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True Life Story: My Cousin Is Accusing My Fiancé Of Rape-Pls Advice


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True Life Story: My Cousin Is Accusing My Fiancé Of Rape-Pls Advice

Hi Lively Stones,

My story is long but I will try to summarize it. I stayed with my aunt and my cousins from two hundred level at the university. My aunt is a single mother. Her husband sent her packing after he could no longer deal with her several cheating scandals. There were rumors that her last born was not fathered by her husband.

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When I got admission into Uniben (not real name of school), I really did not want to stay with my aunt who also lives in Benin but I did not get accommodation in school and I could not afford to pay for off campus accommodation. I squatted with a friend in year one but by year two, my Aunt convinced me to come stay with her, at least for weekends.

It was during those times that I went to visit my Aunt that I met her boyfriend, Chuks (not real name). Chuks is a business man, managing chain of businesses in the city. He was like 4 years younger than my Aunt but he seemed to like her alot. Yes, my aunt is very beautiful and attractive.

From what I observed, even though Chuks was caring for my Aunt, she was still messing around with other men and Chuks was not aware. Sometimes, I felt bad and ashamed. Chuks, nice guy, always giving me and my cousins money. I felt bad for Chuks because he was planning to propose to my Aunt. Maybe my Aunt did not want to marry him cos of the age difference but she kept stringing him along and giving him false hopes.

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They eventually broke up when I was in my final year at school. But Chuks kept being nice to me and my cousins. We could call him for anything we needed. In my final year, I needed money for alot of things, school fees, final project, etc. I had no option than to call Chuks for help. Chuks said he had cash with him and asked me too meet him in one of his hotels for the money.

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I needed about 250k. On getting to the hotel, the receptionist told me Chuks was in a meeting but he gave instructions that I be given food to eat while I wait for him. I had lunch and waited for Chuks in the hotel lobby. When came like 2 hours later, he was apologizing for keeping me waiting.

Chuks was also surprised that I had changed from when he was dating my Aunt. He said, wow,, you are so grown and very beautiful. He took me to his office and gave me the money. I was so grateful. He even sent his driver to drop me back in school. Later that day, Chuks started chatting with me. He said when he saw me, he was taken about by how beautiful I had become and he felt a bit jealous of my boyfriend.

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I did not suspect anything so I told him I dont have a boyfriend. From chatting everyday, Chuks started toasting me. I told him I cant date him cos of the history he has with my Aunt, she is family, I cannot cross that line. Chuks laughed and said My Aunt will not mind because when they broke up, my Aunt was trying to hook him up with her first daughter. I was shocked, truly my Aunt has no shame.

Not long, I started developing feelings for Chuks. I tried my best not to, but the guy is just too nice. Even though he is eight years older than me, he was like my best friend in a very short time. After my final year exams, Chuks staged a proposal to engage me. I said yes, I was very happy. By this time, I had to tell my family cos Chuks wanted us to get married immediately.

Of course, I could not tell my Aunt, no need to start any drama cos I know her very well. I told my elder brother …he was very reserved about it but he too had grown to like Chuks. We fixed our marriage introductions, my parents informed my Aunt and that is how she found out about me and Chuks. My Aunt started raising hell, saying I am a boyfriend snatcher. That it was because I was sleeping with Chuks when I was staying with her, that made Chuks to break up with her.

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Chuks stood up for me, defended me saying it was my Aunt that cheated and they broke up. Next, my Aunt started making allegations that Chuks tried to r*pe her daughter. Chuks said he never r*ped her…that my Aunt sent her daughter to seduce him and he turned her down and now she wants to make it look like he tried to rape her.

Now, the whole family has been thrown into confusion. They are saying I should back down from marrying Chuks cos my Aunt will never allow us have peace. My cousin went on social media to curse me, that for planning to marry the man who broke her mother’s heart and tried to r*pe her, that my marriage will be a curse.

I love Chuks…I believe him that he did not r*pe my cousin cos he is a good guy. But my family is no longer supporting us. Only my brother is supporting us. My mother is afraid that if we go ahead with the marriage, the curse from my cousin will affect us. What I believe is, if Chuks is innocent, the curse will not work, so why can’t we marry?

Chuks is ready to sue my Aunt and my cousin for their lies, I am the one begging him cos its a family matter. He says he is ready to swear by any juju that he did not attempt to r*pe my cousin. If he tried to r*pe her, will he be saying he will swear by juju?With all these, I see no reason why I cannot marry Chuks. If my family decides not to support us, should I go ahead and marry Chuks…

I feel my Aunt is just jealous and bitter…everyone knows she is a whore and a liar…no be today….if I give up Chuks, she would have won and I would have lost a good man. I do not think that is fair on me. I deserve to be with a man that loves me and I love him very much too. I just need your candid opinion on what I should do…


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  1. Are you marrying Chuks because he is a good man or because he has money that can take of you and your needs? Don’t mix things up and fall in love for the wrong reasons ooo,what ‘if ‘ there is no money tomorrow,will you still stand by him,you know all these young girls of nowadays like money and material things especially when the guy is a good spender.

    Well,go ahead and marry Chuks,prove all your family members wrong including your aunt and your cousin,since Chuks is innocent and you both love each other, please go ahead with your plans and involve God since your family members doesn’t want to be involved.
    Forget about your aunt,she is just an empty barrel with the loudest noise,she will do nothing and if she tries go burn her, enemy of progress.
    Let me bless your marriage my darling,your marriage is blessed,you will have both boys and girls,no evil fashion against you and Chuks will see the next day,amin. God bless you

  2. Sometimes , I wonder why life isnt balanced. Good guys meet bad girls , bad guys meet good girls!!!!
    its not easy to find a good man to marry and break up becos of such reason as in your story , more so he has ended with your aunt a long time before your path crossed.

    What i will advise is this:if you cant pray, please dont go ahead. Look for someone else.
    Because, when it doesnt come on a platter of gold like in your case, you need to be very prayerful..
    If youre going ahead, you ll have to be bold and strong hearted. you cant live in the fear of your cousin and her mother. If you Believe Chuks , go on and have a quiet wedding , your parents blessings and God’s blessing is the most important.
    However, rather than Chuks filing law suit, in the interest of the family, advise him to make two or three elders present and resolve matter with your aunt ( if shes willing to have that meeting) . If that wont work, then , she should be warned to stay off. nothing must happen to you.
    However, theres need for constant prayers as you go ahead and this marital journey. An underserved curse shall not stand, thats what the bible says. Just be prayerful.

  3. Why are we women like this. Pls ignore her, she is greedy. But the part I want to talk about is the why she lied that chuks raped daughter. Most women can’t handle rejection but we blame men that men can’t handle, but the truth is men handle it better than women.

    Pls dear, go ahead, but are you sure you really love him and not cos of his money, cos we women know ourselves. I hope you get the best out of this situation.


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