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True Life Story: My Aunty & Her Husband Set Me Up- My Life Is In Danger


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True Life Story: My Aunty & Her Husband Set Me Up- My Life Is In Danger

Hello Lively Stones,

I need your advice. My Aunty set me up and now I am pregnant and need your advice. My Aunty is from my dad’s family. She got married at a very late age of 43 to a very rich business mogul who already had two wives. Everyone was surprised that she was first dating this billionaire who already had 2 legal wives but the shocker was when she told the family she was getting married.

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Since they got married four years ago, my aunty has been enjoying the man’s wealth,cars,luxury life but she is yet to get pregnant and tongues started wagging. Some said she got Karma from the 2 other wives, some said she married a man that was too old to get her pregnant and some said she was too old to get pregnant cos she was past 40 years and already in menopause..

The husband is just 52. My Aunty was desperate. She tried several IVFs and all failed. Last year, my Aunty reached out to me to come spend holiday with her. The thing is, I am from my father’s second wife which their family did not really accept. So, for my aunty to call me to come and live with her, that she will sponsor my education, I was overjoyed.

Still in my third year in University, I have been living with Aunty since last December. Not long after, like 2 weeks after I moved in, I started noticing Aunty’s husband was fond of me. I too enjoyed the attention cos I thought he was just being a kind uncle. He even called me our small wife. He would smack my butt and squeeze my breasts sometimes. I started becoming afraid.

That was when I told my Aunty. That Uncle plays too much with me, that he touches my breast and she laughed and said he means no harm, that its the way he is. That I should relax. I imagined she did not see anything wrong in it, so I did not mind her husband touching me in sensitive places.

Gradually, from touching, he began to try to kiss me and eventually, came to my room and try to make me have S** with him. I tried to stop him, telling him my Aunty will not like it but he said I should relax, that my Aunty does not mind cos she knows he is a playful person. Knowing that I already told my Aunty when he was touching my breast and she did not mind, I allowed Uncle to have S** with me.

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Infact, I suspected Aunty knew cos she became so nice to me, telling me she and her husband would give me anything I needed ,…as long as I obeyed any instruction they gave me. So, I have been having S** with my Aunty’s husband since late February this year. Both of them have been showering me with gifts and money so much.

In March, my boyfriend came from Benin to see me because since I moved in with my Aunty, its like our relationship was having issues. He thought I met another guy and he paid me a surprise visit. When he came, we went out to a hotel and spent time there. I love him and I missed him so much. He was so worried I had dumped him but after reassuring him, he left very happy.

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That night, My Uncle was in the mood and he found out I had gone out with my boyfriend, he was angry. He asked me if I had S** with my boyfriend, I lied to him that I did not. He then said, I should never sleep with any other person cos I am his little toy and he does not like to share toys. I thought by saying I am his toy, he meant he really liked me. That night, as he f*cked me, he was like, if you get pregnant, your Aunty will be very happy, don’t you want to see your Aunty happy?

That was when it dawned on me that My aunty has been setting me up to sleep with her husband, so I could get pregnant and she can maybe claim the baby as hers. The next day, I asked my Aunty if she knows her husband has been sleeping with me. She pretended to be shocked but when I told her what her husband said, she asked me to sit down…and she confessed.

My Aunty said she cannot give birth and everyone is gossiping about her. That she brought me to her house to keep her company but since the day the husband set his eyes on me, he told her that if he can get me pregnant, then she can claim the baby is hers. I was like, but why did she not tell me…she was crying, saying she did not know how to tell me. She begged me to help her remove her from shame. That I know she got married late. She said she will sponsor me abroad if I get pregnant for her husband.

I really felt pity for mu Aunty so I agreed. I told her I had S** with my boyfriend but she told me not to ever mention it, that its once, so nothing could happen,….that any pregnancy must be for her husband. She also told me to swear, that no one can know about this our little secret, not even my dad or my mom. I swore that no one will find out. A few weeks later, I missed my period. I told my Aunty and she quickly got me a pregnancy test kit. She was so happy the test was positive. We went to the doctor in another town the next day to confirm cos she wanted really sure…and the test was positive.

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My Aunty’s plan was to announce that she is pregnant to everyone and intends to travel abroad to have the baby. That way, I too can travel with her, have the baby there we she can return after I give birth with the baby while I remain abroad. I was overjoyed cos I was makin Aunty happy and also going abroad to study and settle down. Everyone was happy now.

Until, Uncle started wahala. He told me that after I have my baby, he will marry me. That he cannot just leave me like that, that he loves me, that I am young blood, I am not like my Aunty that is old and dry. I was now afraid. Why will this man be proposing marriage to me. He told me not to tell my Aunty. I found it hard to keep this secret from my Aunt cos as we were preparing my papers to travel, Uncle was still f*cking me, pampering me and Aunty was surprised that he was still being intimate with me.

