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True Life Story: My Sister In-law Is A Shameless Sugar Mommy


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True Life Story: My Sister In-law Is A Shameless Sugar Mommy

Hello Lively Stones,

What is your opinion about this? My husband’s elder sister has gone too far in this matter but everyone is saying there is nothing wrong with what she did. This woman is 51 years old and single woman. She was kind of those high class ladies back in the days. She was dating rich and hot men, but non resulted in marriage. As age began to take a toll on her, no one is coming for her hand in marriage or even relationship.

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This woman has a daughter who is abroad with her father but her mother is living recklessly in Nigeria. What she now does is use her money to entice young men to be their sugar mommy. She is into party politics in their home state and she is well known to be a woman who sleeps with young men now she cannot find a man to marry her.

There was a time, my mother in-law came to Lagos to live with us for her surgery and she stayed with us for like 5 months. Because of that, this my sister in-law came to visit for like a few weeks, to check on mama sometimes too, after the surgery because me and my husband are business people, we are hardly around.

That is how this woman came to stay in our house. During the time she was around, my husband gave his driver out to be taking her and mama around the city, to hospital and back. The driver is a young man of 27 years old. His wife lives with him in our BQ. Before we knew it, my sister in-law started hoping around this our driver …we started suspecting something was going on around them but my husband said it can not be, his sister was too dignified to be involved with a driver who is not even up to their family last born.

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The long story short is that, sister in-law was having an affair with the driver. My husband was upset when he confirmed it. He found out because the driver’s wife came to cry to me, that Aunty has taken over her husband. Unbelievable. Furious, my husband confronted his sister, she got offended, telling my husband that he has no right to interfere in her love life cos he is not mates with her….He told her to end the relationship or he would fire the driver.

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They pretended to end the relationship but after mama left, I did not see the driver again after a month or so. His wife said he told her he was traveling to visit his family but in actual fact, he traveled to Calabar, to meet my sister in-law. This young man has abandoned his wife and children (2 kids) in our BQ and he is co-habiting with my sister in-law in her apartment in Calabar, my husband’ home town.

This is the kind of life my sister in-law is living, just acting irresponsible with young men just for S**…the young men are enticed by the money she spends on them. We suspect she has promised this one so much, we hear he is the one driving her jeep in Calabar. He is just a toy to her. I regret having such a sister in-law.

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My husband and I are very upset but everyone else is saying, we should not be upset because the driver and my sister in-law are adults. They should be responsible for any consequences of their actions. So now, what should the poor woman the driver left behind do? she does not have any money, she just plaits small children’s hair…

I do not know what else to do. When I spoke to the young driver’s wife, she says she wants to return to her family in the village since her husband has abandoned them. I feel so bad…my husband has washed his hands off his sister and the driver. He almost had high BP because of this matter…he says he wants the driver’s wife to leave our BQ…this is not fair…I wish I could help her… what should I do? How do I convince my shameless sister in-law to let go of this sugar mama relationship she is having with another person’s husband?


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  1. My sister, what ever you can do to set up that woman is better. If she has relatives in the village let her go. If you can help her sponsor her children’s school fees or set up a business for her. As for those shameless too, leave them alone, they will soon fight.

  2. Please you can give her money to establish herself in the village since your husband has asked her to leave the BQ.

    Forget your sister in-law and concentrate on your marriage biko,she is matured to handle herself,as she no see husband marry,make she dey jirate and flenjor. It is well


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