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True Life Story: My Sister Wants To Save Her Marriage-Pls Advise


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True Life Story: My Sister Wants To Save Her Marriage-Pls Advise

Hello Lively Stones,

My identical twin sister is married to a useless guy and she does not want to leave him. Her reasons I can understand but I feel she is wrong or am I just paranoid or like she said, old fashioned? They met through one of her mentors in church. The mentor told her about his younger brother who used to be a very serious Christian but has become worldly after  facing some challenges. They wanted him to marry a good Christian wife so they felt my sister could be a good fit for him.

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When they started dating, the guy seemed ok. He was happy with my sister. Everyone said they were a good match. He seemed to be getting serious with Christian life because of my sister’s influence. When I met him, I had just divorced my husband. I had a troublesome marriage, lasted 3 years, no child but it was the best decision of my life. He was very friendly with me and said he will find a guy for me cos I am very hot. I laughed thinking he was just making a joke.

After they got married, my sister got pregnant. She had a very difficult pregnancy. Her BP was always high and she was on bedrest most of the time. That was when she got a house help to assist her but they had to let her go cos the husband was disturbing the girl for s3x. The man gave excuse that its because he was not getting enough s3x from his wife cos of her condition.

To me, that was bullshit cos the cheating did not stop even after she gave birth. When she gave birth, for fear of bringing a stranger that will mess up with her husband, my sister begged me to come stay with her. I eventually agreed and soon as I moved in with them, the husband started flirting with me. I could not believe it….I fought him off as much as I can.

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What surprised me was when I told my sister, my sister did not say anything. My sister later told me that her husband even confessed to her that since he met me, he always fantasied about f*cking us as twin sisters together. I asked her how is she ok with this, she said she has no choice because she feels its her duty to save her marriage by all cost…so she is praying everyday about the man.

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This thing disgusted me and I told my sister she has to leave the marriage cos the man is not worth it. My sister, who has been filled with religious doctrines told me that its not enough to leave a marriage because a man cheats. She even gave instances in the bible with men who cheated but were considered holy men. Hmm…I told her I was disappointed cos she is even encouraging the man’s bad habits.

My sister is staying with this man because of two major reasons. There was a prophesy that she marry him to save him, so she feels she is following God’s will by staying in the marriage. The second reason is because I am divorced, she feels she cannot also be a divorcee, that it will bring shame to our family. Yes, I am hot headed , my sister is is opposite of me. Her reasons are so wrong.

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Then something happened while I was still with them. The husband comes back home drunk one day and came into my room while I was sleeping and r*ped me. It was like a bad dream. I could not believe it. When I realized what he was about to do, I initially kept pushing him away but he kept telling me to stop pretending like I do not want him, that he wants to f*ck me and my sister so much and he knows I want it.

By the time I was fighting him off…he had overpowered me and had his way. Funny thing was my sister claimed she heard nothing cos she was sleeping but I know she is lying cos she did not want to do anything about it. She only begged me not to do anything about it. That we should leave the matter in the family and cover the family shame.

The stupid man himself, did not even beg, he said he cannot control himself around me, that I arouse him every time he sees me. So, I told my sister that I would leave and never come to her house again since her husband cannot control himself around me. My sister said its better the husband cheats with me than strangers. Which kind of victim mentality is that? She even begged me not to tell our mom cos her health is not good.

My mom was a single mom who raised three children after her marriage crashed. My sister feels if she leaves her marriage like me and my mom, she will be a failure and people will say our family is cursed. You know, I see her fear but I left her feeling sorry for her. For almost a year, I did not see my sister. I left their house and I know she was passing through so much cos anytime I call her, she would be so happy and beg me to come see her.

When I asked her why she is still in the marriage with someone who r*aped her sister, she said its not r*pe cos the husband likes rough s3x and he does the same with her. My sister even says things like, we are twins and there is nothing wrong with both of us sleeping with the same man. After all, Leah and Rebecca did the same in the bible. Now, my sister is begging me to come have a threesome with her and her husband.

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My sister said her husband told her that if she can convince me to have a threesome with them, he would stop cheating. That his ultimate s3xual fantasy is to sleep with two of us as sisters. That he always calls my name when they are f*cking and now, she is getting used to it and wants to experience it. I told my sister that she is crazy to consider this but she keeps begging me everyday to consider it. That I will not only help her save her marriage but I too as a single woman will be getting regular s3x since there is no man in my life right now..

