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True Life Story: Introducing Naomi’s Dairy-The Adventures Of A Fun Loving Therapist


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True Life Story: Introducing Naomi’s Dairy-The Adventures Of A Fun Loving Therapist


Hello Lively Stones family,

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My name is Naomi. Of course its not my real name. I am 27 years old and I am a s3x and relationship therapist. I found out about Lively Stones recently and I wanted to collaborate because I think your readers would love to read my stories.

I did not set out to be a therapist but two years ago, I had a life changing experience that made me become a relationship therapist. And yes, I am single. So, how did it happen? Hahaha…I will tell you.

Years ago, I was married, yes married to the love of my life…we were inseparable….it was young love and we both were thriving in our careers. I was a social media influencer, he was into IT media and entertainment.

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We were so in love but so young and foolish. The attention from other s3x was also insane. My husband was getting immense pressure from girls left and right and me too, I was getting the same. We both found it hard to stay faithful so we decided to see a relationship therapist.

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Dr. Mooshood was highly recommended. We signed up to his therapy sessions. Its a long story but the therapy helped us realize that we got married too young and we were both choking each other and not allowing each other to grow and attain our highest potentials. We had to break up even though it was hard.

When we divorced, I was 22 and my ex was 22 too. I was still visiting Dr. Moshood for therapy post divorce and we both f*cked one time when things became too real, vulnerable and steamy. Dr. M was devastated. He had never slept with a patient before. He was sorry but I was not. I loved it…it was erotic to sleep with my doctor. (One day, I will tell you how me and Dr. M started our relationship and how he inspired me to become a therapist).

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From then, I wanted to be a therapist…lol…I took an online course and became a certified s3x therapist a year later. Well, I discovered what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to help couples live their best life. I have alot of experience from my failed marriage and relationship with my therapist.

So, today, I meet alot of people and they cannot believe that a s3xy 27 year old single girl is a relationship therapist. I have been doing this for two years alongside my influencer job and this is really fun for me. Its like a hobby for me, so don’t get too serious with me. I get to meet alot of interesting people. I solve couples s3xual issues and sometimes, my clients hit on me sometimes.

One time, a couple wanted to have a threesome with me….lol….don’t mind me. I am very professional but I also love having fun. I want to share some of my fun experiences with Lively Stones readers. The idea is to show case the funny part of going through the experience of relationship therapy.

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I will not be revealing the identities of the characters, I just want you to read and laugh and maybe learn a thing or two from my experience which I guarantee you is more interesting that big brother naija….lolzzzzz.

Maybe one day, I will write a book or even a movie from my experience but for now, settle in, once or twice a week, I will bring you fun and spicy stories from my therapy sessions. Some content may be real or fiction. I just love to write and really have fun. I hope you will enjoy and interact with my content and give me your honest feedback.

Omo, holier than thou readers,…you too are welcome but do not be too quick to condemn o..cos its gonna be sesssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and spicyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. And you cant tell if its real or fiction but you will learn a thing or two or not…but iyalaya anybody is free to express themselves with my content ok?

Now, help me spread the word that a crazy girl has come to Lively Stones and she is about to share some crazy tales that will keep you either laughing or learning or cursing or whatever. hahahaha.

Ladies and gents….this is strictly 18+ and with this I say….welcome to Naomi’s diary, the adventures of a fun loving therapist.



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  1. Interesting**Nothing new under the sun though.
    Bit its good to see someone come up with their stories, esp women folk. So people can hopefully learn from. Dont worry, we are open minded to take the lessons ,laugh ,learn and thrash the thrash..lol.
    Fingers crossed.
    Thank you, @Naomi, thank you @Lively stones.

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