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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me


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True Life Story: My Brother’s Widow Is Using Our Tradition To Seduce Me

Dear Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. I am ashamed of myself and I have not been myself since this horrible thing happened. I love my wife so much but I have betrayed her trust and its feels like I cannot even do anything to stop what made me betray her trust. Let me start from the beginning.

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My younger brother died three years ago from an accident and left a wife with a three months old baby. The death was a huge tragedy for the whole family especially the young wife. As the elder brother, I made up my mind to take care of my brother’s child and the wife to make sure they never lacked anything. My wife was also in agreement with me.

So since then, we have been sending Amaka (my brother’s wife) monthly upkeep for her and her baby. Unfortunately, Amaka did not have a job, so she was 100% dependent on family for sustenance. She and my wife even grew very close. She was like a younger sister to my wife. From time to time, she came to our house to stay with us. Infact, her child became like our child too. She was very free with us.

Then something happened in September; our house maid suddenly left and did not tell us when she was going to return. And that September that children were going back to school was a very hectic period for us as me and my wife are both career people. We were finding it so hard to manage but Amaka out of the goodness of her heart offered to stay with us until December because we could not get any house help until January.

Between me and my wife, we agreed to add extra 50k to Amaka’s monthly upkeep since she was now helping us around the house. We were very grateful for her help. So we all settled into our normal routine. Everyone was happy. Then in November, I took my annual leave which meant I was at home for some days. During my leave, I stayed at home to rest sometimes but sometimes I went out and travelled for a couple of days too.

One of the days I was at home, everyone had gone to work, I was just relaxing on my phone when Amaka knocked on my door. I asked her to come in….she said she wanted to clean my bathroom. I told her to wait cos I am still resting…she said she wont disturb me, that she will be fast cos she wants to go to the market and come back before the children returned. So I agreed. Amaka went into my bedroom and was cleaning.

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Somehow, I fell into a short sleep while she was there, the next thing I noticed was, someone was under the duvet I used to cover myself on the bed, Amaka was the one and she was using her hand to rub on my junior. I woke up in shock and asked her what she was doing. She started to plead with me….that she has not met any man since my brother died and she saw that my d.i.c.k was hard when I was sleeping. That she just wants to touch it to remind her how it feels.

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I told Amaka there is no way I would have S** with her….she is like family to me….she said she is not asking for S**….that she just wants to play with my thing. That it looks exactly that her late husband’s own. That no one will be angry that I am taking care of my late brother’s ‘needs’….cos in those days, when a man dies, his brothers actually marry their widows.

Amaka kept convincing me, I told her she should get a man to take care of her needs, that my family will give their blessing if she wants to move on, she said no way…that she said she will mourn her husband for five years before thinking of remarrying. She started to cry….that she is h.o.r.n.y and she used to ma-stur-bate but she just wants me to help her only this once. That I should do it for my late brother Chukwuemeka.

Oh Jesus…my junior was standing so strong at this point, so I told her to just touch it for one minute…this woman went down on me, out out her b.r.e.a.s.t, she was touching her b.r.e.a.s.t while her mouth was suc-king my junior…I never seen such an ero-tic sight…I was burning with l.u.s.t instantly. The way she was moaning and bringing out saliva from my mouth made me loose every sense of reasoning.

It was me that used my hand to turn her around and fcked her from behind on my matrimonial bed. Amaka is a S** goddess if there is anything like that…she managed to seduce me and made me fck for almost 30mins. I had never had S** like this before. It felt so good and so wrong. After everything, she started k.i.s.s.i.n.g me and telling me thank you….how she enjoyed it and all…all I could ask her was…what if you get pregnant?

Amaka told me she would take emergency pill so I do not have to worry. She left feeling very happy and I felt so sad. I cried cos reality hit me…the reality of what I had done…but I tried to convince myself that I did it for my late brother….what a stupid reason right. So, even though that happened and I regret it so bad….the bigger problem I now have is, Amaka has been trying seriously to seduce me again.

This time around, I have been doing everything I can to resist her but the girl is very clever…she sends me videos of herself fin-ger-ing herself…calling me daddy come and get it….come and fill her ….I have told her to stop or she will leave my house…she said she will not leave cos my wife will never allow it. I cant even tell my wife that Amaka must leave cos she might get suspicious.

So, what I have been doing is making sure, nothing ever allows me be alone around Amaka. I have been praying for December to end so Amaka can leave my house. Only for my wife to tell me two days ago, that she has decided that Amaka should stay with us for one more year because she trusts Amaka and she has done a better job than any house help can ever do.

You see…I suspect Amaka went to beg my wife to allow her stay one more year. I am finished. How am I going to survive one more year with Amaka?  Just Christmas eve here, I got drunk and could not join the family to go to church on Sunday morning. My wife left Amaka at home to finish the Christmas cooking. Knowing no one was at home, Amaka came into my room and began to sit on my junior…even though I was very weak from the alcohol last night, my junior was already up as soon as Amaka got on top.

