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True Life Story: My Fiancé Is Acting Very Strange After Our Engagement


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True Life Story: My Fiancé Is Acting Very Strange After Our Engagement

Good afternoon mummy you are truly a blessing, even though I’m the only child of my parents, I feel I have a big sister in you. And that’s why I have come to you. My story is long because I don’t want to leave any details behind pls bare with me.

Last year I fasted for the whole of November and told God my burden and worries about getting married, even though I’m 26yrs and a Graduate, I feel I need a serious relationship in my life. I declared to myself during my prayer sessions that as I was going for Christmas celebration I will be favored and find someone, I did that prayer with faith.

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Then before going for Christmas I met a Fulani Christian who works as state Security (DSS) he is well to do, but I wasn’t convinced with my spirit, I traveled to my hometown for Christmas celebration and was optimistic that it was going to be different. Then on the 27th of December I had dream in which I was given an engagement ring and when I woke up.

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I told my little cousin about it and we all laughed at it and continue with our activities, then on 29th my dad was to be given award for something, family and friends were all at attendance and that was were Collins’s (not real name) met me, he told his sister about it and on 1st January she called me and told me about it. I asked her to bring him along to my house since I will be going back to my base the next day which they came.

Now this his sister happens to be my dad’s younger brother’s wife. They came and I gave him listen ears, he told me about his intentions and before I knew it, he proposed right there, with the same exact rings I saw in my dreams, it took me few minutes to think, and I remember vividly about my dream and accepted him with faith, not minding if he is rich or not. But later found out that is does not have a job but he is Bsc graduate and was able to build a very beautiful house with agricultural business and can take care of himself and start a family.

However, at that point I never knew he was related to my uncle’s wife it was thereafter I got to find out.  We came back home and tried to convince my parents about him, I equally told them about my dreams and that I was sure of him, they were not in support at first but along the line they both accepted when families made research and find out it’s not an abomination, that we can marry if we r compatible.

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So around May he came with his people and paid my bride price according to our church tradition and everything went on smoothly. And we are hoping to get married next year April by Gods grace. But I find it strange when he started portraying some attitudes like always claiming he is right, each time we have issues he never accept he his at fault and try to twist it in his favor, the worst is that my birthday came and he didn’t show up.

He only posted me and called me to wish me happy birthday but didn’t show up with the excuse that his elder’s sister son who happens to be my cousin came to celebrate with me, that why will he come, so he got angry and never showed up, and I got embarrassed because my mum noticed it but didn’t say anything. but I saw it from her facial expression.

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So I gave him this girly attitude for a week, though we talk but we don’t vibe the way we used to, just to show him how sad I was, and when I comforted him he started talking to me anyhow, telling me that he doesn’t care whatever I choose, he has lost interest in getting married, I was so emotional and I don’t know  when I started crying, I told him he doesn’t even know how I’m feeling, and he said he doesn’t care and if I like let it kill me. and I should stop blackmailing him with my crocodile tears.

Now I feel scared to talk to my parents about this, how do I even start from when I was still d same person that make them to accept him, what should I do, I’m really not happy with him, and he doesn’t feel remorseful about all the hurtful words he said to me, what should I do, please I need advice. Thank you.


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  1. My take on this is this, what an elderly person sees while sitting down ,a child who is as tall as an iroko tree can never see it,hope you understand? Your parents warned you.

    You are 26,please what exactly are you rushing to get? God has answered your prayers of one month by telling you that this guy is not your husband,so thank God for that. If you hadn’t done this prayers,you would have made a bad choice in marriage and that can kill.

    End things with him, return his bride price,he already said he is no longer interested and saying many awful words to you,be warned!

    Return his ring,if you continue with this marriage, anything you see,please take it. You don’t have to rush,don’t over speed, marriage is not for the weak. Move on with your life and keep praying.


  2. Dear poster I understand things aren’t easy, I will like to ask you, why the rush, a guy just proposed and without even getting to know him, you accepted cos you saw it in a dream…I will advice you end things with him cos if you go ahead, it won’t end well…everything will be fine dear, allow time do it’s work.. peace.

  3. Please don’t go ahead with that marriage,what you saw in your dream is as a result of despiradoooo,and the devil want to take advantage of that dream to make you suffer for ever.but God so much love you and he has revealed to you what other people don’t get to know until after their wedding.the devil is very wicked and wise that’s why he came in through dream.the best choice to make in life is when you choose the right partner,and worst is when you chose wrong.so don’t rush,because marriage is not a mere relationship where you can rush in and rush out.calm down God has your man for,and he will soon locate you just keep on praying because that man is not the God chosen man for you. don’t let the devil deceive you with lie lie imaginary dream(s).IN PEACE I WALKER COME AND IN PEACE I WALKER GO.

  4. Hi poster , I think you are the one at fault , he explained why he was not around on your birthday, For God sake he called you , posted your pic on Dp, whatelse do you , a sense that you still immature to handle a relationship, talk more marriage, think well and act wisely

  5. The red flags are there. Screaming at your face. Instead of thanking God for allowing you to see the kind of man you call fiance,you’re here worrying about what your family will think or say or do. What advice again would you need to understand what you’re about to get yourself into? You don’t even see how much God loves you to reveal all these things to you at this early stages of your relationship. Let me be going, i have said my own. Take it or leave it, at the end of the day, it’s your life and not ours. You’re solely responsible for all the choices you make,wether good or bad. All i know is, As you make your bed, be ready to lay on it….cheers


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