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True Life Story: My Brother Loves His Wife So Much But Her Behavior is Like Marine Spirit


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True Life Story: My Brother Loves His Wife So Much But Her Behavior is Like Marine Spirit

Hello Lively Stones,

This matter is for my elder brother. He has been trapped by his wife and the whole family is really worried for him. What have we not done, we have gone from prayer house to prayer house, we have fasted and prayed, we are still fasting and praying for God to deliver him from the prison that his wife Jane (not real name) has captured him into.

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My brother is our third and last son. When he was much younger, he and Jane used to be in the same secondary school and he had a crush on her. But according to him, Jane would not even look at him cos he was not her spec. Jane is like a damsel, a very light skinned beautiful girl with long hair, nice shape, in fact, her bum bum is like those South African women type, big and soft,…she has a gap tooth. Infact, they used to call her mami-water (mermaid) jokingly then. She was so fine people thought she was half caste but she is a Nigerian from Niger Delta.

After secondary school, Jane left for the U.S and my brother used to stalk her on social media. He was quite devastated when Jane got married in the U.S fours later. But another tragedy struck when Jane’s husband died and Jane came back to Nigeria with their daughter. My brother was working in an IT company and he quickly saw an opportunity to become friends with Jane.

When my mom found out that my brother was dating Jane, she went into prayers and it was revealed that Jane is not an ordinary person. She was revealed to be of the marine spirit. That any man who marries her will be very rich and successful but they will die eventually as the marine spirit will use the man’s destiny. My mom was very alarmed and told my brother to steer clear of Jane.

My brother refused to listen. He called my mom superstitious and said, Jane is the one for him. Against all advice, my brother married Jane o. Before you knew it, my brother became very wealthy. His business just took off like a bomb…money explosion. Ah…my brother and everyone was happy, we all even forgot about the threat of the vision.

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Well, Jane gave birth to her second child, also a girl. When they had the baby, Jane’s grand mother came to bath the baby and tattooed a mark on the baby girl’s private parts. My mom was so upset but they just called it tribal mark but it felt very weird that they will be tattooing a baby without the father’s permission. My elder brother though he was upset, but he could not do anything about it.

Then, my brother started having bad nightmares. He told my mom and Auntie to pray cos anytime he sleeps, he sees himself around many women carrying different kinds of rituals. These dreams made my husband to begin to suspect the wife cos they will sleep together and when the dreams start, he will see his wife awake and watching him. So, my brother asked the wife why she was always watching him.

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This woman now confessed that she loves him so much and she does not want any harm to come to him. What harm…what do you mean, my brother asked the wife., She will just say, nothing, that she is having a bad feeling, that is all. The funny thing is, this woman will be praying alot o. She will say, she is praying against evil for her husband, that they are people who are not happy that he is rich and successful. That made her husband even love her more because she is always praying for him yet she does not go to church o…only once in a while, she will go for mass.

When my brother told my mom, my mom started to pray intensively. The prophets told my home that my brother will have to start giving donations to orphans and less privileged to wade off any evil or harm that maybe coming to him. As for my Jane, anytime she is acting holy holy….praying…that anyone who is jealous of her husband will meet misfortune. All these to me, are just pretense…she is the one after my brother.

So, every month, my brother must send caterers to cook for less privileged, etc. He even have Holy men that he pays every month to come and do prayers in his house. My brother and his wife have been married for five years now.  Jane has given birth to a son. He is now 2 years old. Then, wahala started a year ago, my brother observed that Jane who is supposed to be a full time house wife, had started sneaking out every day to go out after he leaves for work. And she will not come back until evening.

When her husband asked her where she was always going to, she told him to forget about it cos he will not understand but that she is doing it for his sake. For his protection. This continued and they used to quarrel about it. My brother had to secretly follow the wife and found out that she was going to meet men in hotels. He confronted her and made a scene in one of the hotels he caught his wife entering a big SUV car.

When they got home, the wife started to cry and confess…she said that she was sleeping with men because that is the only way her husband will not loose his wealth. She explained that she is having feelings that evil might happen to her husband, the same way she lost her first husband and she does not want that to happen, so when she prayed, she got revelation that she has to drive the evil to other men by sleeping with them. So, the evil destiny that was supposed to happen to her husband will be transferred to other men. So, those men will loose their destiny without knowing.

That woman eh…she is a jezebel…which kind of vision is it, that a married woman will have to go and sleep with other men outside? I don’t believe her…I believe its what they have told her in the marine world….I don’t know why my brother has refused to see that she is lying?  Later on, this woman said, said, she got revelation from one prophet abi prophetess, that my brother has to allow the wife to continue to sleep with other men outside of their marital home to save her husband from evil people who want to harm him.

It was after this revelation that was when my brother began to believe that his wife was truly not ordinary. My brother loves the wife alot, he does not want to divorce her. Some say, if he divorce her, the wealth will go…(his so called prayer men that pray in his house also confirmed that one) so he has to continue in the marriage while the woman continues to sleep with outside men for his own protection and wealth sustenance.

To me, our family, especially my mom, want my brother to leave the wife….even if the wealth disappears. My brother thinks we are wishing him bad by saying so. But we just want her to go with her marine spirit and destiny destroyer but my brother and some of my siblings have decided that there is no need to divorce, as long as the wife was keeping her husband secure by sleeping with other men as the so called prayer men and visions have said. So, what about the other men? Are they not somebody’s sons or husbands or brothers?

What about the taboo of a married woman sleeping around just to preserve her husband’s wealth? How is this worth it? I know my brother’s wealth is not from God…only God knows what the consequences of this marriage will be in future…yet my brother thinks we are just jealous…I am very worried for my brother . We have really prayed. We don’t know what else to do.

My brother and his wife are a picture perfect couple, only those of us in the family know there is something not right…I have stopped talking to my brother for almost a year now. The last time, I spent almost 3 hours trying to talk to my brother to leave the marriage and he kept telling me there is no need to worry because his wife loves him and will not allow any evil come to him. That the prayer men and vision have taken care of any bad thing that is supposed to come .I think apart from the love he has for Jane, he does not want tp let go of the wealth she has brought him. Or maybe she has used her marine spirit to block his reasoning?

My mom says that my brother does not see that Jane can harm me because she swore to him that she loves him and will do anything to preserve his destiny. That maybe they had a blood covenant. My brother calls that true love…I call that bondage…oh my God…, I am so worried and need advise. My mom has decided to leave them alone cos the last time she spoke tp my brother, he accused my mom of not wishing him well…that why will she want him to leave a woman that has brought him nothing but wealth?

Yes, so far no bad thing has happened to my brother but at what price? The price of his wife f*cking other men to steal their destiny and add it to her husband’s destiny? I also want men who sleep with married women to be careful o…stop sleeping with married women,…you don’t know the motives of some of them.

Please, has anyone experienced this kind of situation before…is this not spiritual prison that this woman has captured my brother into? what else can we do?


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  1. You people have not even started praying sef, a time you will start praying is coming,I pray it will not be too late by then.

    The so called men of God that your brother is paying to pray are collecting money without desisting from such prayers they are making.

    Your brother have been caged in the marine world,I pray she doesn’t transfer deadly disease to your brother one day,how can a married woman be sleeping with different men all in the name of protecting your brother.

    You people should better forget about him because there is nothing you will say that will make him to divorce or stop loving his wife,a woman that has brought marine wealth to him,a woman that her own grandmother has possessed her grandchildren.

    Keep praying for him,I know that ,one day,the powers of the marine holding him captive will be destroyed.

    Your brother is no longer himself,his physical and spritual eyes have been tampered with. It is well

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