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True Life Story: My Sister’s Husband To-Be Has A Secret Tattoo Of Me On His Body


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True Life Story: My Sister’s Husband To-Be Has A Secret Tattoo Of Me On His Body

Hello Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. I am a 36 year old married woman, with 3 children. I live in Canada with my family. My younger sister is getting married to someone that is a big part of my past and I cannot seem to handle it properly. I need help and advice. My younger sister Ehi (not real name) is the baby of our family. I am seven years older than her.

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In a few weeks, Ehi will be marrying Bill (not real name) who is my first ex-boyfriend. Bill and I dated for 3 years while I was in the University. He was a year ahead of me in school. Bill was my best friend. He was the one who took my virginity. We dated until I was ready to go for NYSC and Bill was so scared of loosing me, he wanted me to prove my love for him by sleeping with him.

That was how I wanted to show him, that he is the only one for me, Bill disvigined me just before I got posted for service. I was posted to the East, Bill was really worried I will find someone else and forget him, so I tried my best to keep in touch and even encouraged him to visit from time to time. Everyone in our lodge knew Bill was my husband to be.

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However, Ehi my younger sister who was just entering university at the time, had s3x with Bill. Bill was the one who told me. He could not keep the secret. He felt he had betrayed me and could not continue lying to me. Ehi on her part, said Bill told her that I had broken up with him. Bill was the one who also disvirgined Ehi.

That matter created a huge enmity between me and my sister Ehi. I did not speak to her for almost 3 years. Eventually, I met my husband and tried to move on. We relocated to Canada 4 years later. Last year, Ehi called me to give her permission to marry Bill. She said she is pregnant for him. She had tried to break up with him several times for several years but no matter who she is dating, she and Bill keep finding each other.

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Ehi had done 2 abortions for bill in the past and she does not want to do another abortion. My family all agreed that I should forgive and forget, after all, I was happily married and living with my husband in Canada. I agreed. So, they have been planning the wedding to hold this month, in Nigeria.

Ma, the problem now is, I have not gotten over Bill. Since the wedding is getting close, I am experiencing anxiety anytime I think of it. I remember all the promises Bill made when we were together. Bill is from a royal home, I was supposed to be his queen. Now, seeing that my kid sister will be in my place gives me some bit of jealousy. As I returned to Naija last week for the traditional and civil ceremonies, I was praying nothing would show how I felt.

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It started when we were at the pool in the hotel. My sister and my family members were all at the pool. We were just hanging out and gisting. We asked my sister if she knew the gender of her baby, she said yes…that its a girl…next thing she said was:she and Bill are going to name the baby after me…so they can honor me for bringing them together. Everyone felt that was sweet of them but to me…I felt hurt.

What Ehi does not know, is that Bill and I had discussed during our relationship that we will name our first child after him if it was a boy and after me if it was a girl. This was now ridiculous that he was lying to my sister about the reason for the name choice. I had to meet Bill and ask him why he was deceiving my sister. I never expected the words that came out of Bill’s mouth. Bill said: Obehi, you are the love of my life and I will never forget you.

I told him he was mad for saying that. Here he was, marrying my sister and confessing eternal love to me. Bill confessed that is the truth and he will prove it to me. Bill took off his shirt and showed me a tattoo of my birthmark on his rib side. That threw me off balance. It made no sense. Bill was going to cause serious trouble by his confessions and declarations of eternal love for me.

The wedding is this next weekend and God knows I have been avoiding Bill as much as possible. Yesterday after breakfast, I went back to my hotel room. Not long after, Bill knocks on my door. He is begging me to forgive him and asking me to tell him if he should end the wedding with my sister if I promise to come back to him. I told that was impossible. I am married with children now. He then said ok…how about I be his mistress…that he knows I still have feelings for him and he has feelings for me.

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At this point, I felt really disgusted that he is coming at this late hour to say all these rubbish. Maybe he was expecting me to fall into his arms and start reconciling with him…Just days to my sister’s marriage to him…my sister that is pregnant with his daughter….I now realized that Bill is serious.. maybe he is narcistic….he broke my heart and now, wants to break my sister’s heart. He knows both sisters are in love with him and wants to take advantage of us.

The normal thing for me to do is to warn my sister but Bill is right…he had told me that if I try to warn my sister, she will not believe me…she would think I am still jealous and wishing her well. Besides, she is pregnant…no way she will abandon her baby daddy just days before their wedding. So, I have kept my mouth shut but everyday as the wedding draws near….

I want to return back to Canada. I do not know how I will get through the wedding this weekend. How do I pretend and be smiling that all is well when Bill makes his marital vow to my sister on Saturday? I need your advice.



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  1. First you have to forget about Bill and concentrate fully on your marriage. Whether he has a tattoo of you beside his ribs is none of your business and that should remain in the past because you are married with kids. Bill has to stay and remain in the past for all I care,don’t use your hand to scatter your marriage oooo.

    For your sister,she has to be very careful with Bill and that marriage,if what you have said is true about Bill and you didn’t make it up just to make your sister’s marriage be the worse thing on earth then you have to advice your sister to be wise and be at alert. It doesn’t matter how she might feel, yes she might feel you are jealous or something but you see ,you just have to pass the message so that if anything happens in future she wouldn’t say you didn’t warn her. Just advice her and mind your business,she is not a baby,she can handle whatever happens in her marriage.
    It is well with them but please,mind your business and focus more on your marriage,leave your sister and her marriage alone, especially Bill.

  2. Pls leave your sister to Carry her cross, after the ceremony go back to Canada and focus on your marriage and kids

  3. I really pity your sister. Bill indeed is a narcissist. He doesn’t love any of you.
    Your sister agreeing to date him even knowing he dated you ( whether you were still together or not at that time is not the issue), shows she’s ready for anything. So, let her carry her cross.
    As for you, clear your head off Bill. He’s only in your head. Deliver yourself from him and you will be free.

    Stay and attend the wedding and go back to your family that God has blessed you with. Keep your mouth shut.

  4. Please, I want to beg you for just one thing…
    No matter what ever he may try to do, please please and please, guard yourself and never sleep with him.
    Be at alert, at all times till you leave that place.

    Please, I am begging you.

    Kind regards.

  5. Leave your sister to sort herself after all she knew all about your relationship with Bill before deciding to date him.
    Stay far, very very very far away from Bill, he is no good at all. Don’t fall into his trap and ruin your marriage. God will protect you

  6. Dear poster, Bill and your sister never respected you, how could he sleep with 2 sisters, now he’s trying to deceive you just to sleep with you,…if you make the mistake of sleeping with him, trust me, you will be under his spell, don’t use your hand to scatter your happy home, try as much as possible to remove Bill from your head, always lock your door even if he comes knocking, don’t break your husband’s trust, you are in a better place now, forget about Bill, he should be in the past,focus on your happy home….peace dear….


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