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True Life Story: My Experience With A Family Pervert On Christmas Eve-Pt 2


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True Life Story: My Experience With A Family Pervert On Christmas Eve-Pt 2


Hello Lively Stones Family,

I just want to update you guys about the situation. Things have gone from bad to worse. When me and my husband got back home after the trip to his Uncle’s place in Abuja, I thought the worst was over. I wanted to put the past behind me. But yesterday, all hell broke loose. It all started when we were asleep yesterday, around 3am. My husband’s phone kept ringing, he did not want to pick up but when he saw it was his sister, he had to pick it up thinking it was an emergency.

That was how, I started hearing my husband and his sister argue in their language for almost 30mins. It was clear I was the one they were arguing about. I became afraid, what has happened again, what has the Uncle told them about me? After like 45minutes of arguing on the phone, my husband got off the phone very angry.

My husband started shouting, asking me what happened between me and my uncle while we were in Abuja…I told him nothing cos I was afraid I did not know yet what the Uncle said. Then my husband said, that my Uncle has reported me to the entire family, that I am a slut, a cheap prostitute. That because I wanted money from the Uncle, I tried to get the Uncle to have s3x with me when he called me into his study in Abuja.

With my mouth wide open in shock…I started crying and telling my husband exactly what happened. I told him how his Uncle wanted to sleep with me, how he showed me CCTV of our lovemaking and me bathing and how he squeezed my breasts….I could not believe it…how this man has turned everything around and my husband and his family seems to believe him over me.

Do you know my husband queried me for not telling him when it happened? He said he knows women like his Uncle for money….he has seen many throw themselves at him for money but how will he believe me when I did not tell him what happened, instead I lied by saying he asked me to cook bitter leaf soup…and I refused to have s3x with my husband that night cos I did not want him to suspect what I did….which is try to seduce his Uncle.

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By this time, my head was spinning….I told him to ask his Uncle to come and say all he said to my face and I was willing to swear by anything that his Uncle is lying and I am saying the truth. But that did not make any difference….my husband said they are having family meeting about my matter on the 1st of January and that majority of the family members are already calling me gold digger. That my Uncle said he regrets sponsoring our wedding not knowing that I am a gold digger.

My husband is so upset that I did not tell him anything…he said he cannot defend me cos no one witnessed it and he cannot go against his uncle cos the man is their family destiny helper.  That even if the Uncle slept with me, that a man with money can do anything and no one will believe. I asked him what if the Uncle slept with me….my husband said that I should have told him immediately cos it does not matter if the man slept with me or not cos I did not say anything then.

So now, the only solution according to my husband is …. My husband wants me to call his Uncle and apologize to him….so that the Uncle can prevail on the family to forget what happened because only the Uncle can stop the family from looking at me as a wayward woman and the entire family will be against me. I asked him what about the fact that I am being humiliated….my husband said, I should have said something then…cos now, it is too late to cry foul after the Uncle has gone to report me.

I cried and cried and asked my husband why he will humiliate me like this in front of his whole family and his response was, life is like that, only the tough survives. He asked me again….that I should swear to him that the uncle did not sleep with me, I said no….he said, for peace to reign, I should just play the fool, apologize to the man and forget about everything. My husband said maybe his Uncle was just playing with me cos he is very touchy with women but he can never have slept with me, his nephew’s wife.

Now, I have been give ultimatum to apologize to the Uncle or face the family on new year day. I cant believe I am saying this but I think I have entered one chance in this family. Our marriage is not even up to one full month and I have been bashed like a nobody. At this rate, I want to inform my family that I cannot continue….I am being blackmailed and made a black sheep for something I did not do. Even my husband is saying he will only forgive me for not telling him if I apologize to that swine….can you imagine?

I am the one that was abused yet I am the one being shamed and called names cos of one rich bigot and pervert. The most painful part is, my husband is not on my side….I now know that the family will do anything to protect their demi god of an Uncle. And use me as sacrificial lamb. I called my mother and brother today and told them everything. My brother is so upset….he said I should not go to any family meeting and if they continue to harass me….I should pack my things and come back home.

My mother is crying….saying enemies are about to disgrace her by making me a divorcee just three and half weeks after marriage. She is begging me to just apologize and stay clear of the Uncle and work on my marriage. That a good wife will work on her marriage and be humble with her in-laws. My mother says, I have to do everything to make peace with my inlaws….even if it means, swallowing my pride by apologizing.

I am so confused, angry and afraid. Please advice me….how do I survive this ordeal…..this past 24 hours have been like a nightmare….should I beg this man or pack my load and leave this house?


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  1. I am sorry but you are an idiot Mrs. People in this beloved forum told you to tell your husband with immediate effect. You refused. Now, it has boomerang…you have come here to complain. Better use your hand and show your husband this story.

