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True Life Story: Is My Wife Innocent Or Did She Really Betray Me?


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True Life Story: Is My Wife Innocent Or Did She Really Betray Me?

Hi Lively Stones,

How does one go through heartbreak and betrayal from the most trusted person in your life? I am broken. My wife of six years is a liar and a cheat. I just found out. The most painful part is the person she has been cheating with is the least likely suspect. When we got married six years ago, we kept having challenges with house helps cos my wife had twin boys are our first but one of the twin died at birth.

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Due to frequent house help issue, my wife had to bring in her relative that grew up with her family to come live with us, to assist. When this boy came, he was 17 years old. He just finished his WAEC and it was a perfect time to come help while he was waiting to get into Uni. I took this boy as my wife’s younger brother. Trusted him with everything in our home. And truthfully, he was very helpful to us.

This young man was very hardworking, he cleaned our cars, ran errands, washed and cleaned and helped us raise our children. When he got into school, I took care of his education. He did not even seem like he let his being a tertiary student get into his head. This boy can even bath our kids. God blessed us with 2 more boys after the first. He did homework for them, he was like their big brother.

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My wife is a very attractive woman but I never had any reason to doubt her loyalty because when we dated, we never had s3x until we got married. She is a godly woman, always praying, that is why I married her. I thank God always for my family. God has blessed us and even the young man that lives with us, has finished his four year course in the university. Just waiting for ASUU to call off strike to do his final year exams. I gave him one of our cars as reward for his loyalty and dedication to helping my family. My children call him brother Kiete (not real name).

As God blessed us, my business has expanded and I tend to travel a lot for business. My wife is a full time house wife and all is going well until last month. I had travelled to the PH for business. That day, Kiete and my driver had escorted me to the airport to catch a 7am flight. I boarded the plane after and we took off from Lagos. But the plane could not land that when we got to PH due to some visibility issues.

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Everyone was upset but the pilot decided to take us back to Lagos for safety reasons. When we got to Lagos, I decided not to travel anymore, I decided to go by road the next morning. I don’t know why but that was what my spirit made me do. I got off the plane and called my Driver to come and pick me up but he said he went to the mechanic. I decided to take an Uber.

On my way, I got a call from a client I had been chasing, I had to go to Ikoyi for a meeting. That meeting lasted till 3pm in the day. I took Uber again and went home. On getting home, I wanted to surprise my wife so I walked into the house as quietly as I could. Instead of surprising my wife…she was the one who surprised me. I got into the house, and walked to my bedroom and opened the door to see my wife and Kiete banging each other.

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This is not a nollywood movie. I thought such things only happened in movies. My wife and a boy who has loved with me for 5 whole years were f*cking. A boy I paid his way through school. A boy I gave a car for his graduation. They were so engrossed in the f*cking, it took them a few minutes to even realize I was watching them in horror. That day, that sight….I will never forget.

Kiete ran out of the room and I went straight to my wardrope, got my gun, and went after him. I swear, I would have killed the boy if not that he was shouting and my wife too was shouting for help. My security man rushed in and prevented me from killing the boy. The boy began to beg and say it was my wife who made him do it. I got him arrested that day.

At the station, he made confession that my wife started having s3x with him since the day he moved into our house at age 17.An underage, can you imagine? That she promised him good life and all. That he did not want to do it but she kept pushing and begging him. Now, I am looking at my 2 other boys and wondering if truly I am their father. I am afraid to do  DNA cos I will certainly kill my wife and this boy if these children are not mine.

Family members have been called into the matter. My wife denied sleeping with the boy. She said the day I caught them was the only day that happened. She said she was tempted, that she had no idea what came over her. I am lost. The marriage is over. I sent my wife away but she has been begging and begging. She has called every member of both our families to beg.

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They are all saying the boy is lying, that he only slept with my wife once. That he gave my wife a drugged drink and my wife completely lost her senses….that is why she had s3x with him. My wife has agreed for a DNA test to prove her innocence, she is also ready to swear her innocence.

My spiritual adviser have asked me to forgive her if she agrees to swear that it happened only once and will never do it again. There is a famous deity in our place that is very potent. Our people have been using it to catch cheaters from time. Well, I cannot say I am much of a person who believes in these spiritual acts but some of my family elders believes in them. They say if she is lying, she will die instantly, she will be struck by the deity of marriage infidelity but if she is telling the truth, then all will be well.

TMy wife was taken for the swearing rites last weekend. She did not die immediately. Infact, the priest of the deity has cleared her. But my issue is, my twin sister is saying I should not believe what the oracle said about my wife because, that does not change the fact that my wife slept with another man in my house. Whether she was drugged or not,  to her, that is a big disrespect to me as the man of the house.

My sister also believes Kiete is telling the Truth because Kiete swore with that oracle too and he too did not die instantly. Maybe the oracle is no longer effective and so, who do we believe? My wife or Kiete? Please advise me. I can forgive my wife if its only one time and if there is prove that Kiete used something to influence her to sleep with him. What do you think of this story.

Its spinning my head and I do not know what to think. Some of my relatives are saying its genetic with my wife’s family because their eldest brother’s wife left him after his wife caught him sleeping with their maid. So, could this be a family curse? I am even so afraid of doing the DNA test. I love my boys, I could have a heart attack if any of them is not mine.

Please advise me. I do not know what to believe.


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  1. Don’t ever rely on the devil for solution.
    That deity is definitely a scam. Two different stories cannot be the truth.

    Chaii, this is truly heartbreaking bros.
    It’s going to be very hard my brother, but, since your wife is very sorry and is asking for your forgiveness, what to do? Forgive☹️.
    Forgiveness is for the peace of mind of the offended, not the offender, I hope you know that? You need God’s special Grace to forgive her, ask for it and Forgive.
    For your peace of mind and the children’s sake.
    As for Kiete or whatever he’s called, he has doomed his destiny. Only God can deliver him from the curse he has incurred on himself and his generation.
    Please, find it in your heart to forgive.

    • Forgiveness is the beginning of healing process for the hurt you’ve suffered. So, whether or not you’re taking her back as your wife , first forgive her. Take your time to heal so you don’t take any rash decision that will harm anyone . In all, prayers will help you too. Shalom.

  2. She has to stay on her own for now to allow you heal from these mess. This is too much to bear.
    This Is betrayal, it is absurd and an act of wickedness on the part of your wife.

    Please she has to stay far away first,you need to heal from all of these first,take care of your boys for now,please.

    The Lord is your strength,your wife is a liar,a cheat and a suspect,she stopped too low to sex a 17years old boy.

    Thought you said she was prayerful,haaaa women ,this my gender strong oooo,she bin dey use prayers dey cover up,it is well, every day for thief one day for the owner of the house,e don happen .

  3. Its obvious you love your wife and want to keep your family, search your heart deeply, if she goes ,will you feel heartbroken? If yes forgive her and move on but don’t believe her again . If I were you, I will forgive her but the marriage will never be the same again , forgiving her for the sake of the boys if they are truly yours sha .

  4. When we tell men to know the female nature. They call us women haters. Men think innocent looking means being innocent. They will learn


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