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True Life Story: My Ex & Her Mother Are Trying Manipulate Me To Pay Her Bride Price


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True Life Story: My Ex & Her Mother Are Trying Manipulate Me To Pay Her Bride Price

Hi Lively Stones,

Good evening,
I want to be guided by your readers who can share both experience or their knowledge of Law with me.

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A month after I was deciding to take a new leaf (and focus on a serious relationship) in 2020, My fwb girlfriend whom we have ceased communication came to visit me, sparked the old flames and the s3x we had resulted in a pregnancy.

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She and the mum planned for her to come live with me in a neighboring town to have the baby but I refused. So from the third month of her pregnancy I started sending money to her monthly until the birth time; which I paid 100% of the hospital bills.

After the birth (he’s 1 year and one month old) I’ve constantly sent them almost a fixed amount of money monthly, but they always find reasons in-between to ask for more money from me.

I just changed my job and I’m not being paid for 3 months beginning from January, this made me to send only half of the money for January, I tried to explain but they’re all mad at me and making threatening pronunciations.
I’m hoping to settle down in marriage soon and don’t want this whole drama to continue.

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What are my options?

My mum is willing to take care of the child if they agree, my fiancé is also willing to have him live with us (though he’s just 1 year old). So it’s about anyone I agree to.

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Out of rage, the mum mentioned that I shouldn’t send any money again that she can raise the child and the child belongs to them. She also mentioned to my mum that we will have to come see her dad’s people to pay for the child if my mum wants to raise the child.

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I just want to know the options that will stop this whole drama. I have evidence of most of the money I’ve sent to them.

Thanks in anticipation.


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  1. Concentrate on your marriage, do not allow anything or anyone distract you from marrying this year. Tell them your mum can take care of the child,if they refuse ,leave them,thank God the child is a boy,one day he will ask of his father. Whether they like it or not. For now ,tell them you want your child,do not pay any money to get your own child as suggested by her mum,your own child again, never. Your marriage is blessed and be careful always,no excuse of allowing your ex come into your marriage ooo,be guided. If you hadn’t allowed your ex in the first place,this wouldn’t have happened.


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