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True Life Story: My Brother Neglected His Beautiful Wife And This Happened Pt 2


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True Life Story: My Brother Neglected His Beautiful Wife And This Happened Pt 2

Dear Lively Stones,


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I never in my wildest dream imagine that I could ever sleep with another man’s wife…talk less of my own flesh and blood…my own brother’s wife…. but I could not stop thinking and dreaming of sis Peace, her succulent breasts and he body like a goddess.

That is why I say men are really scum. How do you have all these blessings that God gave you…. a beautiful sexy wife and you abandoned her to wolves? When she has flesh and blood? I cannot blame her anymore. I was the one now wanting her. I was suffocating just thinking about her. I made my feelings known to her and we have been f*cking for almost seven months…I am in love.

You can call me a dumb ass or a betrayer, but my brother had everything he wanted and was still ungrateful. Sis Peace was happy for the very first time and she got herself identity back and she no longer feared my brother. When he tried to r*pe her, she got a stick and threatened to hit him…she also threatened to report him to the police with her video evidence of him beating and r*ping her.

My brother became calm…he started being nice to her and trying to win her back. My brother eventually figured out that the wife’s newfound courage may be from someone she was seeing. He confided in me that he wanted me to watch his wife and that he had installed CCTV camera in his house. I asked him when he installed the CCTV cameras, he said 3 months ago. I became panicked….I was thinking…then he must have seen me and his wife cos I never knew there was camera in the house when we f*cked in the guest room in the main house.

So I told his wife…she became panicked too…she was like…she did not know there was camera…she only say some people come to fix fibre internet in the house 3 months ago but never did she suspect they were also fixing camara. That was how, we broke into my brother’s room and indeed saw that he had a view of all the rooms in his room. There was no way he has not seen us. I was wondering if he had seen us, why is he pretending that he has not?

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Why has he not mentioned anything? Or could it be that he had not watched the footage of the CCTV cameras? Or is he testing us? He is being nice to his wife…is he testing her to know if she will confess ….and he asked me to watch his wife…. after telling me he installed CCTV cameras 3 months ago…is he testing me to know what I will say? What is going on here. I feel like I should leave this house …. cos if my brother knows about me and his wife…what is stopping him from killing us both?

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I have barely saved enough money to get myself another apartment, if not…I would have left this house immediately….the wife …sis Peace is thinking she should just go and confess because she feels he is planning to do something terrible like divorce her or kill her. She thinks she can blackmail him with vidoes of him r*ping her and beating her…so they can cut a deal to forget the past. She has alot of videos of when he beat her and she was bleeding …she is thinking she can release all on social media if he threatens to do anything to her…

I don’t know what to think…will the blackmail work…my brother will not like the blackmail but do we have another choice? please advise us. Yes, we were both wrong but my brother pushed us together…I know my relationship with my brother would be over for life but my major concern is for sis Peace…I do not want him to hurt her. I wish I can find away to get the footages of the CCTV camera to be sure what its inside…maybe …just maybe…he didnt install them 3 months ago and he is just messing with us.

Otherwise….how will a man be watching his younger brother f*ck his wife for 3 months and pretend all these while…I am freaking out. If my brother hurts sis Peace…I will murder him I swear…I love this woman…my brother does not deserve her…she is too good for him…she has suffered enough. Please me. Should we elope together? Peace has some money saved but that mean she will never see her children again. Oh God…what do we do…this evil man does not deserve the right to be treating people like this…

I need your advice.


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  1. My dear ,your brother is just waiting for the perfect time to unleash his anger on you both.

    I would advice you watch your back,you need to leave that house,leave that house ooo,if he installed cctv in that house three months ago,and both of you have been knacking and enjoying kpekus consistently for 7months,there is no way he wouldn’t have seen both of you,unless if him eye dey pain him. Your brother dey whine you,him dey test you,that is why he told you to be watching his wife,he has seen everything. Trust me

    If Peace is tired of the marriage,let her leave to live,let her ask for a divorce,it is better than being dead. It is better than committing adultery.

    Peace is worse,she is like jezebel. From lesson teacher to you,who knows the next person.

    Her life is not safe oooo,get a place immediately,this man is planning something that you people might not live to tell the story or tell how it happened. Your brother is wicked and you are also evil,no wonder both of you are brothers with wicked heart,you have been sleeping with your brother’s wife and you are still defending yourself.

    Tell Peace to tell your brother that she wants to be divorced,the earlier the better. God no go shame us.

    It is well with three of you

  2. This is not funny at all. Drinking from your Brother’s well ! Please stop .

    No one will remember how cruel he has been to his wife. You ll be the culprit. As for the CCTV issue, let me be mischievous by advising you to see how you can remove the recording tape or possibly spoil it. Your Brother’s calmness may mean he hasnt taken time to watch the recordings, hopefully. So, destroy it and move. Ask God for mercy and forgiveness and severe every ties with the wife.
    She should get her empowerment and file for divorce to take custody of her children. youre not her messiah. Read Prov 7 and see how the Bible advised a young man like you to flee, cos you have much to loose.

  3. You are just an irresponsible man. You caught your brothers wife committing adultery, and you didn’t tell him, tomorrow if he raising another man’s children, you will be crying.

    You even tell for her, she started being nice to you, greeting you, and you fell for her. She manipulated you because you are an irresponsible man.

    Even after sleeping with his wife, you still blamed your brother for your own evil ways.

    You even want to kill your brother for an adulterous woman. Bro, when you marry, and you don’t out your wife is cheating or cheated, please remember how you have been BANGING another man’s wife.

    I will hold back words from you, you are VERY IRRESPONSIBLE, your brother housed you, for many months, you even feel entitled by saying instead of him to rent you an apartment he brought you to his other flat.

    You are a wicked brother, a wicked soul, sleeping with you brothers wife and even want to kill him because of a woman.

    You are the real scum not your brother.

    I love you bro, I had to tell you the naked truth.

    I wish you well bro. Confess to your father of mother to help you to beg your brother.

    Don’t ever be foolish for women.




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