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True Life Story: Is she trying to outsmart me???


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True Life Story: Is she trying to outsmart me???


Hi Guys,
I’ve been so confused and worried lately. I have never met a Virgin girl in my life and I am not praying to meet any either. Been a virgin does not translate to being a good wife or girlfriend.
My girlfriend of 28yrs says she is a Virgin. But I’m finding it very difficult to believe it. Because,

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She always wants me to be using my fingers on her clitor!s without allowing me to use my d!ck to p3n3trat3 her. At times I wonder if she’s a chronic masturbat0r. If I refuse using my fingers, she’d be angry at me. Why should I be using my fingers when I have a D!ck?

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Secondly, she always wants me to give her a Mouth G!g. I suck her pssy.
Thirdly, after suck!ng, she tells me to mount her while she closes her legs. While I mount her, she will tighten her legs and ask me to rub my p3nnis on her p
ssy. She will never open/spread her legs for me to penetrat3.


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I’m really fed up because it is becoming childish to be doing all these n0nsense on bed. At the end of the whole thing, I see myself at the receiving end cos I begin to feel pains in my scr0tum since I’m always unable to release. What she does is just to lie down like a log of wood. She doesn’t reciprocate. I am not her first, second, third or fourth Guy so I can’t understand why she claims to be a virgin. I have told her countless times that if she allows me to penetr@te and I discover she’s a Virgin like she claims, I’ll respectably stop asking for s3x until after our marriage but she doesn’t want to grant me access. I feel I’m been played and manipulated here. I’m not a player and have never double dated. I am a man and can’t continue like this anymore.

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If I ever get to find out that she’s not a virgin, I swear she’s gone. I’ll so mess her up for all the punishment she has meted out to me in almost two years of our relationship


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  1. You want to fornicate and are crying about it. You are even using the mouth you eat with to eat a woman’s vagina, men fell off shaaa.

    Even women cannot put their fingers in their vagina and put same hands into their mouth but you see men putting their mouth and tongue into women’s vagina swallowing all manner of germs and bacteria, men really fell off big time

    You are still a boy, run from fornication and all shades of sexual immorality.


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