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True Life Story: My Married Best Friend Is Trouble And She Wants Me To Cover Up For Her


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True Life Story: My Married Best Friend Is Trouble And She Wants Me To Cover Up For Her

Hi Lively Stones,

Two weeks ago, I got a call from a new number, it was from the police station in Sabo. They told me that my best friend was arrested and she gave them my number cos she does not want her husband to know about it. I quickly rushed down to the station to get the full gist. On getting there, I found out that my married friend who has a son for a retired navy officer, has gotten herself involved with two young men.

From what my friend told me, she met the guys during her service year and even then, she was already married but konji made her start sleeping with one of the guys. You see why its not good to want to be like other people?….or rush into marriage cos one man has money. When my friend got engaged to this man, I asked him why she is marrying a man so much older than her….she said age is just numbers. I could tell she was marrying him for material things…just to belong.

Now,…see now, my friend has been collecting knacking outside….a young girl of 27 o…already cheating on her husband….she’s complaining the husband is old and cannot satisfy her in bed….and the husband is not any better o…he too can carry woman for Africa….marriage is not the answer to everything in life. Back to the matter….both guys in this matter are friends, lets call them Peter and Paul for the sake of this story.

So, my friend started f*cking Peter while Paul was aware but he liked my friend too but could not say anything cos of his friend Peter. From what I gather, its been one year after service, my friend is still seeing Peter secretly for S**. According to my friend, her husband is a womanizer who does not even last seconds in bed. So, she got tempted while doing her service with Peter. Now that service is over, Peter is servicing my friend and me sef, I never knew…can you imagine. Trouble started when Peter’s real girlfriend started making trouble that my friend should leave her boyfriend alone.

According to Peter, it was his friend Paul that told Peter’s girlfriend about the married woman messing with her boyfriend. Of course, Peter didn’t like the idea, so he got angry with his friend who was not happy that his friend was shouting at him cos of a woman. So, Paul threatened to deal with him by exposing Peter and my friend to her husband. My friend panicked and started to beg Paul to please keep his mouth shut.

Paul refused and demanded for 5M to keep his mouth shut. My friend could not come up with that amount but managed to seduce Paul, to sleep with her and collect only 1M. Peter found out and confronted Paul for f*cking his lover and before you could say jack….Peter stabbed his friend, Paul. Now, Paul is not dead but is in a deep coma. Peter has been arrested and that was when my friend was brought in for questioning and was detained but granted bail when I came.

Now, Paul is still in coma…Peter is still in detention….my friend has not told the husband what is going on. She has got a lawyer cos the case will soon go to court still her husband is yet to know what is going on…my friend is carrying on like everything is normal but I have told her to tell her husband incase anything happens. If her husband finds out from outside, it will be very bad for her. I don’t understand how she is not taking this matter serious honestly.

My friend said she is afraid of telling her husband….she said she rather run away than tell him that she was cheating on him and the person has almost committed murder cos of her. She said she has been trying to gather money, so when her husband finds out…she will run away before he does anything to her…. Me and the lawyer are the only ones aware of this matter. Please me too, I am afraid. Let nothing not happen and they will say I knew and kept quiet. No matter how bad my friend’s husband will react, is it not better to tell him before he finds out from outside?

What if the guy in coma dies? What if Peter says that it was my friend that hired him to kill Paul? Please ….I have told my friends severally to confess but she thinks I am being over paranoid, that everything will be fine. I never knew my friend was this hardened. Please advice me…what should I do? Please advice my friend….I will show her the advice from people here, maybe she will listen to you guys. I am so scared. , I feel like if my friend is too afraid to tell her husband, should I help her to tell him? Maybe he might even forgive her after they reconcile later? I have never been involved in such a thing in my life before.


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  1. Huh! Nawaoooo! Oga ooooo! Odikwa egwu! Odikwa serious!

    How many people knows she is your best friend? Does her husband know you are her friend?

    If he knows,please tell him. If he doesn’t, please mind your business and keep your mouth shut since you have told her to tell her husband and she refused.

    Since your hardened friend does not have respect for her husband,if her husband knows you as her friend,you better tell him so that story will not change tomorrow and then you become an accomplice. She can implicate you tomorrow,tell him and show him the Sabo police station to confirm things himself,so that you can be free oooo,as her best friend if anything happens to Paul who is in coma or Peter who is in detention,she might be involved in one way or the other, because she might be asked who she told when everything happened……..

    Please avoid such a best friend,she is a bad and promiscuous friend,she is a public toilet,from Peter to Paul,from Paul to James even Matthew.

    It is well. I pray Paul doesn’t die,I believe he must have received Jesus now,it is well with his soul, next time he would mind his business and learn to remove his eyes from a promiscuous married woman’s body. Oshi


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