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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me-Pt 3


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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me-Pt 3

Hello Lively Stones,


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This life is not balance at all….how does one’s life just change under one month? This last Christmas is my worst ever…everything has suddenly scattered and its even affecting my business and I cannot concentrate…who did I offend? Some people are blaming me for allowing Amaka into my home but how was I to know there was an agenda? Was I wrong for taking care of my brother’s widow?

Those blaming me for sleeping with her…I have never been hunted by a woman like this in my life…she really got me and till tomorrow, I cannot explain how she did that. Clearly she used something on me…yet, I still take responsibility for my actions. So, after Amaka vomited all the vile that she did about my wife and her plan to force me to marry her, my eyes became clear…that what I was dealing with was not child’s play. My eyes became clear that this woman knows what she is doing and she has been planning it for a long time now.

I do not know where the strength came from, I just took my phone, called my mother and my sister, told them that I am sending Amaka back to her parents cos I just found out that Amaka is a demon possessed person and I can no longer continue to harbor her.

As expected, they wanted to know what happened, so I told them how she started trying to seduce me and how I failed and slept with her and how now she is claiming that my wife and my late brother her husband were lovers. My family could not believe what I told them but they agreed that Amaka should leave while my wife and I should come to village immediately. So, I gave Amaka money and told her to leave the next day.

That night was hell….my wife kept crying and saying Amaka wants to destroy her marriage after everything she has done for her. My wife was saying Amaka was lying with the memory of her late husband…even me, I tried not to think of the fact that my wife and late brother were probably lovers. The only thing I cannot deny was, my wife was fond of my late brother…they were close but never to the point of me or anyone thinking they were lovers.

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Like anyone of us, when my brother passed, we all mourned and cried for days….my wife too was crying and in shock but nothing suspicious. The Amaka herself kept begging me that she is sorry for revealing all secrets but she only wants to be accepted and loved by me after all, I was deceived all along. That I should be grateful she is trying to expose all those around me telling me lies.

The next day, we all travelled to the village. By the time we got home, my wife’s family was already in our house too. There was shouting and throwing of allegations. Amaka stood her ground….smart snake woman. She apologized for revealing secrets that could break my home but she insisted she was telling the truth….that I have always been the one she wanted and she felt if her husband died and I am around, she needed to try her best to win me from my wife that was not being faithful to me.

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I myself, narrated my side of what happened…the Christmas eve incident and how I have regreted it ever since. As expected, my family was like, if I want to marry Amaka, that tradition permits it as she is the widow of my late brother. Infact, my uncle recommended that I marry Amaka since I already slept with her. I said, I do not want a polygamous home but Amaka and her family are insisting that I have desecrated their daughter, so I have to marry her. We are still on that matter.

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Amaka’s family has given me three months to come and pay Amaka’s bride price or they will report us to the King and disgrace my family with curses that will affect my unborn generations. Clearly, there are aspects of my culture I was not aware of. Maybe because of civilization but I found out that if a man r*pes or has intercourse with a woman, the family of the woman can insist that the man marries the daughter.

Now, back to the infidelity allegation, Amaka demanded that my wife swear by Amosu that she was not my late brother’s lover for years. Well, we are from a Christian family and so the family said my wife should swear by the bible instead. My wife, with all her crying and protesting that she is being framed by someone who wants to steal her husband, refused to swear by the bible. My wife said two things: that she cannot swear because it is wrong to swear according to the bible and secondly, her conscience is clear…so if I or my family do not trust her….she is disappointed and will go by any judgment passed by the family.

My wife faced me and said….I was the one who cheated in our matrimonial home but she is the one being framed and asked to swear. At this point, the whole family was divided….some supporting my wife cos they all know her as a good woman but a few elders said to make everything clear, she must swear. That is where the whole matter was left. My wife’s family is upset with me for allowing my family drag their daughter to come and swear.

My wife too is not talking to me….she is upset that I cheated on her and now, allowing Amaka to deceive the entire family. I really want to believe my wife but I don’t know why somewhere in my mind, I am still having a little doubt. The family suggested a DNA test be done on my children. That was done last week and the tests proved the children are mine. My wife has returned back and she is still not talking to me.

After a few days, I had to beg her to forgive me cos all I wanted was for my marriage to be restored after everything. My wife said she will never forgive me for putting her through this pain. That I have broken her trust and that she does not think she can trust me again. My wife then asked me, that what is my decision on Amaka…that am I going  to be forced by tradition to marry her….

What kind of question is this…what should I tell my wife?


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  1. Amaka doesn’t love you. She’s jealous of your wife. She wants to enjoy what your wife is enjoying. She had a plan from the very beginning. Please only God knows if your wife cheated on you with your brother but that has passed. You don’t need evidence to destroy your marriage. Marrying Amaka right now will be the greatest mistake. Please forget all the accusations against your wife. Move on with your happy family. Relocate so Amaka doesn’t come close to hurting your family.Thanks


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