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True Life Story: My Brother’s Fiancé’ Wants To Come Back After Running Away On Their Wedding Day


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True Life Story: My Brother’s Fiancé’ Wants To Come Back After Running Away On Their Wedding Day

Hello Lively Stones,

My elder brother needs advice. Leke is our first son but he is last to marry out of four siblings. Everyone has been on his case to find someone and settle down but he has never been quite successful in relationships. So you can imagine the family’s joy when he told us he was getting married to Kate, that he had dated for seven months prior.

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Leke is already 41 years old. Very intelligent and one of the reasons, his career has taken him several places that he never really settled down. Some of the girls he even dated in the past were not good for him. But Kate seemed like a very good girl, very homely and kind. Everyone loved her and Leke loved her alot too.

But in October 2021, which was supposed to be their wedding day, on their wedding day….Kate broke my brother’s heart. Kate abandoned my brother at the alter and did not show up for the wedding without warning. Everyone was thrown into confusion. It was even trending on social media that week. We kept asking Leke….what he did to annoy her. Leke was confused as well. He said they never had any issue….that they both spoke on the phone that wedding morning.

After that horrible disgrace….Leke did everything in her power to find out from Kate what the issue was but this girl refused to tell Leke or any member of my family or her family why she changed her mind in the last minute. Leke was depressed. He could not eat, he could not go to work for weeks.This heartbreak almost killed my brother. We have been praying for him…telling him God knows best…maybe the marriage was not God’s will. Some people carried rumors that Leke was cursed and can never get married in life.

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It was barely a month ago that I started noticing that Leke was finally finding his feet and all of a sudden…Kate is back! Me and Leke are the closest in the family. He tells me alot of things. So, my brother asked me to come see him yesterday after work, I knew he was serious. Leke told me that Kate called him two weeks ago to say she was ready to tell him what happened.

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So, they met at a restaurant and kate started apologizing and begging Leke to forgive her. That she made a mistake and she could not go ahead with the wedding because she could not bring herself to face him after she made that mistake. After much begging, Kate confessed that a day before their wedding, she slept with one of colleague at work, Dayo, with nickname called six feet.

According to her. After they had s3x, she felt so guilty and struggled with her conscience until she decided to run away without getting married. Kate said she was under a lot of stress during the wedding. Three days to the wedding, she and some colleagues closed from work and joined Dayo in his car to drop off.

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Dayo decided to take her home that day because she was feeling very stressed, having her wedding in a few days time. Kate said, they were all gisting and for the first time asked Dayo why he has the nick name six feet.

Dayo explained that its because he has a big dick and any girl he sleeps with, they either come for more or they run away from him. Everyone was laughing in the car and saying Dayo was bluffing. Kate told him she did not believe him…and said he was just bragging.

When everyone dropped off that evening, Dayo offered to take Kate home. They continued talking about his big dick and Dayo jokingly said if Kate is doubting, he can prove it to her. They were being silly. Dayo showed Kate his dick and Kate went ahead to say its girls without expertise that would run from a big dick.

Kate and Dayo basically got involved in some dirty talking and before long, Dayo dropped Kate at home. Dayo offered to show Kate his dick to prove he was not bluffing. They had s3x in Kate’s apartment that night. Kate said she was trying to prove that she is not scared of big dicks and that is how they ended up with, oya let me try you na….and they ended up f*cking. Kate said soon as they were done she almost wanted to commit suicide but Dayo was like, don’t tell anyone…it was a mistake.

According to Kate, she could not face Leke after that. She ran away and have been regretting her actions ever since. She is begging Leke to forgive her whether or not he accepts her back. Leke says he loves Kate and wants to accept her back irrespective of what she did but he wants to know what I think cos he knows I will tell him the truth.

Well, I told him that Kate does not deserve him cos if she can cheat on him before wedding, then what will happen after they marry? My brother Leke said, he can forgive Kate because he too has cheated on Kate when they were dating but she is not aware. But that his only fear is that…from the way Kate described the affair with her colleague Dayo…he wants her to quit the job cos he will not feel comfortable with her working with someone who has a big dick that she has been attracted to before.

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Leke said when he told Kate she has to quit…she said, he will have to learn to trust her cos she cannot quit her job when there is no job these days. That quitting will make it look like she has feelings for Dayo but she does not. She did say however, that she will start making plans to find another job. Leke said she swore on her late mother’s grave that she has not slept with Dayo since that time. That even Dayo is very is very sorry he caused her to break up her wedding and marriage.

My brother wants to know if he should go ahead and accept her or if this girl is whinnying him. Leke said he has never loved any girl the way he loves Kate. He is willing to forgive this one mistake but what if it happens again? Secondly….how will our family learn to forgive Kate if Leke goes back to her. I tell you…people will say this girl is using jazz. Do you think its really jazz? Should my brother and Kate go ahead to marry.

Now, I know what has made Leke happy again…its Kate. Since they started talking, he is happy .Clearly, Leke is not over her. But he is also scared of loosing her again. As for me, I would not take her back cos she is vain…how do you run away from your own wedding because you had a big dick? But I just don’t want to say anything cos my brother is hoping I give him some reassurance. hence, I need you need your advice.


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  1. This whole thing depends on Leke.
    He is happy now because Kate is around,he doesn’t mind forgiving her for that singular mistake she made right.

    His happiness matters ,if he feels he loves Kate to the extent of forgiving her anytime she messes up all because she makes him happy,no wahala.

    He needs to be wise and learn from the last lesson. For me Kate should remain in the past,even though he is old enough to marry but you see it is better he marries right than wrong oooo.
    Kate needs to go her way and let him find another,thank you.

  2. She’s taking advantage of him. It will happen again and again. If he is ready to endure infidelity and fathering kids that are not his, he should go ahead. They’re other girls out there, it’s just a matter of time

  3. Your brother is one of such men that we call simp, men that worship women and act like they can’t do without women, why will not eat, men must stop this simping nonsense.

    Let him forget her, she maybe telling the truth or lying, but still he should forget her, making stupid jokes with the opposite sex is a sign of foolishness, she maybe lying cos she knows your Leke acts weak and does like he can’t do without her, she probably acted like that so Leke will see her as a remorseful person and he will have the mindset that she can’t do it again, its so unfortunate that lot of men don’t know how deceitful most women are, warn your brother

    Let him forget her and move on, bro, when it comes to sex, you just can’t trust anyone, I repeat, when it comes to sex, you just can’t trust anyone. Tell Leke to not simp for women.

    Men, be men


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