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True Life Story: My Boyfriend’s Mother Wants To Investigate My Past


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True Life Story: My Boyfriend’s Mother Wants To Investigate My Past

Dear Lively Stones,

I want to remain anonymous. Three years ago, I started my dream of going into fashion when I registered with a popular fashion house. The owner is a well known personality. Her fashion house has been in existence for many years and many great stylists have graduated from her fashion school. I felt very lucky to have been accepted into the school.

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The woman seemed very nice to all her students and workers. It was like a family setting. She was a local philanthropist. She is wealthy and has properties all over the community. I noticed the girls training with the school also got sent on domestic errands for the woman even though she had like domestic staff for that.

A divorcee but she always had a boyfriend or lover whom most times, she is younger than. The catering for the school was done from our madam’s house. The girls took turns to cook from her mansion on a weekly basis. It was my turn to go to madam’s house to cook after like a week of being there. I was excited.

On the second day of domestic assignment in our boss place, I was assigned to go and serve Oga food in his bedroom. I was told to take a basket and when I get to the room, I was to serve the food as well. I got to the door, I knocked. Oga opened. Oga is our madam’s boyfriend. He was in his boxers. He let me in.

I looked around for where to serve the food ad began to serve the food on the table I saw in the room. As I was serving, Oga locked the door and asked me to lie down on the bed. I thought it was a joke, I was like, no o no o…no sir. Our madam will kill me. He was like, who do you think you are? Serving me food means you will also let me f*ck you. That if I was sent to serve him food, that means, I was also chosen to f*ck him. He said I should ask my other colleagues.

This was very confusing but the more I tried to him away, the more he advanced towards me. He eventually overpowered me and forced himself on me. After which, he ate his food and asked me to take away the dishes. I was crying when I returned to the kitchen.

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The kitchen manager asked me to stop crying and count myself lucky that I was picked for special duties today. She warned me not to say anything or I would get into trouble but if I cooperated, I would enjoy my stay here. She then brought out something like arranged like a diabolic symbol and asked me to swear never to say what happened to me.

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I cried silently. I was given after s3x pills just in case. The next day, I did not want to go to work , the kitchen madam called me and asked me to send my account details. She sent me 50k and said I would get more if I cooperated. The next day I went to work at kitchen tasks again. When it was time to serve Oga, the kitchen manager gave me a full glass of alcohol, she said it will calm my nerves.

This time, as Oga was f*cking me, I was already tipsy and did not feel so much pain. Clearly, this was a practice with some of the special girls training with our great boss. She was using the girls to satisfy her younger lovers. To me, I did not know any better. I was getting the money and was always warned never to say anything because of the oath I took, never to say anything.

After months past by, it became a norm. I made money from training cos I was earning special allowance from my one week special assignment. Sometimes, the assignment would require madam watching Oga f*cking any one of us on special assignment while she masturbated. She called us her darlings.

A year later, I graduated and I was given enough money to go and start up my own fashion business. I am not proud of what I did but I did not know better. Every one around me behaved like it was ok to accept the situation. It seemed like a blessing to be associated with our madam’s family.

So far, so good, I have been on my own, my fashion business is growing gradually. I started dating someone I met after my training. He is into business and he has been very supportive. During one of our conversations, I found out that he is somehow related to my former boss. He said they grew up in one of my former boss houses. She was their landlady for many years.

This revelation made me very nervous so I tried to discourage the relationship and break off the relationship but he refused to let me go. We are going steady. He wanted to introduce me to his mother and family. I was not very sure of what would  happen but he kept insisting. I first spoke to his siblings on phone. Later, I spoke to the mother. In his excitement, he told his mother that I trained with her cousin, Madam T. His mother was like, I see. That she wants to meet me.

The day we went to see the mother, I was almost shaking. Their family house is big and fine. After welcoming us, the mother wasted no time to ask me, she said, she had heard rumors of some of the girls working with their former landlady, that they are prostitutes. She asked me if I was aware and if I was ever one of them. From what I was to later find out, the former landlady had an affair with my boyfriend’s dad. He has passed away but the hate they have for that my former boss was very visible.

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Of course, I denied knowing anything and I told her I would never be a part of that. Even though she did not press further, I was not sure she believed me. This woman later called her son to ask him to be careful cos she wants him to find out more about me before we take things further. My boyfriend told his mother that he trusts me with his life, that I am decent girl.

That was two weeks ago. I still fear and doubt sometimes. I fear that one day, my boyfriend will find out what I did while training with his former landlady’s lovers. Sometimes I think about my past and I sometimes tell myself, I had no choice. I just wanted to survive and make it in life. I need advice. Should I come out with the truth and tell my boyfriend or should I just pray it does not get that far?. Maybe I can tell him it happened only once….maybe he may never find out…who will even tell him?

This is one secret, I pray no one ever gets to find out at all. What should I do? Should I confess and explain everything? Do you think they will forgive me if they knew I was under oath to carry on with the lifestyle then? Do you think he might understand and forgive me?  What is the best way to this?


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  1. My question is ,do you want to marry him?
    If yes,please tell him what you did ooooo
    What goes around comes around nne,you better tell him, if he loves you he will stay,if he doesn’t so be it.

    Avoid allowing your past hunt you in future and that will be very dangerous.

  2. Dear poster if you love him and feel you want to marry him, it’s better you come out clean, cos if he later finds out, it won’t be nice,….you may think he won’t find out, but trust me he will cos this world is a small place…….I want to point out something to you, did it occur to you that you will ever come across/date someone that knows your former boss? From your write up, you said she’s your bf’s mum’s cousin…..this world is really small dear, what if one of your colleagues at your workplace then is your bf’s coursemate or close friend don’t you think things will get messy? Open up now that since you see a future with him, I know it’s hard to say, be ready for whatever outcome, I believe everything will be fine at the end ……the decision is yours to make dear,peace……


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