    So he knows that this is what truly happened. My advice is you go with a family of yours and tell everyone again in the presence of your husband. Nawa ooo

    Why ask us of advise if you would ignore it sef??

    It is very very annoying

    • Kingsley,

      I get it that you are upset but please do not insult this poster. She is a victim…naïve yes but please do not insult her. Its very wrong. You have joined others to condemn her. Please let us have some empathy.

  2. Madam you cannot go anywhere because of that stupid man,I keep saying it, marriage is not for the weak, infact get ready to face more things in marriage because you never even start sef,make I just clear you first.

    This is the time to ask for God’s wisdom on how to go about it.

    Don’t call him to apologize,let there be a family meeting so that they can all hear you out,I know that saying your own side of the story will not change anything or make them believe you,but you still need to talk,tell them about the cctv,yes you have to be in the meeting,be bold, courageous and wise,don’t be scared of anyone,tell them the way it is biko.

    Remain in your marriage dear sister, nothing dey happen,don’t leave that marriage,it is not as if your husband is not on your side but he doesn’t want to offend his destiny helper (his uncle).

    God bless you as you continue to pray for your marriage,don’t listen to gossip,side talk or nonsense,they must talk,they must say nonsense and ingredients,abeg don’t mind them and be careful so that they don’t set you up with someone else,be faithful to your husband no matter what,e get why.

    God bless you love. You still have many more years to spend ooo,it is a life time contract,so no dey play,no just play at all. If you leave ,another woman will take your place,so use your brain and be far from that uncle,get a job,be busy so that you don’t have to depend on your husband all the time because your husband might be depending on his destiny helper (his uncle) it is well.

  3. Hello dear,
    I’m sorry u are going through this, please do not apologize, you can go with some family members, be bold and courageous, explain everything at the meeting, including the cctv, let your husband understand that was the reason u refused him sex that night cos his uncle was watching you guys, and his uncle threatened you, that was why U wanted to leave his house quickly….. don’t be scared, let your husband understand that if he can’t trust you, then there’s no reason to continue the marriage, I assure you , your husband will come around……….just relax your mind, God is in control, everything will be fine dear, peace….

  4. My Sister, fast like Queen Esther and go into the meeting, go with your family and your Pastor and a legal rep if you can get one ( let them all be on fast if possible incase He wants to use powers). Be respectful but do not apologise for anything you are not guilty of , do not swear by anything, it is against Gods word just say the truth of what happened. Show them this blog.

    The truth will set you free, yes get a job / don’t play with your job. Like another person said, never fall prey to any advancement from any male figure while married, it may be your uncles set up.

    Be prayerful daily, hold God, hold your integrity, forgive any future mistrust issues your husband displays, don’t leave your marriage because of this by yourself. No man is God.

    I pray God opens other doors for your family. If anyone drives you out of the house hold your head high but do not leave by yourself.

    Speak with your Pastor to advise your husband too incase they try to set him up with a lady to get back at you. Both of you should protect your marriage.

    Go far away from anyone trying to hurt your home. Hold on to God. Be strong.

    While explaining your story point out how the story has now changed from cooking to you throwing yourself on your uncle and let them check if it makes sense.

    May God fight for you.

  5. Ur story is very pathetic infact I had to skim through it to get a closer picture

    Of a true u have entered one chance marriage but u have to be very smart to play this ur uncle’s game ,when I was telling u ,ur husband would not believe u ,and money rules I understood what I was saying ,now u are in a Deadpool .

    If u quit ur marriage ,it would be detrimental to u ,u are in the marriage against a Goliath of a rich uncle , meaning u need wisdom .

    Apologize to the uncle ,just like u have been told ,reason that whatever happens would affect ur husband relationship with u ,let’s not forget the benefits he stands to gain in still been in the uncle’s good book .

    Now ,after apology u must be prepared because he would ask u for sex again ,this is ur golden opportunity ,as much as u can to say yes ,then lure him to the point where he u can get recording of him ,his chat his voice note , because that uncle u see his dangerous ,u must be smarter than him ,so play along and gather enough evidence that u would need to fight him tomorrow .

    The truth is the family knows the uncle is lying ,but no body wants to lose the stipends they get from him , because they already know he is a womanizer ,but the sins of the rich is not seen that how the world is .

    • Sorry to say, I disagree with you, she shouldn’t apologize and she shouldn’t play such games, cos the uncle may be smarter, I would advice she just stay off the man completely, even if she wants to get evidence, she can do it without being in same space/location with the useless uncle…

  6. Don’t put yourself in any kind of bad position in the name of saving his relationship with your husband, that’s his nephew, if he wants to ruin their relationship because of sex that’s their problem. Your husband depending on him for money is how you guys ended up here in the first place so he might as well stay out of your lives.

    I hope you did not apologise? Hope you took the good advice from here and gave your own side of the story? May God help you in your marriage.


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