With all my strength I pushed her and flung her to the ground….I even surprised myself cos I hit her so hard, she injured herself….she was in pain…I had to be telling her sorry but I left her in my room and went outside to stay until my family returned.  Amaka is still in pain from her injuries. She told my wife she fell but she has been telling me she will tell my wife that I tried to r.a.p.e her hence her injury if I do not agree to f*cking her again.

This girl is smart, she is not texting me so there wont be any evidence. She said those videos she sent to me, that she will say I asked her to send it. She even said she has a dairy where she wrote everything about us. I asked what did she write, she said its her secret. What am I going to do with this woman?

I asked her why she is doing to to my wife that accepted her into our home and trusts her and treats her like a sister…she just answered that: its tradition…that my wife should respect our tradition….and that I can confirm…traditionally….the brother to a late man is the husband of the widow left behind….its tradition to marry a brother’s widow but most people don’t do that anymore due to modernization. But some still do it, some families even arrange for the widow to have S** with the late man’s brother so the brother will have an heir.

I am in deep soup…what am I going to do with Amaka…one more year? What am I going to say to people? That she seduced me? Who will believe me? How do I save my marriage from this e.v.i.l S** drunk woman? I am even beginning to believe its not wrong to f*ck Amaka because its tradition….but I know its just my weakness cos its getting harder to resist…I am afraid of being alone in my own house but I also desire Amaka secretly…I fear I might soon do it again with her….Please advice me.


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  1. Self control, discipline, being able to handle your s.e.x.u.a.l urge is key and important as a man.

    Tell your wife,call your wife to order,you call the shot in the house,you are the head,call a meeting,Amaka has to be there,tell
    your wife everything,since Amaka knows tradition more than us,I hope she swears before whatever she worships that she was the one who seduced you,let her swear and get out of that house,she is 3vil. If you don’t leave Amaka,if Amake doesn’t leave you,I’m afraid,you might be the next to die,and I believe you wouldn’t want what happened to your younger brother to happen to you.

    Have you even find out what killed your brother three years ago? Amaka is a bad egg,she is pro-mi-scuous and you are so loose and cheap,you allowed your late brother’s wife to brainwash you with tradition,to seduce you, haba!

    Abeg tell your wife and have peace,bye.

  2. Dear Writer,

    Sin is sin.

    If you wish to legalise this sin, then open up to your wife about your thoughts.

    Flesh is always weak and will give you a reason to continue in sin.

    My questions are;

    Are you being fair to your wife?

    Is your fleshy desire more important than your family’s happiness and your marriage?

    Does your wife’s kindness and ignorance enough reason for this betrayal?

    If Amaka takes in, will you stand the shame and destructions?

    If you were poor, will Amaka want you and your junior?

    Amaka is 3vil and a home wr3ck3r.

    Don’t believe her lie that she hasn’t slept with another man.
    Are you sure she isn’t pregnant for someone and want to rope her late husband’s family into it by seducing you.

    Be wise.

    Better reach an elderly family member or your pastor and tell them your predicaments. Ask them to advice your wife on her decision.

    Tell your wife that Amaka can’t stay and open up now before you will bear a name you will regret and shamelessly bear for the rest of your life.

    Tell your wife all that happened today.

    Yes, today.

    A stitch in time, saves nine.

    If you must travel, do a two day vacation with your wife and share all and tell her your weakness.

    Find an accommodation for Amaka away from your home. Keep your distance and renew your mind. Amaka should stay away from your family.

    That tradition is not applicable to you. If you must do tradition, get all information about it and discuss with your wife and do it properly.
    But, I don’t support it.

    Be careful. Amaka wants a place in your family not just life. If she can ignore your wife’s love and kindness and seduce you , then she is selfish and will be a bad co-wife. She is e.v.i.l.

    Don’t start what you can’t finish.

    Keep your home safe and happy.

    If you pray, pray more now and be careful.

    Pray against repercussion.

    All the best.

  3. You seem to me a man with a very weak will. Amaka is now running your life? Any time she wants you, she will come and have you with out Amy resistant? It Means your moral strength is low. And your wife, she is just too naive. How come it never crossed her mind that such a thing could happen, because these days no wise women brings another grown up woman into the home, not with all the stories of husband impregnating maids and women snatching their friends’ husbands.
    Talking about Amaka, I think she is just s.e.x.m.a.n.i.a.c who start her stock in trade even before her husband died. When a woman starts sleeping around, her husband’s life is in dang3r. So maybe she is even responsible for his death. So you watch it! Not only are you about to loose your marriage, you may also be loosing your very life as your brother did.


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