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True Life Story: I Tried To Break Up With My Girlfriend But Failed


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True Life Story: I Tried To Break Up With My Girlfriend But Failed

Hi Lively Stones,

My GF is 35 years old. I met her last November on IG. We got talking and met up later on. This lady is very pretty, has a good job and has a car and from a wealthy family. When we met, I only wanted her for cruise.

Seeing her profile, its obvious, she is not one to play, she would want a serious relationship which I am not ready for but I just wanted to catch cruise. My friend TJ knew about this. Both of us always talked about flexing but not getting married anytime soon.

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I lied to my GF that I am 35 years but I am 29 years. We started dating, meeting up and hanging out. I was doing all the good boyfriend things: showing love and care but I told her I was not so buoyant at the time because I am a real estate marketer, sometimes, its good financially but sometimes not so good.

My GF didn’t mind that I was not spending money on her … but she was the one spending money on me. I admired and appreciated her for her kindness but I became worried that she was investing too much of her time and money on me. So, I decided to tell her that I do not want to continue the relationship cos I don’t want a situation that it would seem like I led her on, ate her money and dumped her.

The issue is,anytime I tried to break up with her, something happens and I cannot. I wanted to do it before valentine last month but this babe went and booked a couples valentine weekend for us. I could not say no. We went to an exotic resort and I almost started to really fall in love with her. She is so nice.

After valentine, I thought I should do it but her father was ill and she wanted me to come see him with her. On getting there, the family were all so nice to me. The mother called me aside and asked me what my intentions are towards her daughter. That her daughter has never been so happy, that she talks about me alot, so she wants to know if my intentions are honorable.

To God, I wanted to bail but I found myself saying all the nice things, like I lover her daughter, she is my soul mate, completes me, bla bla bla….And then, the mother said she wants her daughter to get married this year, that I should not break her heart. That day, when we returned from her parents place, I had to tell her the truth…that I am not ready for marriage and so I think we should break up before things go too far.

Surprisingly, when I told her I wanted to end the relationship, she did not even argue or show too much emotions. She only said why? I told her I was not ready for marriage and I can see she is ready cos of her age. She smiled and said, no problem. At this point, she moved close to me, went down on her knees and began to tug at my belt.

Still on her knees, she removed my belt and began to do oral on me. I lost all my senses immediately. The highest I have done since we started dating was kiss her. She never allowed me go past kissing but here she was giving me a blow job. We ended up having passionate s3x. She was a virgin…After everything, she said to me: you can never leave me now, you are mine forever. And I replied yes.

After the s3x, all talks about breaking up went out of the window. And that is how it has been since. I know I wanted to end things with her but I completely forgot about all that. I have become hooked on her like a drug. I found myself head over heels in love with her. I find myself doing things for her that I never planned. As I speak to you, we are planning to get married this Easter.

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A few days ago, we had some friends over, my best friend TJ, some of my other friends and  her friends too. We were celebrating our engagement with our close friends. During the engagement, TJ said he wanted to see me at his place next day, that its urgent. So, next day, I went to TJ’s place. My friend told me that he overheard my GF’s friends talking about how my girlfriend used jazz to get me to marry her.

TJ said, the girls were excited, saying they too want to arrange for that juju that my girl’s mother did for her. That her mother gave her some spiritual portion which she used to sleep with me and once I had s3x with her, I will not be able to leave her anymore. TJ was very worried for me.

TJ and I confronted my GF over what her friends said. She appeared very shocked and denied everything completely. We called one of the  girls on speaker phone and asked them why they said my GF jazzed me. They said they were just joking. The thing is, I do not feel like I am under a trap or jazz…but I know that when we met initially, I had no plans of marrying my GF but after I disvirgined her, I fell so much in love with her that nothing else mattered.

Nothing else mattered because I never been with a virgin before. I felt like she was pure, untouched….I was the one lucky to be with her, I did not want to loose her. Its surprising to everyone that I am getting married to someone I just met in November but does that really matter?

My GF is very nice to me, she’s a complete wife material that changed my mind about marriage, she’s humble, she is kind, even  with money. She gave one of her ATM cards to use anytime I want. That her money is my money…Is this all part of juju?

My family likes her because she is very generous and kind to them also but TJ wanted me to share this on Lively Stones, he still thinks I am under a spell because I was the one who did not want to get married and all of a sudden, I am rushing to get married.

It may seem like rush but I just want to be with my girl and do anything to make her happy. I just know that everything that made me not want to marry disappeared after s3x. I know some people see s3x as a covenant but does that mean I am truly under a spell or do you think TJ just came up with that because he is surprised I am getting married after saying I will not get married for so long? I just want to hear what the readers think…


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  1. With all the qualities your girl has,why don’t you wanna marry her? So you want to keep catching cruise at 29 okwaya, anyways that babe loves you,you better don’t take her for a fool oooo.

    Stop listening to side talks and follow your mind.Pray about your union. It is well with your marriage

  2. After everything, she said to me: you can never leave me now, you are mine forever. And I replied yes.
    The above statement is really getting me scared about ur relationship with this girl but it is obvious the girl is really in love with you.

    With all the qualities u mentioned this girl has, she is still not married at age 35.pls do some proper investigations and prayers before proceeding with the marriage.

    Many thanks.

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  4. I feel you should stick with your woman and enjoy the gift God has given you. Don’t listen to anybody. Pray about it and ask God for a perfect direction. If the lady was a lose girl, her virginity would has lost a long time ago. She did what she did just to see if you will change your mind since you claim to love her. No juju here. If juju dey she won’t have slept with you in the first place. Do you even know if your friends that Tj of a guy likes your woman? A lady who has money even gives you are ATM card to use is a Queen.

  5. I believe she do jazz, when these women are getting too old without a man, they can do anything to get man. My man, you know what, you are under a spell, a deep one in fact. How do some men act like women are goddesses, remember i told you, you are under a spell. Do something about I before its late. You are warned

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