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True Life Story: My Brother Is A Hypocrite -His Wife Deserves Better Treatment


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True Life Story: My Brother Is A Hypocrite -His Wife Deserves Better Treatment

Hello Lively Stones,

My brother is a hypocrite. Money is truly the root of all evil. My brother married his wife whom the entire family adores about seven years ago. Aunty Vero met my brother when he had absolutely nothing to his name. Aunty was a business woman when she got married to my brother. My brother joined her and they both built the business to a multimillion business today.

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From a one room apartment, they have built their own house. My family members love Aunty Vero because she accommodates all of us. Even when they were living in one room, we all stayed with them. To when they are living in their own house. My siblings and relatives as well as her relatives can come to stay with them as long as they like.

I have been living in their boys quarters since last year after NYSC. In February this year, Aunty brought a woman that was going through abuse in her marriage in the village to come and work as a cleaner in the house. The woman claimed that her baby daddy almost killed her. She went to church to complain and that is how the village pastor begged Aunty to help this woman.

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Aunty brought this woman to work as cleaner from the village so she can get money to stand on her own. Aunty asked her to stay in the quarters. That is how big Aunt’s heart is. This woman started staying in the BQ me and one other relative. Its 3 different rooms in the BQ.

Not up to 2 months after, I started noticing this woman would receive late night visitor. I became curious cos I was like, who does she know in the city. The person usually comes around few minutes to 1am and leaves before 5am. Her door opens very quietly and I only noticed cos I am a very light sleeper.

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I got too curious because I was wondering how come she was receiving guest and the security man was allowing the guest at such an ungodly hour. I planned to catch her red handed. One night few weeks ago, I got up as early as 4.30am…and the guest came out from her room exactly 5 minutes to 5am. I stood by my door and pointed touch at the person and guess who I saw…it was my stupid brother.

This man with the most loving and caring wife was sneaking into this woman’s room from 1am to 5am. I was weak. I planned to shout that day but I could not. My brother just started begging me…that he will explain later. For five days, I was avoiding him cos I was too shocked and angry at what I discovered. He kept trying to call me but I ignored his call.

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Eventually…he came to my room and begged me to listen to him. He explained that it was a mistake and I should not tell Aunty Vero…that he will not do it again. I told him to send the woman away cos its unfair on Aunty. He said…he does not have any reason to send her away and if he does,…Aunty will suspect something.

When I confronted the woman…she said she never wanted it …that my brother persuaded her. And because she cannot go back to the village…she agreed. I am pissed off…its been over two months…even though I have not seen my brother come to the woman’s room anymore…each time I see this woman and my brother … I get so angry and feel the injustice to Aunty.

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The all of a sudden…two days ago….they started again. This time, my brother asked me to mind my business or leave his house. That I have no right to get myself involved with his marriage problems. That I will understand when I get married. I love my Aunty…everyone loves her. She does not deserve this treatment. She is too kind. That evil woman must be removed. Even if they want to cheat…not inside Aunty’s home. Its wrong and I want it to stop.

Please advice me…should I report my brother to his wife or my other siblings, maybe they can talk to him . Yes…he has money and they may not want to offend him but without Aunty…he would not have this money. I don’t know what to do. Please advise me.


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  1. Please tell your other siblings first,talk to your parents about it . They have to call him to order,thank you.

    Note,do not mind your business on this one,open up please, whatever that will happen tomorrow let it begin to happen now, nonsense and ingredients.

    • Let your family members know or talk to someone that your brother respects and listens to so they can talk on to him.
      The problem is that your brother is comfortable with cheating whether inside or outside the house. So someone needs to talk sense into his head.

  2. You have even kept quiet for too long , but i still admire your courage to stand against evil. Weldone.
    When you marry, God ll enable yo u to get it right in Jesus name. It wont be what your brother is already thinking towards you. Yes there are temptations in marital journeys, God’s help is always available to overcome infidelity pressures. So keep standing for justice and fairness, make this world no kontinu to spoil!

    Please on your brother’s matter, you ve tarried too long. let siblings know asap. dONT go to his wife directly. Let the family know and possibly issue him stern warning.
    Do your part in not condoning this wickedness.
    At the end of the day, the woman will be exposed , is it not this life?!
    You see why some people are the Architect of their doom, shes already in a misery and shes adding more to it!
    How does she face someone who put her under her roof when she discovers. such wickedness!
    it will be well.

  3. Siblings and family wouldn’t do anything, especially if they expect favours from the man, whether financial o or otherwise.
    Tell that woman. If directly doesn’t feel safe tell her indirectly. Use another line to message her that she should pay attention to her husband and househelp and tell her the time then get rid of the line.

    Depends on how she handles it, your brother may never know its you, Even if he knows, you have done what is right.


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