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True Life Story: My Neighbor Sent Her Girl To Charm My Husband For Blackmail


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True Life Story: My Neighbor Sent Her Girl To Charm My Husband For Blackmail

Hello Lively Stones,

Please I want to remain anonymous. I want to thank you for the Sunday webinar on broken trust. That program was for me. I am still trying to make sense of how my husband betrayed me and is managing to still put the blame on me. My house help travelled last December, was supposed to come back in January 2nd, but she did not return and all her no was switched off. Being a working mother, I was panicked. I need help cos its not easy on my own. I started looking for a replacement, that was how I asked my neighbor to assist to get a new maid. She promised to help and by the second week in January, she got me a girl she claimed is from her village.

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You see, I am a very prayerful woman. When I met the girl, I prayed that her staying with us will be good. The girl is manageable in terms of work but I still correct her now and again. Its been about two weeks plus since she has been with us. Every Saturday morning, I go jogging in our estate. Sometimes, my husband goes with me, sometimes, I go alone. So two Saturdays, I went jogging by 6.45am. As I got into my street, I mistakenly hit my foot and it was very painful. I decided to go back home cos there was no way I could jog on a sprained leg.

I tried to get into my house quietly cos it was still very early and did not want to wake up the entire household. Only for me to get to my room, and met my new house maid, sucking on my husband’s d*ck. God…my heart froze….I put my hand on my mouth cos I could not let out the scream of shock…this girl had her pants down…her breasts hanging out…..

My immediate reaction was to rush her…which I did….my husband looked so stupid. He was stammering nonsense…baby pls….its not waht you think…baby….its not her fault,..its my fault….please baby….dont shout…pls baby this baby that…Hahaha…this my husband forgot that I am a warri girl. I beat this girl shege…I beat her black and blue before I descended on my husband. My husband held me down….I wanted to k*ll someone.

And then I broke down and began to cry…no amount of explanation was good enough….husband said it was just oral s3x….this was the first time….he never planned to penetrate her….just to finger her ….chai…the same d*ck wey me I dey suck…..this my husband is giving it to a common village girl who has not been in Lagos up to a month. I told him, I will deal with him later….I went to the girl and asked her to pack her things.

This girl began to beg me to forgive her….that she was forced by my neighbor who brought her….to jazz my husband to sleep with her…so they can blackmail him to get money out of him. She showed me the juju she said she was given by my neighbor. You see why prayer is good…not in my house….na so I throw this girl away with her charms….went to confront my neighbor….that one denied everything. But I believe the girl that this neighbor did this…I suspected she has been envious for sometime.

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Went back home and my husband, after hearing what the house girl confessed is now blaming me for his cheating? can you imagine? So, charms made him bring out his penis to give a dirty maid? Why …why why….I feel so angry ….and hurt and betrayed…..hubby is begging for forgiveness….I can’t seem to find the power to forgive cos all I see is how his eyes were rolling in lust as he was forcing his manhood into that girl’s mouth and committing that sinful act in our bedroom.

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I cant see me being able to forgive….and if I forgive….how do I forget? how many times have they done this….how do I have s3x with this same d*ck of my husband? This d*ck that I have worshiped for over six years of marriage? It will feel dirty to me now….oh God…I also cant forgive my husband too cos he’s saying its my fault….I am even afraid to look for another maid cos I dont know what will happen… I need advise….also….how do I deal with my neighbor….cos every time I see her….I want to beat her….I am so hurt…I cry everyday since that day. Please help me.


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  1. Please calm down and forgive your husband,the maid only stayed for two weeks and I’m not sure they must have had it many times,but please forgive him.

    Cheating is bad and your husband made a great mistake by doing that nonsense with the maid.

    Please forgive your husband and continue with his gbola,please don’t beat your neighbour oooo,make you no land for police cell.

    It is well with your family,shine your eyes as you look for another house assistant.

    God bless you

  2. Dear writer,

    It’s a pity that you had such an experience in your marriage.

    Though hard to swallow, you have to let go of the hurt so you can keep your home secured and marriage happy.

    The happiness of your marriage will benefit you.

    Now is the time to have a talk about it. Don’t let it linger than this.

    Accept your husband’s apology and put into practice what you learnt from the webinar.

    Overlook his blame ,he will come around over that. Stop your mind from playing the scene and have your husband back.

    Remain prayerful over the house help selection.

    Ignore your neighbour and pray against any issue between you two.

    God’s wisdom will guide you.

  3. Dear poster, please forgive your husband and you need to try to forget if not you will be the one in bondage. The more you remember, the more you will get hurt. Let it go please I know it’s not easy but you need to let your marriage work.try to trust your husband he’s sorry for all that happened. Thank God the maid is out. Your neighbor can’t be trusted with the next maid she might want to plan with the next maid. Try getting another apartment please start over. Change of environment would also help you heal on time. My thoughts


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