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True Life Story: Is My Man In Love With Me Or My Money?


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True Life Story: Is My Man In Love With Me Or My Money?

Hello Lively Stones

Please pardon, my English not too good. I am not from this country. My story goes like this…I and this guy has been dating for 4 years ,we meet just once and exchange numbers from there we were talking only on the phone for a year and 3 month when he then decided that I should visit him, we made just a week together I later on discover he has a girlfriend, we broke up and there some time we found our way back to each other…I had to travel out for work presently I am still out of the country .

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It’s been 2 and a half year now. This guy has nothing when I meet him.so he decided to get serious with me and he started up a laundry business by the Grace of God he had something now but when ever he has little money in his account he act wired and I also discovered he was still chatting with his ex wish he promised he won’t anyone…I have a son.

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So all I want for him is to show my child love and at least try to check on him from time to time .He only does that when I get mad at him .In 6 months time I will be returning in the country and we planned to live together but then I propose we get married because we want to start live together since we both have just a capital to start with but he declined and said he prefers we just concentrate on business and make more money.

I am scared because his altitude always tells me like he wants out of the relationship and that he is just around for my money .

So I need advice

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  1. Hello Poster,

    To be honest, this relationship does not seem like a genuine one. He cheated on you before…now you helped him financially and he is not interested in your child as you would like him to be….

    I cannot say he is after your money but he sure is not as committed to the relationship as you want him to.

    I would say, cut him loose….stop helping him financially.

    If he laves you…he would love your child and accept everything about you too.

    Do not force things…cut him loose….I see not serious commitment here.


  2. My love,please take a chill pill biko,the guy is still seeing his ex, infact he wants to gather more money from you and japa( run away),if I were you ,I will slow down,I will not overtake or over speed because it won’t be at your advantage.

    Advice -take care of yourself and your handsome son, concentrate on your career or business and let another serious man who is serious find you,he will love you with your son,don’t be at the mercy of any man all because you feel no man will love you with your son.

    God bless you

  3. Ur boyfriend is after your money but u feel comfortable staying with him , OMG! Why do some ladies ignore red flag to the detriment of their life , madam listen to me stop giving that guy money and observe him if he loves u , his attitude would never change infact it would make him what to prove himself more , if he truly deserve u why can’t he prove it , love isn’t blind u know , and if u notice any changes in his character when u stop giving him money , especially bad attitude from him , then he didn’t love u at all , never trust a man who still chat with his ex because he hasn’t left her , he is only an opportunist looking for a way to Savage ur bank account , God has given u a successful lifestyle , u deserve a successful man not a gold digger that’s if he is , u need to test the man who claim loves u , to determine if he truly did or he is in love with ur pocket


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