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True Life Story: My Auntie’s Husband Has Been Appearing To Me In My Dreams


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True Life Story: My Auntie’s Husband Has Been Appearing To Me In My Dreams

Hello Lively Stones,

Please this matter is somehow for me. But I have been battling within myself what to do about it because its a very sensitive matter. I need a dream interpreter…. Please hide my identity. I am just 22 years old. I am living with my Uncle who was training me in school until he died three months ago. Before my Uncle died, he was sick with stroke for like a year.

During his sickness, his wife was very nice and attentive to caring for him that everyone was singing her praise. Why were they singing her praise? Well, its because, my uncle was a very bad husband to his wife, he treated her very badly. My uncle being a very rich man was never faithful to his wife of 19 years.

This man cheated on the wife with several women and even got one or two other women pregnant. Before my uncle was sick, he even stopped caring for his wife and her children whom most were already in university. Everyone felt sorry for Aunty Philo (not her real name). Cos as rich as her husband was, she was driving a jalopy for a car….a 1998 corolla while her husband had over 50 luxury cars and other properties.

With all the bad treatment, this woman remained faithful to her husband until two years ago, he became sick and one by one, all his many friends and concubines began to desert him and it was Aunty Philo that stood by him. She packed his shit, cleaned him up, fed him until he got worse and died.

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Well, he is gone so I do not want to speak ill of the dead but since he died…I have been having dreams. In the dreams, I see my Uncle telling me that he was killed by his wife…his darlyn wife who stood by him during his sickness…that she is behind his death. I know this seems like a big accusation but since my uncle died…I have seen him in my dream up to six times.

Now, I do not know what these dreams mean…what does my uncle want me to do? how do I confront this nice woman and tell her what I am dreaming about? or should I go and tell the family about the dreams? what if its just a dream, will I go and accuse an innocent woman for nothing? I have been wondering what to do about this matter.

One thing that has crossed my mind is to take this matter to the spiritualists or oracle people but the problem is: what will I gain at the end? If the oracle or spiritualist confirm Aunty k*lled her husband, did the man not deserve it after the way he treated her so badly? Why wont this man rest in peace after everything he has done?

Please I am troubled….could this my dreams be the truth or maybe some spirits trying to play games with me? I do not want to hurt Auntie…she has been good to me so far…and she was good to her husband while he was alive…so how can I prove that she k*lled her husband simply with a dream? Does it mean if I do not do something, this man will keep appearing in my dreams?

Please advise me…what should I do…I want these dreams to stop…I do not want to have anything to do with the dead….please advise me…if you look at Auntie, she does not look like someone who can even hurt a fly…which kind of dream is this? what is going on and what should I do?


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  1. What you should do is to resist him when he comes to your dreams. The living does not have any business with the dead and the dead does not have anything to do with the living.

    Please mind your business and leave aunty Philo alone,please. Don’t add to her stress,it is you that is giving the man chance to appear to you,why can’t he appear to someone else if truly his wife killed him,let him appear to another member of the family na.

    Abeg pray and give the dead man a stern warning whenever he appears in your dream,tell him to rest in peace and leave you alone.


  2. My dear put this into prayer and add fasting to it because it means something and you don’t have to treat it on the physical, go on your knees constantly pray about it and watch what God will do, don’t meet the woman in question or your family but just put it into prayer, if your pastor is a good man of God that is concerned about his flocks meet such clergy man, for advice and prayers too about this issue, it is well with you my dear.

  3. Let him go and show himself to someone else nah! lolz.
    But on a serious note, its been said , this is just spiritual manipulation either by the man’s spirit or someone trying to play pranks on his family. please handle it spiritually. Increase your prayer life .
    Leave your Aunty out of this, she has suffered enough according to your story. please handle this by increasing your spiritual antenna.
    Join NSPPD prayers , mon-fri, 7-9am on youtube and facebook.
    you ll overcome.

  4. Those women who enjoyed his money left him and his wife which never did stood by him until death. Abegi. Let him appear to his wife and make her confess if truly she killed him and leave you alone. Or is he afraid of his wife? Which is not possible because it’s the dead that scares the living not the other way round. Dear poster, your uncle wants to pour sand in your garri by causing trouble between you and his wife. And, please, don’t go and add to her sorrow by telling her or family. Like others said, ignite your prayer altar, be spiritual and you shall see him no more. Peace.

  5. Let me be honest with you. His wife killed him, she acted all good and nice so no one will suspect how wicked she is. Trust me, if you don’t tell your family members, something terrible will happen to that woman, why didn’t she leave him when he didn’t care for her.

    I have seen this kind of things before, and it was found that the wives of such men killed them, people didn’t believe because these women acted all good. You are a woman, you know how pretentious women are.

    Tell your family members quickly.


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