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True Life Story: My Secret Marriage Is At Risk Of Exposure Because Of A Business Deal


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True Life Story: My Secret Marriage Is At Risk Of Exposure Because Of A Business Deal

Hi Lively Stones,

Please I need advise. I recently got married …six months ago. My wife is a stunning woman. A fomer model who is now into fashion, photography and media. I am also into media, promotions and advertising. My boss and the job sometimes make me to attend social events where you can meet society elites and big shots in the society. Sometimes, its at the club or some rich guy’s party, etc.

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Alot of people in our industry do not know I am married…my wife and I agreed to be private with our marriage cos it might bring undue attention and pressure from the industry where we work. Sometimes, to get deals or endorsement will be harder if they know you are married. Only few people in our inner circle know we are married. We dont even plan to have children until like 5 years later. My wife is just 23 years.

So the company has been planning a social party and we have been engaging sponsors. There is this particular big shot that my boss told me that we have to get him at all cost. The man had given us an appointment to meet him at the strip club last weekend. I don’t mind clubs but strip clubs are something else. So, I told my wife that she should come with me…to pose as my girlfriend….cos I suspected this man I was going to meet would ask me to do some stuff with strippers…so my plan would be to tell him my girlfriend is here with me….so I can’t.

My wife understood the assignment cos she is also in this industry…my wife was dressed to kill that night. We got to the club and joined this big shot at the VIP. But the mistake was,soon as this big shot set his eyes on my wife….he became interested. I introduced her as my girlfriend….drinks, food, music flowed. This oga just dey look my wife like lion waiting to jump on a prey. On top that this man has like 2 strippers dancing for him.

I went into my cajoling the guy to go into business with us…he listened and when I was done…he whispered….I will do deal with your company if you let me f*ck your girlfriend. At the time, I had to tell him the truth that she is not my girlfriend but she is my wife. The man looked at me and said….ok….let her dance for me…only dance….I said no to him but my wife tugged my hand and said its ok.

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Me, I was not ready to flaunt my wife for this randy man to be lusting after but my wife kept reassuring me its ok…she wanted to help me nail this deal cos I told her is a multi billion naira deal. So, my wife danced…as she was dancing….seductively….this man got up and started pasting dollar bills on her….and my wife was twerking on him. The sight sickened me….the yeye man was laughing and catching cruise.

The night was the most horrible night of my life. The dance was like …it lasted for eternity but in reality….it was like 10mins or so. The guy later hugged my wife and me …saying he likes a free fun loving couple like us. He agreed to deal with my company and also gave my wife 2M. Going home later was very hard for me. I was grateful my wife did that sacrifice for me but I was feeling like a weak husband who is ready to pimp his wife for material things.

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My wife noticed my demeanor and she tried to comfort me…I shouted at her. I do not know why I shouted at her but in my head….I am thinking my wife behaved inappropriately at the club. We both had a very awkward weekend cos I did not want to talk about it with her. My wife is even upset with me that I blew our secret to be private about our marriage to industry people. Well, I am not a perfect guy but I after the dance …something made me feel very bad. This morning, I got a text from this oga…inviting me and my wife again to the strip club this weekend.

I have every intentions  of declining the invite but what do I tell my boss and what if this makes the entire deal go bad. Please advise me….I feel like I am about to loose my job if I don’t go to meet that man at that strip club with my wife tomorrow…I spoke to a fellow colleague about this…he was like the mistake has already been made…that I should have never taken my wife there….and since its just dance the man asked my wife to dance…its no big deal.

Its a big deal to me…I cant let that man near my wife again. My wife is saying I should stop feeling insecure cos my jealousy will spoil business for our career…that I knew from the beginning that this is the kind of things the industry will bring and we agreed…she said its not like the man wants s3x…cos we agreed….no s3x with anyone else ….but even now…that is making me rethink this whole private marriage arrangement. I am not sure I can do it….my wife will not be happy about it cos it will greatly impact her career…what should I do?

Maybe I should lie that my wife travelled or is sick? This deal is such a big deal ….one that will make our company alot of money for years but…I hope I don’t blow it…I need some kind of advise….cos…if the first time this guy asked my wife to dance….to twerk….who knows what next he will ask her to do? And as a man….how do I watch my wife bring herself so low just so we can strike a multi billon dollar deal for my company…what do you think?


