a faceless forum that’s why I’m sharing my pain here cry. Pls how do I restore back happiness in my home, I need my wife to forgive me. I’m truly sorry from the depth of my heart and I promise it will never happen again.

Please Help Me.

Source: Nairaland

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  1. Kia,raping your wife wasn’t the best oooo,chaii you have left a scar in her mind which she can never forget in a hurry. Did you ask her why she haven’t been giving you kpekus? Is there something you have done to her and the thing has made her to deny you from entering the place? Your wife cannot stay in a month and not give you the thing, please complete this story so that we can help or advice you accordingly. God bless you sir

  2. How on earth will a husband had the gut to slap and rape a full grown lady you professed love to and even a lady that birthed a beautiful to you (daughter)

    Women are very smart people, especially when it comes to relationship and marital affairs

    Oga you have matched line somewhere along the line

    Oga need to go on his knees and ask God for Mercy and equally go hid knees to plead for forgiveness from his beautiful wife o

    You’ve erred against God and your wife, so better start pleading for forgiveness before anything and drop that Manish ego inside of you

  3. U haven’t done well at all at all…u should have asked her the reason ok. One month without kpekus and u are raping ur woman…Jack, u mess up waaa.
    Maybe u are not satisfying her or something…

    Go back to ur counsellor and invite ur wife…

  4. In as much as you did not do the right thing. I would say finish the story só we can advice accordingly,but your wife os also to Blame. How on earth can a married woman deny her matrimonial husband sex for the whole month. These guys according to wedding specialists they are still on a honeymoon stage. Love,romance and sex should be on a high note. Even the Bible says a woman once married She no longer have power over her own body man as well. Does your wife go to work,what is her social status?

  5. […] I want to thank everyone for their advice and I really appreciate everyone involvement about the thread I created 2week ago. Here is the link: I Regretted My Actions Against My Wife. Please Help Me! […]

  6. A man can never rape his wife. Which woman deny his husband sex for month? Slapping her was wrong. A man can never rape her wife life a woman can never rape his husband.


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