To prove his seriousness about me, Uncle gave me a diamond engagement ring and asked me to wear it to remind me of his love for him. I tried to hid the ring but the ring was spotted during our check in at the airport. Aunty asked me who gave me the ring, I had tp tell her it was Uncle. She was like, why did I hide it from her. I had to confess to her that Uncle had used it to engage me with the ring.

When we arrived here (we are in Dubai…not real country sha), Aunty took the ring from me. She told me that I should forget about any thoughts of engaging or marrying her husband. From when we arrived, she stopped me from calling or contacting Uncle. She said I must tell Uncle that I do not want to marry him otherwise, she will tell him I had S** with my boyfriend and she will scatter everything.

This woman has become very mean to me here. Uncle had to call her to give me the phone. He asked me why I was not with my phone, that he has been trying to reach me. I had to lie that my phone got spoiled. He then sent money to Aunty to buy me the latest iPhone. She did not but the phone but gave me back my old phone and threatened me not to tell Uncle the truth of what is going on or she swears, she will end my life before I have a chance to give birth to this baby.

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So, I pretend that all is well with Uncle for my safety but I am scared for my life. I am barely 3 months pregnant, I am in a strange land where I don’t know anyone. My parents don’t even know I am pregnant. I took an oath to keep a secret. Yet., I am stuck with 2 weird couple…one who wants to kill me if I try to be her husband’s 4th wife and the other one who wants to marry me cos I am young fresh blood.

I am fearful for my life. I am sometimes fearful that the baby may not even be Uncle’s baby. Cos, he is 52 years old….if he could not get Aunty pregnant…how am I sure he is the one who got me pregnant? Remember, I did not get pregnant when I was in his house for almost 2 months until after my boyfriend came…I am so scarred. I do not know what the future holds.

Do you think I should report my Aunty to her husband, maybe he can protect me from her…maybe tell him that I do not want to be in the same country with her until I give birth…maybe he can help me leave her…I don’t mind giving Aunty this baby but if she threatens me…why should I want to help her? Maybe me too…I can seduce her husband to become 4th wife (I won’t even try very hard) …I just need to survive first…what should I do so that this woman does not carry out her threat? Please advice me.


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  1. You need to be wiser at this stage. What you should do is show loyalty to your Aunty. Make her gain confidence in you, cut every time you have with her husband, focus on your welfare and the baby. There is no point thinking about who fathered the baby or not. What you need is a survival plan.
    Play the fool till you are able to find your feet.
    If you can gain your aunty’s trust, then she will fulfill her promise to you. You leave the baby with her and move on.
    Don’t create problems for yourself by looking for your aunties husband, it will cause you harm.

  2. Dear poster,
    I am worried for you because you are truly in a fix.Like a rejected stone that saw a ray of acceptance and you went over board, to the point of fornication and even taking a oath!!
    I dont know how people live like this, looking for validation . Well, yours had to do with age , youre obviously young and inexperienced.

    Honestly, i fear for you. not all that glitters is gold afterall.
    What kind of oath did you take?
    please I suggest you forget about being a 4th wife to that man and focus on how you can get out of your predicament with the family. let the man come over ( if you have that grip over him to make him come, pls do). Dnot tell him the details until hes there physically then you can iron things out.
    My concern is the threats. So if the husband can find a way for you to be in seperate place till you give birth, fine.

    Secondly, Its your child you are expecting o , how can you be so naive!
    Being a surrogate is deeper than what you are thinking . You want to be a surrogate just for living abroad! its more than that my Dear.
    Have you checked your blood group? Do you have chances of having more children after this?
    What about your safety? no one knows whats up , what if these people eliminate you , your Aunt is capable you know, cos youre are now a double threat for her!

    Since theres no paper agreement for carrying the baby, find a way of leaving that toxic enviroment with your aunt, give birth , own your baby, let the man settle you BUT never plan to marry her husband. thats where you may be shooting yourself on the foot.

    I hope the advice is workable, you need to be stronger at heart (than what you have portray yourself to be here) in order to win this battle. i wish you well.

  3. You and your aunt are the same, you people love material things somuch and it’s a pity is affecting the both of you.
    You are a university undergraduate in 300level and you never told your aunt’s husband to stop touching your b00bs and bum right because you were enjoying money.

    My advice is this,tell your uncle about the threat,if it is possible to tell your relatives here in Nigeria about your whereabout, please do because I don’t trust your uncle and aunt. You allowed yourself to be used by them. Tell your uncle everything,be careful, vigilant and observant,if you can make one or two friends with anyone where you are please do,if the person can help you with his or her account details so you can send to your uncle,let him send you money so that you can relocate to another country or come back to Nigeria.

    Final warning,don’t accept to marry that man,he will still marry other women after you,be guided.
    It is well


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