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  1. Please go with your wife,you dare not stop her from going to dance. You started it,you wanted to get the deal for your company at the detriment of your marriage,look let me tell you…..

    It is either you allow your wife dance for the man or you loose your job,stop being jealous and get this multi billion dollar deal for your company. What was your reason for keeping your marriage a secret?

    You need to go with your wife this weekend and let her dance seductively,shebi na only to dance then you get the deal. Congratulations on the new deal courtesy of your wife.

  2. Dear poster, I understand how u feel, it’s as if you are selling your wife cos of money, u made mistake taking your wife along in the first place, I will advice not to take ur wife along, except if u are okay with it and trust your wife enough..cos u don’t know what the man will demand this time. Most of all these big clients know how things work, they will like to take something in return before they succumb to doing business with u….u can sit and think it through thoroughly…

  3. It has come to the test of time, your heart is failing. Why did you decide to hide your marriage, so you could be free to do anything to get your career moving. My brother take it or leave it now!!! It is obvious that you will rather let things like that happen behind you but not in your presence. You are not as tough as you think.
    Maybe it is time to start redefining your life, marriage and career. It may come at a great cost which you both as a couple must be willing to pay.
    As for this client, he is just baiting you because he knows you and your wife are unscrupulous. What he wants is to sleep with your wife, are willing to go that far?
    I think you are sincerely being unfair to your wife and you should apologize to her, you took her to the place in the first place and exposed her. Sit with her and have a open heart discussion.

  4. This was an interesting read…

    The only issue I have with this is the fact that you are doing this to get multibillion naira deal for your company, out of which you’d be given just a fraction of the loot…

    If only you were freelance and this multibillion naira deal was coming to your own business, just imagine…

    I can’t advise you on what to do, I am just sad that you are willing to play a game on money that you wouldn’t get the whole buck!

    How about? instead of doing this for your company? you tell your client to divert his investment into setting you up a company that’ll rival your current company?

    Just thinking out loud… Sorry I am not of an help

  5. Abraham lied about the wife. He had the king took her but God intervened.

    Accepting to keep your marriage secret was declaring an open marriage.

    Since your careers were expedient than your marriage you should have learnt self-control and tame your emotion because it’s clear you were prepared to face the consequences.

    Your mistake was your wife that followed you. The main error was her dressing to kill…was she going to be a stripper, seduce the client or what?

    If she covered up and you called her your Friend or sister, it would have been different but she was appealing and the client believed it was on purpose.

    Concerning your agreement, you giyd should be realistic. This is Nigeria and Africa. Your career isn’t one that will have your decision go untested.

    Sit down and discuss this with your wife except you are planning to divorce soon or end up hurt. Your wife is young and a bit naive cos she wants to build a career without marriage dropping her.

    For this second meeting, go alone and say your wife had some things to attend to. If you insist she must go with you, her appearances she should be decent and modest, tell your wife no compromise and no dancing. Be firm and professional.

    If you can stand it and he insist on another dance and your wife is up to it,fine but don’t let it exceed that.

    Next time, do your business and don’t bring family member into it.

    I insist, your agreement must be reconsidered. Plan an exist route from your career or starting your own business.

    Thank you.

  6. Dear poster, two of una get wetin una dey find. Unfortunately you’re tired of the game but hmm your wife twerking for the man means she’s into him. Twerking arouse most men, you’ve been the one faithful all this while in your marriage while your wife is not. I hope you have enough savings?
    (1)Your wife will never quit her career for any reason take note
    (2) it’s time to find out the person you married
    (3) there’s no way you can leave her at home to meet the man you both need to go together there’s a reason the man requested to see her. It’s left for you to watch and see how things unravel itself.
    (4) take note,the man will keep seeing your wife henceforth.
    (6) do not interfere when you get there, be patience,endure whatever you see it won’t be easy but you have to endure
    (5) I hope you learn your lesson
    My thoughts

    • You are right, I don’t just want to talk about the wife cos I’m surprised how she’s okay with the whole thing, moreover she’s still 23 and still full of youthful exuberance, I hope and pray she isn’t cheating….

  7. Your wife is ready to dance for the man behind your back.. unfortunately you have ruined your marriage Mr private marriage.. go with her and allow her dance period


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