My sister is the only sister I have, my brother is abroad schooling and is dating a white girl in Germany. My sister is begging me to save her marriage by agreeing to her husband’s demand…I do not know what he gave her, my sister is even romancing me, I am sure her husband is the one making her do these. Its like she is no longer the churchy innocent girl. She said her eyes have been opened to learn about s3x in marriage and how couples should enjoy the God given s3x. She has been telling me that marriage these days is not the normal way…that many people do fun things to make their marriage spicy.

My sister even said that some wives arrange side chicks for their husbands, so the man is happy s3xually satisfied and the marriage is a happy one. She asked me to stop being so old fashioned and enjoy the pleasures of life. According to her, there is nothing wrong in agreeing to do this after all, she is the one asking me. And I am not married, so its not like I am cheating on anyone….

My sister sends me adult videos of threesomes, to entice me. And stories of twins who sleep with the same man. Apparently, its not a new thing. I am single and I could be doing what I like right…but with my sister and her husband? When I asked her what if this causes trouble between us, I mean, I could fall in love with her husband and want to steal him from her…she said it can’t happen and she does not mind. Is she crazy or am I old fashioned, should I do it for her sake? Would you do this to help save your sister’s marriage if you were in my shoes?


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  1. You will do no such thing dear twin sister,tell your sister to desist from evil,her husband is a bad influence,what sort of husband is this for crying out loud?

    What has marriage turned into bikonu? Threesome,rape, adult movies, drunkenness only in one marriage.

    Dear poster,stay away from your sister’s marriage and pray to get your own man,pray against whatever that will make you marry again and be divorced. Stay clear from your sister and her husband,they are not christians but unbelievable people.

    God bless you! Call her to check up on her,but don’t go close to her marriage,take care of your mum and always pray for her. It is well with you

  2. The job you own your sister is praying for marriage and stay very far away from her but do not cut off communication.

  3. God forbid..you better stay away from that your twin sister and keep praying for her..she needs deliverance ooo..

  4. This remind me of the popular saying, “don’t go into marriage to change anybody” the person will rather change you instead of changing him or her.

    Bad communication corrupt good manner, that is the story of this lady.

    She has been bewitched by her husband and once you join her, the man will control and ruin the life of both of you.

    Inform some of the family members if you are considering the implication on the health of your mum.

    Tell her pastor or someone she respects so much, she really needs help. Someone has to snap your sister out of this delusion before her husband destroy her life completely.

  5. My dear, FLEE from every appearance of the devil! Such things are abominations before God and condemnable in every moral standard! Will the husband allow himself and his brother to sleep with his wife? Since the idea of threesome is so enticing to him. What nonsense!
    Please, do not go to your sister’s house anymore. It is more than a lion’s den at this point! Is this how she wants to raise her children? Sad
    Pray for your sister’s deliverance from afar. No wonder the Bible warms us to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Never go close to them. At this point, they could both plan your rape or get you drugged.
    If your family wasn’t cursed before, if you engage in such abomination, your family will definitely be cursed. It will bring more and more curses! Please think of the coming generations. Do not do partake in such!

  6. Your sister wants to save a man because a prophecy came, now she’s the one who has fallen, that’s really bad. You can’t save who don’t want to be saved, it’s as if the sex she gets from the man has clouded her mind….how can you keep shut of what he did to you, now you are considering taking the offer, thinking the stupid man will change, wow….I will advice you first relate the issue to your bro abroad,tell him everything before relating it to other family members and never you consider such act with him, your sis is too blind to see all these, stay far away from them, your sis needs help which you can offer from afar…I pray she comes to her senses…peace dear…

  7. You will do no such thing. It is evil. It’s unfortunate that people have become so deceived that they can not see the difference between evil and good. The devil is really on the prowl destroying lives, particularly marriages. Things that are disgusting are now appealing to some people.
    Chaii, end time indeed.
    Please, and please, don’t involve yourself in such evil at all.
    Don’t ever go to your twin sister’s house.
    She needs serious deliverance from her husband. The man has completely twisted her mind. May God forgive whoever gave the evil prophecy concerning that marriage.
    You must stand in the gap for your sister and seek for prayers on her behalf from true children of God.
    You have to tell your mom ooo.
    She has the right to know.
    Who knows what other things your sister is subjected to apart from “rough s3x”?
    Let your mom know and both of you seek spiritual help on her behalf to clear her eyes, while you still try to call and talk to her.
    May we never see another Osinachi case again in Jesus name. Amen

  8. That your sister’s husband wants you by all means. I am sure he likes you more than his wife.
    Please don’t agree to this nonsense because it will destroy your relationship with your twin.
    Leave them to their own fantasy


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