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True Life Story: My Man Is Testing My Loyalty-Should I Swear?


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True Life Story: My Man Is Testing My Loyalty-Should I Swear?

Hello Lively Stones,

I recently stumbled on Lively Stones blog and I have been reading the stories and the advice given to different people. My situation is similar to a story that was posted on Lively Stones blog months ago. (Click here to read that story). I am very disturbed about my relationship, I love my man but just like the story above, my man has a manhood deformity.

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My man is a divorcee. Him and I have dated for almost 5 months. We started as friends and things became serious. When things became serious, I marveled that we could play with each other but never a time did he try to move further than that. I thought he was being a perfect gentle man. But the issue is, he told me that he has a small penis. When he said that, I thought maybe its smaller than most normal sized ones until I saw it.

The day I saw it, I felt very bad for him. I now understood why his first marriage did not last. You see, I love my man so much that I am willing to marry him even with his small penis. I try to make him feel comfortable, I told him that there are herbs we can use and he said he has used every known herb or medication in the world. For him, he was more worried for me…how he would please me s3xually.

From what he said, he still has fertile sperm ….so we can get pregnant of his sperm can be injected into me through inseminations. His worry is that I might feel unsatisfied with his s3xual performance and may want to leave him in the end. I told him I will not leave him. My man then asked me if I will be willing to swear by Magun.

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Magun is a charm that originates from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. It literally means “do not climb.” Magun has been used for centuries to catch a wife who has an extra-marital affair or to put a promiscuous woman in check. So my man is saying, that I must sewar that that I will not cheat on him and if any man sleep with me, the man or me will die.

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I love my man and I pray God to give me the strength to be faithful to him but is he not being selfish by saying I should swear? I was really surprised he asked me this…so I told him to give me time to think about it. Please what do you all think? Should I swear….I think I love him enough but only God knows tomorrow…what if things change and I am tempted…does that mean I will die?

I also think he is testing me….I love him alot but what will I do when I feel weak cos I am a full grown woman with s3xual needs…how do I cope with this? Are there women in this similar situation, how do you cope? I know s3x is not everything but I have been used to dating guys with big package…how do I adjust? Please advice me.

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  1. The question is for you. Can you cope? Must you swear?

    If he trust you, the issue of swearing won’t come up and if he loves you, he won’t want to subject you to that especially when you accepted to marry him.

    If you are a believer, you have no business swearing. If you are not sure of tomorrow, don’t swear too.
    If you can’t guarantee the future and willing to sacrifice your life in vain, keep that feeling aside and take a walk.

    Otherwise, talk it over and encourage him to trust you and don’t make you swear.

    All the best.

  2. She used to guys with big packages ,the truth is that I don’t know why u want to engage a man that u are certain u can’t be faithful to ,what is the essence of the love ? when u say I do ,u are indirectly telling the whole world that no matter his deficiency his incapabilities u would love him regardless ,so even if he was fertile then God forbid he becomes sterile ur I do still remains I do regardless.

    Sex isn’t Everything but sex is very important because it can destroy or mend a marriage or spouses ,so if ur love can not cover his deficiency or u are insecure about if u really would be faithful to him then I feel u should not think of marrying him .

    There is no perfect man anywhere ,if every woman begins to tell u the deficiency of their man u would marvel infáct ur own they learn close to some ladies own .

    But they have learnt to endure their man and love his deficiency regardless of how bad it makes them feel or how less of a woman it makes them feel ..

    urs can even have sex ,what would a woman who married her husband as a fertile man later he can’t perform again maybe for one reason ,yet she has accepted her faith ,what would she do ?

    What about a woman whose husband usually go three rounds ,and now he can’t do 5 minutes , understand that as a man get older so does his sexual desires decreases ,this can be opposite for the woman .

    Even if u Leave ur good caring husband with small manhood for a man with big penis u would often see a fault in that man that the former man has an advantage .

    So madam ,if u can’t overlook the fact that u fear he might not be able to satisfy u,then save ur strength and save the mans marriage money if u truly love him , because there is an impending danger ahead

    Ur insecurities is a sign that there is danger ahead ,if u are sure u love him u wouldn’t be afraid

    Love brings comfort not fear ,so look for ur specifications, because if u enter u are in for life .

    And if u would continue with the man then u should not have problem doing the magun ,love requires sacrifice .

  3. Dear poster, trust is very important for every relationship to work. My advice is do not swear please. He needs to take you for your word if he really knows you. It doesn’t matter how bad his past relationship went. He needs to trust you. Secondly no one can advise you to either stay or leave because of the sexual needs. The decision is for you and you alone. Think about it if you can cope with it. Remember it’s a life time thing. I understand you love him very much but you need to think if you can cope with him not being able to really satisfy you in bed.remember marriage is not a day or two it’s not a month,not a year, it is life time. Make your decisions wisely and remember not to swear please. Thanks

  4. Did I just hear you say “sex is not everything”?

    Don’t swear,no swear, no try it,e get why!

    Choose wisely ,don’t marry him out of pity,I even read where you said,you think you love your man,so you haven’t made up your mind to love him genuinely abi,just dey play, dey play oooo.

    Think about this very well,think very well oooo my sister,sex is sweet ,if a man with better gbola handle your kpekus,you go know say Jesus is Lord!

    I move


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