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True Life Story: My Husband Had An Affair During The Pandemic-Is My Marriage Broken & Beyond Repair Now?


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True Life Story: My Husband Had An Affair During The Pandemic-Is My Marriage Broken & Beyond Repair Now?

Dear Lively Stones,

Please help me with advice. Two years ago, we enrolled our 4 year old son in a school close to our estate. The school is well recommended in the area. Alot of respectable people send their kids to the school. That is how I met Ms. Olosho (prostitute, I will explain why in a minute).

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This Ms. O took a special liking to my son. Always kind to him,to the extent that she pretended to be very nice and friendly to me as well. I became very comfortable around her, I used to tip her during open day at school alot. Then I don’t know who suggested that I get my son a private lesson tutor in addition to what he is being taught in school. That was the biggest mistake I made.

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I sked Ms O to recommend someone to me and she gleefully said she does private tutoring as well. It seemed like a good idea cos my son is already used to her. So, she would come home after school and take my son in maths and Engish. She became lie a family friend. During the pandemic we supported her cos the schools were not in session. She even brought her daughter to plan with my son a few times.

Ms. O is a single mother,lied to us that her husband is dead (we later found out, she is just a baby mama to a married man). During the pandemic, we supported her with cash and food items cos the school was not paying the teachers during the pandemic.

Somehow, Ms O managed to seduce my husband who was working from home during that time. I was still working from office sometimes cos I am in the banking sector. I don’t know how but they started f*cking that time. They became very cozy that I used to wonder how she will be talking about something to me and she would mention my husband’s name quite frequently.

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I had no idea what was going on until after the schools resumed back. Sometimes, I would get home and my husband would say he is not hungry. I asked him if he ate and he would say no…that he is watching his weight, so no night eating. Then one day, my son too refused to eat and I asked him why….he said Ms. O used to bring food for him and daddy….and that he prefers her food to mine.

Quickly I confronted my husband, does this woman give you food, he said no, that my boy is confused. So, I left the matter. One weekend, I travelled to Akure, for a wedding with my son. There was no vehicle to come back on Sunday evening so I called my husband to ell him I would come back on Monday instead.

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As I made to spend time in Akure that night, a friend told me one of our friends came with a car and was going back to Lagos, that I could join them.  returned with them, without telling my husband cos I wanted to surprise him. I got the surprise of my life. I got to Lagos that night around 10.45pm. Knocked on the door and guess who opened, it was my my husband, he was dressed in nothing but a bath robe.

He almost passed out when he saw me, he quickly tried to block me from coming in but it was too late…I had seen Ms. Olosho…she was spread eagled on the couch….stark naked. I walked into thier f*ck session. The rage I went into, I cannot describe. I wanted to kill someone and also die…

I raised alarm….Madam grabbed her clothes and tried to run away. I pounced on my husband. This happened in November last year. We struggled and in the process, Ms O escaped. My husband and I argued back and forth. He blamed me for working too hard and abandoning his S**ual needs.

I reported Ms. O to the school authority….they did not do anything but investigate for 1 whole month. After investigation, it showed that it was a consensual affair between my husband and Ms. O …that they started during the pandemic and that my husband told Ms. O that I do not satisfy him S**ually.

The school only suspended Ms. O for one month. I was not satisfied. Yes, hubby is begging me but he also refused to remove my son from that school. Can you imagine the disgrace I am facing in the sight of other parents and teachers? Some teachers spoke and said they suspected but they were afraid to say anything cos Ms. O is proprietress’ friend.

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The school said they cannot fire her, that if I dont like her, I can take my child away but husband says no cos he feels I am being too dramatic….that he is sorry but that does not give me the right to make a single mother loose her job.I am mad….upset and lost all forms of trust from my husband. My son still goes to that school. I feel so upset  sometimes.

If the school will not fire her, why cant I take my child away from the school? They say the affair was never a danger to the life or health of the child and so termination is out of the story. That I should go and fix my marriage. I feel my husband is not sincere in his apology otherwise, he would agree for me to remove our son from the school.

From lack of trust, me and my hubby rarely speak. On valentine’s day, I found out that an anonymous person bought cake, flowers and other nice things and surprised Ms. O in the school. The rumor has it that my husband that bought the gift and sent to her. My husband bought nothing for me…he said he didn’t have money.  I am tired. If he loves her more than me,maybe the marriage is over then?

I am getting advice to be patient and work on my marriage but anytime I try to work on it…I feel really betrayed. It like our marriage is so broken and cannot be repaired. And then the worst happened. My son was playing with his father’s phone last week, he somehow stumbled on a S** video that my husband and Ms. O made.

It was unbelievable…they were having S** like pron stars….tears ran than my face….I wanted to take my life…the kind of f*cking they were having drove me crazy…I went after my husband and hit him with a heavy stick. He was injured instantly. I was like, even if you f*cked this hoe, why do you still keep a reminder of how you f*cked her better than me in your phone after all these months.

He said, the video is not there again. That it was backed by google and google was just giving update and the video popped up. Some people are blaming me for trusting this woman too much but is it wrong to trust my husband too? I feel like giving…this matter has drained me so much…I do not know what to think or believe but one thing is; my marriage is completely broken and beyond repair.

Someone said we should try therapy…will that work? I am not sure my husband will go…he is still crushing on the stupid girl or how else do you explain why he wont pull our child from that school. Please what should I do now?


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  1. Madam your husband is under a spell,remove your handsome son from that school before you get the shock of your life. Don’t play with the life of your son oooo.

    Remove him immediately, as for your husband,huh. I don’t know when he will come back to his senses because this woman I’m seeing has a strong hold on him,take care of yourself and your son, remove him from that school,keep praying and caring for your husband,one day that spell will be removed and cast out.

    There won’t be any point trying therapy,the Olosho is enjoying your husband’s money,she wants to take over and become his wife,so if you still love your husband,you better fight,no woman must have her way in your home.

    It is well with you madam,you were just to careless and carefree,you starved your hubby of his S.e.xual right,you were not romantic,you didn’t have time for him,you didn’t make the Oza room very sweet and colourful,you only minded your job and see what it has caused you now.

    Pray for your husband so that his senses can come back to you as soon as possible ooo,no sidan look ooo because the stupid woman get plans to drain your husband’s money ooo if possible have a secret wedding with him without you knowing it. You can involve his friends and family ooo,snatch your husband from the Olosho as e dey hot.

    That your son’s school ehhhh,I reserve my comment first,how can a person like that be friends with the proprietress? How and what is she teaching the children? God forbid

  2. What I don’t understand is why you can’t take your son away from that school.. you are joking with your son’s life abi… I greet you specially be listening to a man who is obviously thinking with those things in btw his legs

  3. I swear you can’t disrespect me to this extent and I will live under the same roof with you. Lie lie. What everyone would be saying is that you’re too desperate for the marriage. Who told you therapy will work when clearly your husband is still googling over that lady? If to say na two of you work towards it,then therapy fit work but from your write up,if I were in your shoes, I would have gotten another place,paid for it,moved my son to another school and get good care giver for him. I will stay there untill all those feelings with run dry. if he comes back to his senses and I have healed,I will think about it.if he doesn’t,better serve him divorce papers. Valentine’s was just few weeks ago, meaning he’s still interested in the lady. I can’t disgrace myself over such nonsense. Infront of your neighbors surely? What height of disrespect is this’¿


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