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True Life Story: My Husband’s Aunty Is Threatening To Expose My Secret


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True Life Story: My Husband’s Aunty Is Threatening To Expose My Secret

Hi Lively Stones,

In 2015, I was dating a married man. At first, I did not  know he was married. When I found out, he lied to me that he was no longer in love with his wife, only me and he will do anything to prove it to him. He encouraged me to get pregnant for him and I did. He gave me money, rented apartment for me etc. He said he was in love with me. Now, next thing I know…he changed….he said he wants to work things out with his wife and that he wants to break up.

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I cried and begged him…he told me to abort the pregnancy….gave me money to about a pregnancy that is almost four months. I nearly died and the pregnancy did not remove. I was in coma for three days. The baby lived. This man denied me…told me to forget about him…to remove the baby by any means possible. My family was mad at me, even stopped talking to me. Only my mom had mercy on me.

With no choice than to give birth to the baby, I discovered this man had relocated with his wife and family. I had a baby girl and she is the sweetest. I suffered…remembered those days I had nothing to feed my baby ….talk less of buy clothes. I swore that I will make sure that my baby daddy never sets eyes on her. So, anyone who asks me….I tell them the baby’s father is dead.

Gradually with God on my side….I was able to get back on my feet and in 2019, I met my husband. I told him when we were dating, that my baby daddy is dead. We got married in a small ceremony in 2020 due to pandemic. I have two children more with my husband. Last Christmas, we travelled home and met most of my husband’s people.

One of my husband’s aunties that I met did not seem to like me,….I don’t know why. No matter how I tried to be friendly and respectful to her, she just was mean to me. I told my husband and he said, that is how she is. This woman kept asking me questions about my first daughter, and I told her her father is dead….she continued to ask questions and I tried to answer but she was just being mean I must say.

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Then towards end of January, this Auntie calls me….and told me she knows my secret….that she investigated me….and found out that I had an affair with a married man who dumped me after I tried to commit abortion….she said she knew when she saw me that I was hiding something from her nephew….my husband. I tried to explain to her what happened and why I lied that my daughter’s father is dead but this woman threatened to expose me and that she will make sure my husband divorces me.

It was later I found out that this woman hates me because she recommended someone for my husband to marry but he refused. I dont know what to do with this woman’s threat….I have been thinking maybe I should tell my husband myself and plead his forgiveness. I never did it to spit him. I only did not want any one to connect me with my ex. Or anyone to blame me for sleeping with a married man.

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While I am still thinking of what to do, few days ago, this auntie called me to tell me that she has decided to help me keep my secret and my husband does not have to find out. But that I will be paying her #250k every three months if I want her to keep her mouth shut. I am shocked and afraid. I confided in my mom….my mom said I should pay this evil woman the money until I find a way to explain myself to my husband my own way. My fear is that….if I pay this money….I hope it does not lead to further problem.

Please advise me…how do I go about this?


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  1. Your husband loves you,yes he does. Please you have to tell your husband everything,narrate all that transpired when you dated the married man.

    He will forgive you,I promise,he will.Why is this yeye aunt giving you issues bayi,the man in question is not asking for his child or giving you issues,why is this demonic woman trying to scatter your marriage?

    Don’t give her one Kobo because she will not keep her mouth shut,are you ready to deal with this? If you are not,please tell your husband,don’t listen to your mum,250k every three months is not a small money,what if she increases it to 1million? Will you be able to pay?

    Tell your husband, simple. May the peace of God rule your home amen.

  2. It is better you talk to your husband about it. It is all in the past and you have moved past it. Moreover the father of the child is not interested in the girl.
    Do not fall into her blackmail because it will backfire. Tell your husband the truth ASAP

  3. Please talk to your husband about it.. your husband’s aunt will complicate things for you and that money will be proof against your defense… Report yourself now that you can.

  4. Just summon courage and tell your husband,already he knows about the child.Dont ever try giving anything to the woman,it will cause more harm to you.

  5. Madam, do not pay this aunty any money. Just tell your husband the truth and I believe he will forgive you. Do it immediately but first talk to God about it so he can lead you as to how to go about it. Good luck.

  6. Madam if you like listen to your mom, but verily verily I said unto you no blackmailer’s will keep there mouth shut no matter the amount of your cooperating with them. Their are so selfish that as time goes on in the deal with them there will increase the money and by that time you will be considering all you have spent so you will not want to quit. So never agree to pay the money and don’t tell your mom that you want to tell your husband the secret. Please before you tell your husband payer very well and he will forgive you and please don’t waste time to tell him because you have a very limited time. And please when you are done telling your husband after did and done. Come to lively stone to give testimony because it will encourage manny others.

  7. Blackmailers always come back. Try and record your conversation with this auntie – and let your husband have it, cos she may want to deny blackmailing you. Look for a quiet time to tell your husband.

  8. Please DO NOT PAY any money to the aunt. It will make matters worse.
    Talk to your husband and pray that God soften his hearts for forgiveness

  9. No more secrets.

    Your husband deserves to know the truth.

    Don’t succumb to the woman’s threat and demands.

    She might use it against you and that will make your husband think that there is more to the story or probably you have more secrets.

    Do yourself a favour to tell him and ask for his forgiveness.

    It may not go so well but be patient considering that if you are in his shoes you won’t be happy either.

    God’s wisdom and grace.



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