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True Life Story: My Side Chick Is Planning To Tell My Wife About Us


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True Life Story: My Side Chick Is Planning To Tell My Wife About Us

Hello Lively Stones,

I need your advice. I am in serious trouble. I stumbled on yesterday’s story about the married man with a beautiful and caring wife but he cant help but sleep with another woman. (Click here to read the story). Myself, I have found myself in that dilemma and I need deliverance. This my case, I know there is no excuse but make una no curse me too much. I just need help.

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I dated and married someone I met last year in June…exactly one year ago. The truth is, when I met my wife…I was in a relationship with someone else but we were always having issues cos she was in a different town from me. We had been together for 3 years. But she is into business and travels alot to cotonu to buy and sell things. I love her so much but she is always not around cos of her business.

My girlfriend somehow knew I was not faithful to her but she did not mind because she knew she was not always around. However, I never looked at any other woman when she was around. Then she travelled and stayed for a whole month. That is when I met Faith….who later became my wife. I met Faith and I could not even let go when my real girlfriend was around.

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Faith knew about my girlfriend but my girlfriend did not know about Faith. Faith was infact, one of my girlfriend’s customers. I met her through my girlfriend…Faith always cooperated with me anytime my girl was around …so she did not bother me too much. I was able to date both ladies until December last year…Faith told me that she was seeing someone else and she wants to focus on that cos she knows I have a girlfriend and will not marry her.

I told her I would marry her. She said no, that she does not want to me to cheat if we get married. I was not in my right senses but I did not want to loose her…I told her, once we marry…I will no longer see my girlfriend. So because of me, she broke off with a very rich man who was ready to marry her. I lied to her that I had broken off with my girlfriend. We got married in February and yet…I have still not broken up with my girlfriend.

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Instead…I have developed different ways of covering up my tracks. I changed my girlfriend’s name to a man’s name on my phone. I delete messages instantly and use my job as cover up to see my girlfriend. I even rented another apartment in town where I can see my girlfriend anytime she is around. I realize I still love my girlfriend…and I love my wife.

Everyday…I am in fear of my wife finding out about my girlfriend, that I am still seeing her. I cannot seem to let go of any of these two women. They are both special to me in many ways. My girlfriend finally found out about my wife…she cried and cried and called me all kinds of names and told me that I betrayed her…after dating for 3 years. Especially when she realized it was one of her friend/customer I married.

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Then I asked her what she wants me to do….she said I cannot dump her, that until God settles her with her own husband…I must continue to be her lover. That her family all believe that she is engaged to me. I actually engaged her but ….(that is story for another day) Her family lives in cotonu. That every time she comes to Nigeria…they know we are together.

I had no choice because she is right…she is the one I supposed to marry. So, I agree that we can be together as long as she wants. From cotonu two days ago..my girlfriend sent me a text…that she took a pregnancy test and she is pregnant. I told her to abort it…she said no…cos she had abort for me in the past. That she will have the baby and her parents are aware.

My girlfriend wants me to tell my wife cos she said she will not raise her child as a secret. I suspect my girl wants to pick a fight for her rightful place with my wife…she feels she deserves to be the wife and wants to prove that with a child…she is tied to me forever.  My girlfriend told me that when she comes, we will discuss the future cos she is no longer agreeing to hide from my wife. She said my wife should be ready to face the truth for stealing me away from her.

My girlfriend feels she was robbed. That my wife who used to be her friend knew about us and she seduced me to marry her. That she has thought about it and she is not ready to give up just like that. I should have known when she insisted on still having a relationship with me even after she found out I was married.

Now fear is catching me. My own wife too is pregnant. Two women are pregnant for me. I feel so terrible that my wife is not aware but I cannot help myself. I wish I can convince my girlfriend to forget about me. I really want to move on and focus on my wife and family but I also feel indebted to her cos she has been with me and suffered with me for so long. I think this is like revenge for her. Now I realize my mistakes but it seems too late.

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This matter is heavy for me…how do I make things right? Please advice me…should I tell my wife about my girlfriend myself and the pregnancy or should I continue to keep quiet about it? Now that a child is involved….I fear my wife will find out one day…I fear my girlfriend will tell her or even try to fight her…and I do not know what she will do when she does find out.

I dey fear…its looking like both women may end up fighting each other…how do I prevent that from happening?


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  1. Oga tell your wife,don’t hide anything. If possible marry your Cotonou girlfriend because she has suffered with you.

    Fear must not catch you my brother,you are capable,take care of those women ooo remember they are both pregnant.

    The Lord is your muscle


  2. Dear Poster,
    i avoid judging matters but, one cant help but judge some stories like yours!
    Do you hear yourself?
    youre playing games with minds. In your mind now, you may be feeling like a Maradonna ?!! Claps****
    But on a serious note, lets stop these kind of lifestyle already!!
    stop spoiling the world the more please!!!!!!!

    I honestly dont know what to tell you than you man-up and face the women. if they ve been foolish enough to be opening their legs for you in their knowledge, then they should be fools enough to live with your folly .
    Please , no to abortion.
    Let them meet eachother. involve relations and friends that can meddle in and pacify them both. Your wife is as guilty as your concubine so let everyone learn to live an accomodate eachother, children are involved now.

    Again , man up to face the drama, you are a man nah , and youre in Africa where such shits is accomodated.
    You ll be alright (lol).


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