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True Life Story: My Boyfriend Baby Mama Is Begging Me To Leave Him Alone


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True Life Story: My Boyfriend Baby Mama Is Begging Me To Leave Him Alone

Hi Lively Stones,

Keep me anonymous please. What am about to say is hard for me but I have given it alot of thought, I decided to ask for your opinion too . I am a graduate that has been looking for a job for almost 3 years now. Just to hold body and soul, I sell fashion items on instagram but the business is not yielding enough to sustain me.

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Last year, I met a guy in instagram, we started from chatting and later we hooked up. He looked very wealthy from what I saw at his place. He said he was into cryto. It took a month of dating to realize he was into yahoo. Apart from that, he is a really nice and caring guy. He gave me alot of financial support. As typical with guys with money, girls were always around him and that really bothered me.

To me, he did not seem like he wanted a serious relationship because how can he be hanging with me and other girls? I got angry when I visited him one day and a girl was there. I expected him to send her away but he did not. I planned to spend the night but when I saw he was not planning to send the girl away, I called uber and went home around 10pm. He never even called me to apologize. I felt I was not his priority girl, so I broke up with him.

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Since then, there has been one or two attempts at serious relationship but none has worked. A few weeks ago, my yahoo guy celebrated his birthday, I saw all the pictures on IG,I sent a birthday message to him, to which he replied that he wants to talk. The next day, he called me….telling me he misses me…that he knows I am the kind of girl that has standards and will make a good wife to him in future.

Then he now said, can we try one more time? That he cannot promise to be a saint but he will try and make me happy. I agreed and we got back together. Now, I know what I signed up for, an imperfect relationship. I need a stable relationship and support. I have been struggling on my own and having a guy who supports you financially is very encouraging.

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Two days ago, a number sent me a text. That she is pregnant for my guy. That she wants me to leave him alone so he can be a responsible guy. I asked if they are married and she said no but she is his baby mama. That they have a son together and he told her a few months ago that he wants to work things out with her and that is why she got pregnant the second time

This girl said, a few weeks ago, he told her that he is no longer interested because of me. I asked my guy and he said yes. That he thought she was the one for him but reconnecting with me, he realized that he would be making a mistake to be with her. He said his family will also not accept her because she is 3 years older than him and she is using the babies to trap him but he knows I will be the wife for him.. He says his family has told him not marry her because its me they want.

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Like I said…I knew what I signed up for by agreeing to this relationship…but having another woman with two children begging me to leave him for her… is she truly trying to use the babies to trap him as he said? What should I do? He chose me…its not like they are married…I do not want to be a homewrecker but they are not married right?

Since there are children involved…Is this wrong of me?..is this relationship worth it or should I be thinking otherwise?


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  1. Nne nobody chose you ooo,you are on your own.
    Your yahoo boyfriend is scamming you and other babes around him , he is using your heads altogether.

    It is better you continue searching for job,and do your Instagram side hustle than date a scammer, fraudster,an irresponsible man because when EFFC starts looking for him, I pray you will not be in his house that day.

    My dear leave that guy alone,he can never make a good husband,how much more a good father to your children. Leave that guy alone so that you will not be the next used as BURNT OFFERING or RITUAL. Be warned!

    • Hmm!!! Olololo…. Sis abeg pack and find your level ooo.
      That guy has all your mumu buttons and he’s just using your heads.. move on with your life bikonu.

  2. That guy loves neither of you.
    He’s only having a good time.
    He’s practicing his scamming business on ladies, which unfortunately, you are among his conquests.

  3. You called him a yahoo boyfriend, and you kept saying,me supports you fianacially. He is scamming people and using part of such money to support you.

    To me, i think you are selfish, why will date such a wicked and irresponsible man, do you know what some of these guys to scam people.

    I hope you haven’t sleep with him, if you have, he might have used you too but don’t know.

    Ladies, stop going after men cos of money.


  4. I have on question for you.
    Why are you dating a thief or do I say armed robber?
    Instead of you do find a business or job to sustain yourself, you agree to be unequally yoked with a 419ner. This guy will mess your life and still dump you.
    Before you know it, you will also be in the family way like the other lady.

  5. “There is no peace to the wicked, saith the Lord. ” Isaiah 48:22

    Do you want this to be your portion too? Decide


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