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True Life Story: My Sugar Daddy Has Abandoned Me With Pregnancy


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True Life Story: My Sugar Daddy Has Abandoned Me With Pregnancy

Hello Lively Stones,

I am really not the type to write long speeches. Hide my details. My life has been a difficult one. Coming from a broken home, raised by my grandmother who passed away and I had to come to Lagos cos my mother or father are not interested in me. I met some girls, I started being a call girl and I did anything just to survive.

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With time, I was able to write NECO from money I saved. I passed and got into yaba tech. I completed my OND and HND. I went into other businesses to stop being a call girl. I was finally able to finish school, the job I was working as a cleaner gave me office assistant job when I graduated. That is how I met Mfon, my friend.

Mfon is a hustler too. A young girl of 26, but she has 2 children with her mother in the village. I understood her situation when we met in the office. After a while, we both got a room self contain to stay. Mfon was still doing side chick runs to add to her salary so she can send enough money to her mother for her children back in the village.

Mfon invited me for a party four months ago. She said it was taking place in Lekki…she was meeting foreign clients. I told her I am no longer being an escort but she promised alot of money was involved. I agreed. A girls always needs extra money.  It was a wild party with alot of white men.

Mfon and I had some pleasure time with some of the men and we were paid in dollars. One of the men took my phone number saying he wants me to be his personal chick. I made a mistake by telling Mfon. Mfon insisted that I cannot be the man’s chick without her getting a cut of whatever he pays me. I agreed to give her 10% of anything I get from the man.

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The man was serious, he called and rented a shortlet apartment for me, so he can have access to me every time he wanted. There are people who are into this kind of arrangement. Its like big girls club, where you have a big man sponsoring you to be his lover. I was making so much money that I had to quit my job. Mfon insisted on staying with me in the short let but the man would not allow it. I would plead with Mfon by giving her money.

Mfon was bitter and always saying she gave me the opportunity. That if she did not bring me, I would not have seen this white man. Mfon was always saying that did I know say I was done with that lifestyle, that why am I stealing an opportunity from her. The man asked me to give him a baby, that he will take care of me cos  he is a divorcee from Norway. He has grown children abroad. I got pregnant for him. All of this happening, Mfon was so angry at me.

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Always, she felt I took away her opportunity to hook up with a white man. I used to plead with her, telling her that one day, God will settle her. I did not know she was not satisfied. Mfon started looking for ways to get Jack. She stole his number from my phone and she started telling him horrible things about me. She told him about my past as a hooker…Jack did not care…until she told him I murdered someone as a hooker.

Jack  became disturbed and asked me if I murdered someone before. I told him all Mfon was doing because of how we met. I had told Mfon in confidence that back when I was a hooker, I had actually accidentally hit a man who treated to rape me. That I ran away after hitting him cos the man was unconscious but later on, when I asked, the motel people told me they were able to revive him. I even used to see the man in the business after that so how come Mfon will be saying I am a murderer?

Jack started acting weird. Obviously he did not believe me. He stopped coming to the house he rented for me in Lekki. I then discovered Mfon finally started sleeping with my husband. Jack knows I am pregnant and he is sleeping with Mfon.

I am three months pregnant and feeling all alone cos Jack is no longer interested in me. Mfon has won him over. I feel bitter and very discouraged. Should I abort the pregnancy? Jack said I can do whatever I like … that he will continue to support the baby but him and I can no longer be partners.

I feel like I have lost Jack cos of Mfon. Yes, he may keep his promise to take care of the baby but I do not know how long he will keep his promise…Mfon is the only one he is looking at. I am really depressed. Jack has said also that he will no longer pay for my rent when it expires until the baby is born, then he can send me money for the baby. I am very sure Mfon is behind all these change in Jack. Only God knows what she tells him about me. I only did this because I thought getting pregnant for Jack was my way out of a life of poverty but I don’t know anymore.

I feel like I am f*cked up. I do not know what to do…I feel like Mfon has won and will do anything to make me miserable. I feel God is punishing me for backsliding after I said I was done with that lifestyle. The last thing I want is to have a child that is a bastard. Cos, even though Jack is saying he will take care of the baby, I have seen where the fathers of the babies go back to their country and dont remember they have a child with the Nigerian mother again.

Right now, I have no job or money to raise a child on my own. I only did this because I thought I had landed a man that will take care of my financials to raise the child but everything has changed. What do I do…I am scared of having this baby. But at the back of my mind…I wonder if Jack will actually change his mind and help me raise the child. All of these I did was just a way to survive and hustle.

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I wish I remained in my office assistant job but its gone. When will I get a job again…who will employ a pregnant woman? I am so worried…maybe the best thing is an abortion. I have really messed up…I do not want to make more mistakes…either to have a fatherless baby with no support or to have an abortion which is a sin to God. Please advice me which option to go with?


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  1. The option you have right now is to abort,you can’t give birth to an innocent child to suffer,please do the needful. May the Lord help you, amen

  2. I guess you know the right option considering the situation on ground. Forget about Mfon and that white man, just move on and start your life afresh. I really feel for you and I know it’s not easy for you. God will help you.

  3. With mfon on the picture,there’s no guarantee that Jack will keep his promise. You better look for some money and abort the pregnancy and start afresh. It will be less stressful than wen a child is involved. Block and delete the contacts of both mfon and jack. Consider moving to another town. All will be okay.

  4. I want you to be circumspect in your thinking about your predicament. firstly, dont blame and beat yourself this badly. You no kii person?! NO! it is when you abort that you ll actually be a murderer!
    Secondly , Do all you can to keep the baby. you dont know what this child will become. Motherhood has started, embrace it. Pardon me, but who knows, that may be the only child you re destined to have??!

    tHIRDLY, Please leave Mfon to karma. Be patient with yourself in this situation and start planning your life outside stipend from a man. it is when you make human your source that you think they are your alpha and omega!
    i am glad you mentioned God. please go back to God sincerely, HE ll sort you out.
    The man may even be under a spell or jaz by your friend and such doesnt last. So, give yourself time and God, things ll sort out itself for you such that you ll get something more legitimate to live on.

    Be strong please. Blessings.

  5. You need to calm down, your greed led you to the bad lifestyle. Why will you be with a man cos of his money and now your friend spoilt the show for you, its good for you cos you are only destroying yourself.

    Mfon and you are the same, you both are living wrong and need to stop it. Do not do abortion, instead try to find another job that is less stressful cos of your pregnancy.

    I don’t think you are remorseful cos you are still pained Mfon did those things to you, if she didnt do it, you won’t have sent in your story. You really need a change of heart, even if you are not born again, at least live responsibly and properly.

    I wish you well sister, please don’t do abortion. You will be fine.

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