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True Life Story: My Neighbor’s Illicit Affair Has Set Our House On Fire


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True Life Story: My Neighbor’s Illicit Affair Has Set Our House On Fire

Hello House,

My house is on fire. I need your advice please. My brother wants to set the house ablaze by his actions. So, I live in a compound with 3 other families, all two bedroom apartment types. I moved in here two years ago. I barely stay at home cos I am a banker, so I don’t really move around with the neighbors.

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When I got married in 2020, my wife, a fashion designer found out that our neighbor’s wife is from the place my wife grew up, Awka Ibom. But my wife and I are yorubas. They started to bond, they speak the same language but I  warned my wife to be careful cos I don’t want strangers prying into our marriage. My wife got pregnant and this lady was very helpful cos she is a mother with children.

It was when she came to help my wife that I discovered that she was a woman with very big backside. She rolled her backside very proactively too. No man would watch her backside without saying hail Mary. But man, I had to face front and do eyes right wella.

Then early 2021, my elder brother came to stay with me and my wife. He got a job in Lagos from Port Harcourt. The plan was for him to stay with us for a while until he can finally get an apartment for his family to move in with him.

I never noticed that while our neighbor was coming to our house to see my wife or help with the baby, she was gunning for my elder brother. In November, one morning, as I was at work when  my wife called me to hurry back home, that our neighbor’s husband is fighting my elder brother, is threatening to kill him.

I had to rush home . On getting home, the entire compound was filled with people that gathered….my elder brother was on the floor…blood all over him. My neighbor has punched him so much, his face was swollen. What happened: while everyone had gone to work…my brother also pretended to be going to work but only snuck into my neighbor’s house to f*ck his wife.

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The husband who was already suspecting things about his wife, pretended he had gone to work but he was hiding somewhere after…he came back after he saw my brother sneaking into his house. He gave them a few minutes before bursting into his house to see my brother pounding his wife. The wife tried to say my brother was raping her but the man did not believe. No one believed them.

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My God…my brother fell for her big backside…everyone in the compound knew the woman was an eye to behold…the way she flirted sef was very provocative…she wore shorts that made her arse even more darming…one used to wonder if her husband did not caution her…they have 4 children…many must have desired her but fear no let them…only my own brother…elder brother for that matter…he kept saying he was sorry but sorry was not going to cut it for the man…

I just told my brother to leave my house…which kind of shame is this? My brother left…the woman too left because the husband threw her out. Do you know my stupid brother went to rent a one room self contain in Ajah and that man’s wife is now living with him? Now, my entire family and my neighbor’s family are seriously fighting.

My brother’s wife is devastated…her family is blaming my wife for befriending such a jezebel and bringing her into my home…my family is saying the woman charmed him cos my brother is not one known for being promiscous. The neighbor has sworn that he will make sure my family has no peace for what my brother did. Every day is one problem or the other. Last week, my car tyres were slashed. Two days later, a stabbed cat was left on my door step with blood still coming out of it neck. And then, a pot of fetish sacrifice was left at my generator.

My family is no longer safe. I just renewed my rent in December. How am I supposed to pack out because of this man. I went to meet the man to beg him, that I had no idea my brother was doing anything with his wife. The man said, what is paining him is that the woman is disgracing his family name by moving in with my brother. That she does not even care about their children.

The man said he has been battling this matter with his wife for years. That she knows shes attractive and can make a man loose his mind but he never for one day thought she would cheat on him on their matrimonial bed. I think the man very much loves his wife despite her flaws but now that the wife has followed another man who is my brother, he is very bitter.

Everyone has been talking to my brother to let that woman go back to her husband but he says no one should talk to him, that he is not a small boy. Now, what else am I going to do? I need your advice because that man is very angry…I am afraid he might go diabolic against my family?

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I went to report to the police, they only advice me to pack out….in this economy? Why should I go and look for house to pay another 2M for house rent when I just finished paying 1.3M in December? Where am I going to get that kind of money from? Someone needs to help me reach my brother, he needs to get his senses back before any thing bad happens.

My house is on fire…I need help your prayers and advice.


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