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True Life Story: Lost Interest In My Marriage & Life Is Not Worth Living Anymore


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True Life Story: Lost Interest In My Marriage & Life Is Not Worth Living Anymore

Hi Lively Stones,

I want to share a story that a colleague shared with me. This man works as a security guard in our company. I saw him looking sad and asked him what was wrong. He said life is frustrating him and he feels like ending it all. So I told him to see me later so we can discuss. This is what he told me when we later saw each other. He said:

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A few weeks ago, my wife’s boss called me, that she has been calling my wife’s phone but its not going through. That she need my wife to resume earlier than 10am, which is my wife’s usual resumption time at the boss house. My wife is a nanny for one lady who’s husband is one of the directors where I work. She started working there like a year ago.

My wife took up the nanny work because the petty shop she was running was not making much money. Me, as a security guard, I earn 50k but after tax and pension, I go home with like 42k. We have 4 children and its not easy at all. With this job as a nanny, my wife earns 60k, which we use to manage to survive.

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So when her boss called me that she tried to reach her, I had to call my neighbor to help me call her because I was already at work. Later on that day, my wife’s boss called me again and asked me this question: who is Solo? I told her I do not any Solo. She said that time she could not reach my wife on the phone, my wife sent her a text from a strange no, that she is on her way.

Later when she called the no to find out where she is, a man called Solo answered and said my wife used his phone, that they are neighbors. So I was like, I do not have any neighbor called Solo so I just told her that maybe its network jamming. Later that evening, when my wife return from work, there was light so she was charging her phone beside me. Not long, a text came from someone called Solo. I saw as the message text highlighted.

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When I tried to open the text, I discovered my wife phone now has a password. I was surprised because we never used to password our phones since we been married for 10 years. So, I tried to use the password which is my son’s birthday and the phone unlocked. I scrolled to find the text and saw that Solo has been chatting with my wife alot. And most of the chat are deleted.

So, I pretended to be my wife and said hi. Soon as I said hi, Solo responded…my love how far? I played along and chatted like my wife…next thing he said was, I am feeling you o. Lets see tomorrow morning after your husband leaves as usual. I replied, ok… next he said, if your husband sleeps with you today, imagine its me ok…I said ok…he said he will be sleeping with mama Tobi and be thinking of her too.

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That was when it clicked, mama Tobi is my landlord’s wife. So, solo is actually my landlord. I checked the no I sued to save my landlord’s no and its the same. I was devastated. I wanted to go and call my wife who was in the kitchen but I held myself back. I deleted all the messages and kept the phone.

That night, I could not sleep, my wife tried to touch me for s3x, I pretended to be too tired cos I was like, so I will be having s3x with her and she is thinking of my landlord. The next day, I got up to go to work early like I usually do around 5.30am. But I did not go anywhere, I stayed around. I saw when my children went to school and most people in the compound went to work.

Not long before 8.30am, I saw my landlord walk to my apartment and I waited like 20mins later before I went to peep through our back window that I left open on purpose. My suspicions were right. They were f*cking. And not just normal f*cking…he was doing it in the most downgrading way. He tied her hands and mouth up and was putting his penis in her anus. I screamed and shouted oga landlord. They both were startled in shock and I ran to the front door but it was locked. I started banging on the door…it took another 6 or 9 mins before my wife opened the door…

The landlord had dressed up as well and both of them were begging me. I asked my wife to tell me how long this has been going on. She said this is the first time but I know its not the truth. The man apologized, said its the devils work and left our apartment. That I should not take it too harsh.

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I wept like a baby when my wife said that is the reason the landlord has not been asking for rent money since covid. I thought the man was just being kind because there were not paying us during covid and since that time, he never asked me for house rent, I thought it was out of the good ness of his heart.

Just because of money, see what my wife has done. She has brought so much hurt and disgrace to my life. I want to send her away but we have been married for 10 years with children, where do I start from if I send her away? Its not like I have money to move out of my apartment now because I have no money to pay for accommodation of 2 years plus agency fee. My wife and children are the only things that I have pride in as a man already in his 50s.

Now, I have become a laughing stock in my compound. I have not been able to go back to my home since the incident happened and my mind keeps telling me to end it all, its my fault…if only I was able to provide for my family, if only I could pay my own rent… my wife would not have sold her body to my randy landlord. I feel so weak, like I lost my manhood. I do not think I can ever look at my wife the same way. The landlord was even f*cking her like an animal…why did he have to tie her up and put his manhood inside her anus? what kind of rubbish kinky s3x were they having?

Another thing is, my wife only begged me the first day. She stopped begging after the incident. Since I have not come home, she has not called more than once and its been over three weeks. That means, she does not really feel remorse. She said we are now even. She even said that I should remember when I cheated because I said I was not getting satisfied by her? What she means is that, the second year in our marriage, I cheated and she found out. It was wrong of me and I apologized. Now, she said, she too was not getting satisfied by me.

True, a few times, I know I have not been satisfying my wife but man is thinking of many things…which sometimes affect the performance of a man. But honestly, I thought we had moved past that. But its like she has not. Coupled with the fact that we could not afford to pay our rent and that was the promise the landlord gave her, that he will no longer collect rent from us as long as both of them are banging.

I am no longer interested in the marriage. I don’t know what to do. I have been sleeping in the company security post and at night, all I think about is, let me just end this wicked life. Sometimes, I wonder whether they are still f*cking behind my back and the neighbors are laughing at me.

Hmm…the above is the story the man told me. His eyes were full of pain as he narrated this to me. Please how do I advise him?

From James

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  1. Hello brother. When I tell you people don’t trust your husband or your wife, they accuse me of wanting to destroy marriages.

    Brother, your wife did not commit adultery cos you couldn’t pay the house rent, she committed adultery cos she chose to do it, adultery is a planned intentional wicked act, it can never be a mistake sir. People will do what they want irrespective of you.

    Brother, your happiness is in your hands not in your wife’s hand, for you to suggest of ending it means you made your wife the center of world.

    Any man that reads my post, please read the book, the manipulated man by Esther Vilar, get it from pdfdrive.com.

    Bro, please don’t do any harm to yourself. This is why I always tell men, know the female nature so you know how to deal with them, when we tell you, it’s not that we have women, but we are observant of the female nature. Please there is more to life than making a woman the center of your world.

    Now, get back up and be happy, choose life over death, choose happiness over sadness, choose joy over anxiety. Your wife has been sleeping with the man since, you only caught them once. She won’t stop seeing the man.

    I wish you well brother


  2. Lol. The women that always comment has left the chat.

    The poster above has said it all. I hope the children are his by the way.

    To the younger ones reading this, majority of the problems in marriage are caused by lack of finances. Don’t be deceived when they tell you that they would suffer and grow with you. You have no business with a woman when you’ve not made money. Don’t hate them, it’s just their nature. Pray and marry a lady that fears the Lord for that’s the only escape from female nature.

    The security guard should just double on his hustle, do DNA test and take care of the kids that are his. If he can’t bear it, he should separate from the wife and heal before he takes the next step.

    By the way, she will keep sleeping with the landlord too.


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