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True Life Story: Is My Girlfriend Ghosting Me-Pls Advise


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True Life Story: Is My Girlfriend Ghosting Me-Pls Advise

Dear Lively Stones,

Good evening Ma’am. Keep me anonymous.

I’ve got a female friend, we met in NYSC camp, and since then we’ve been really good up till last week.

I relocated back to oyo from Kaduna. She wanted Lagos, but she was given oyo.
She decided to resume her service duties on Wednesday, she’s based in Abuja. Since she got to oyo, I’ve been trying to reach her by phone calls, not persistent with the calls though, just once in the morning and once in the night.

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I’ve been consistent with this. Today, I decided to call her with an unknown number to know maybe she’s trying to “ghost” on me, well, she answered the call, told her I was the one calling and I said “I just wanted to be sure” then cut the call, since then she hasn’t called back nor sent a message.

I think I should give her some space since she isn’t in a relationship with me, maybe, I might be choking her.

What do you think ma?


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  1. Bros both of you are not dating na, why are you disturbing yourself bayi?

    Abeg leave her, person wey no send you abeg no send the person,dey your lane and make she maintain her champion abeg.

    She doesn’t call you,she no send you be that,even when you call her,she hears your voice and ends the call. Bros please face your front. It is well with you my brother

  2. Please leave the babe alone she obviously doesn’t have your time and is not ready for a relationship with you. Let her be and move on.

  3. What is happening to many men of today, why do you act like you can’t do without a woman.

    Why bro, move the hell bro, you are a KING, you are not a simp man, you are a strong man, man up.

    Stand up king, you said, should you give her space, no bro, give her a death, forget completely about her, delete her No, her chat,from your phone and if she comes back, don’t act all friendly with her.

    You are not an option for her but if you do otherwise, then you have choosen to be an option to her.

    Be a King. WE DONT SIMP OVER HERE, WE DONT WORSHIP WOMEN HERE should be your mindset.

    Get books about men, from pdfdrive.com, like, the rational male by Rollo Tomassi, the manipulated man by Esther Vilar. Please get masculine books.


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