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True Life Story: My Nigerian Boyfriend Is Acting Strangely -Pls Advise


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True Life Story: My Nigerian Boyfriend Is Acting Strangely -Pls Advise

Hello Lively Stones,

Please pardon the English and typos. I am living in Germany. I met a Nigerian guy. I am his girlfriend since 3 years. After 1 and Half year he said he want marry me. He is 39 and I’m 62. I can not birth him kids. He knows this from beginning on. After the 1st break up we had , cus he said he found a wife in Nigeria, with her he want create a family.
We came together again .After he wrote me that he is alone again he don’t have nobody.

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I have a question please. To be together with a man since 3 years . I love him, respect him. I2 years I Support all his life as a man human and Assynt in Germany. I can not give kids. He knows this from beginning on. Since January this year he changed his Behavior forward to me. I catched him with lie to me but I didn’t see it. I thought ok this once. but he started to humiliate me because of my age.

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He was swearing at me in the nastiest way. How old fool, you don’t respect your age and think you are quiet 35 . I’m not his type of woman. and now he doesn’t sleep with me anymore. His room is dark day and night. 2 months ago he told me he found a woman with whom he wants to start a family in Nigeria.

I could stay your girlfriend here in Germany. He showed me a picture of her. I couldn’t process it. He let me talk to her on the phone. I was nice to her. She didn’t speak much. I first thought ok then I planned to end it. I got his key more often. on May 19th I drove him to work and then I cleaned his room. I wrote a farewell letter. I took back the phone that I lent him from the start. I put the simcard next to the letter.

When he found it, I was scolded about the phone. I saw on the phone that he chatted with many women and also visited hug up sites for which you have to pay. After 2 weeks he wrote he was alone again. and I rebooted and tried to build trust again. but he’s different now. he is distant never hugs me we have never kissed in 3 years he doesn’t want that. never cuddled.

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He cooks well and he loves it when rI eat with him. I am supporting his mom and his late sister’s daughter (7 years old) in Nigeria. every month. I supported 10,000 euros in a 3 flat house for him. the roof and concert and doors and windows. everything with my heart Is it his normal behavior? ? I love him and stand by him, but I don’t know how to continue with this condition.

I made it clear to him that I backed off and didn’t want to stand between him and any woman. My fault is that I can’t give him a child. what should I do ? He said he is the son of the soil. And he have a bright future. We are living not together. He is still in a asyllum house cus is the cheapest way to save money. Owen appartement is to expensive. I live in a house with other people. When we met its than always in his house.

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I can not question him any question. He don’t want talk. He get very easy angry with me.
I don’t know what I can do. I just let it how it .Want he proof me?. Is this how a eson men is like? I dont know.

I sent him a message saying:

Frank (not real name): I want know where YOU Stay with me. If you want me as you women wife girlfriend? I need to know . If you want have kids , than Im not the right one. You know. But is it needet to have kids ?I want a answer from you about what you want for US. Be truefull pls. God bless you

I send him this. He replies:

Don’t stress me with rubbish questions. Are you stupid

That was our conversation. Please advice.


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  1. Leave him alone,he only needs your money.

    You can’t give him what he wants (children),so forget about him please, thank you.

  2. He is using you to build a life and a future with another woman. Please forget about this guy, he is no good and he will never settle with you. Chase him out, block his number, delete everything that has to do with him.
    Do not spend any dime on him again


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