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True Life Story: My Wedding Is Next Month But Someone Is Blackmailing Me


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True Life Story: My Wedding Is Next Month But Someone Is Blackmailing Me

Hi Livey Stones,

I don’t know how I got myself into this big mess and I need your help. I am getting married in December to a very good woman. This woman has changed my life, made me a far better man than I have ever been. I still have alot of flaws and I believe God brought this lady into my life to help me.

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When I met Betty (my fiancée) I was dating her roommate. Both of them were in the same town doing NYSC. I used to be a happening guy. I met Betty’s roommate from a party she came all the way from Abeokuta to Lagos for. That girl was a wild one, I became hooked on her like cocaine. Then I was carefree, spending money recklessly one the fast life: girls, s2x, drugs, alcohol, flashy cars and things.

At the time, I was the top marketing executive at a bank, money was not my issue…. I could get any girl I wanted …. even tried out many of my fantasies which was even having s3x with multiple girls. My experience with Betty then was one that I used to admire at how naturally beautiful she was but all the advances I made at her, she rebuked e seriously…. she even told my babe, her roommate then to ask me to back off.

Betty was a born-again sister. Always preaching to me and my babe. Well, fast forward to three years later, so I was no longer with my former babe. But I was still living the fast life even though I was getting calmer. But one day, I received a broadcast message from Betty. I guess she forwarded to all in her contact. She was inviting people for a church program. I started my wahala with her again…toasting her.

This time, instead of getting angry with me, Betty would send me prayer messages, saying I am praying for your soul. She seemed nicer and more less aggressive with her evangelism. So, I thought of catching her by agreeing to come to her church program. I kept promising her I will come for more than six times until one day I showed up in her church on the mainland. She was so surprised to see me. When she hugged me that church hug, Christian sister hug, I knew I wanted her so badly.

To be honest, I decided to change because of her. I wanted to win her by every means possible.  I also had some challenges at work, I asked Betty to pray for me and miraculously, I got a miracle, I was not sacked after all. So, I began to take this church thing more and more serious. Unfortunately, what I did not know was that Betty was engaged.

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When I found out, was when she invited me for her wedding introduction. I almost passed out. I was so disappointed but pretended to be cool. I was still going to church after that bit not as serious as I was. That was when I backslidded small. Since the girl I wanted was out of the picture, I went back to my old ways. I started partying and shit. I even went back to Kate…that is Betty’s former NYSC roommate. That girl turned out from the blues and we resumed the bad bad things we were doing. Kate knew sha that it was not a relationship, but we were just hooking up.

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As life turn out, about a year later, Betty broke off her engagement. The dude apparently was a liar… he travelled abroad and married someone else. Betty was really heart broken. This time around, I think it even affected her faith….she stopped going to church and it took a while for her to heal. She became more friendly to me. When I tried to toast her, she was not so tough anymore.

I began to shoot my shot. She agreed. She wanted to be my girlfriend. My God, I was on top of the world. She is such a sweet soul and she turned my life around. I think we both helped each other cos she became happy again and I got a lovely wife material. I proposed and she accepted. Her church people did not approve, they way I was not a serious Christian but Betty stuck by me.

That is where I fcked up. Betty was standing up for me in front of her church people that I am a good guy but I was messing around her back. I tried to stop and focus on her but the temptation from other girls was much. Especially Kate. I wanted to stop seeing Kate but she promised Betty will not find out ..she just wanted to have fun like me. But when our marriage invitation came out last week, Kate went gangster on me.

This Kate is a streets girl…a criminal…she wants me to pay her 10M or she will show our s2x videos of us having s3x with other girls to Betty. Now, that is mad. When she told me, I wanted to k*ll her for real. She wants to mess up the only good thing I have. Where will I get 10M to pay this ashawo Kate? Even if I have it, why does she think she deserves a whole 10M cos we were both having fun?

Kate knows how much Betty has suffered…she knows Betty will dump me in hearts beat. I am mad confused and don’t know what to do. I threatened her with police, cos its blackmail…she said no problem…as long as Betty sees the tape, she does not give a f*ck. That she will even release the tape for free cos its her property…the tape was done by consent…what rubbish is she saying?

How can she claim its her property when its not only her in the tape? Yes, I was aware she made tapes…me too, I have some videos I made too but it was just for fun…besides, I never really bothered that it might leak until I started dating Batty….everyone knows my past as a bad guy…its only Betty I am trying to impress that I can change but see as I don f*ck up….as in ,…I don mess up.

I need advice on what to do …. confessing to Betty is out of it….she will break up and it will be traumatizing for her…just like her ex broke her heart…I don’t want to be that guy cos she was really broken…I love her too much to be that source of pain to her.

What can I f*cking do….please?


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  1. You see my gender problem ko?because has money you think you can do anyhow as you want and Kate is demanding for just 10m and you can’t pay her,anyway hear my simple advice though.Oga‍♂️ please,go to Betty and tell her the original truth about yourself with a sincere heart.and make all efforts to be a good man,because you will be the first beneficiary if you change for good.and don’t pay 1 kobo to any Kate.

  2. I feel so so sorry for Betty. Why? To be honest with you, you don’t deserve her.
    She’s entering into a marriage with someone that’s a pretender.
    So, why don’t you please come out clean with her? Start by telling her who you truly are and finish by letting her know what is happening!! Let her count the cost by herself. If after you tell her EVERYTHING, she’s still ready to settle down with you, then, the deceit will be over.
    Kate’s threat will then hold no water.

  3. Poor Betty,she has left frying pan to enter fire.

    You don’t even sound like a changed person,you only want to marry Betty because she is a wife material,she has a good heart,she is calm and beautiful,she can deal with your mess abi. It is well.

    You will tell Betty this minute,don’t wait for tomorrow,e get why! Tell Betty about Kate, about the videos,tell her all she needs to know biko.

    It will be left for her to decide on what to, keeping this a way from Betty will cause and bring more harm in future. He that has ears,let him hear with it.

    Peace be upon your soul.

  4. Hello,

    After this will you change?

    Can you delete all bad videos you have in your possession after Betty knows the truth, block the contacts of all those other ladies and make a deliberate effort to resist temptations going forward.

    Genuinely seek the Lord and serve Him, keep good friends and remain in fellowship with other Believers.

    If you don’t know how to tell her the truth simply send her the story as you have typed it on this site.

    Don’t give Kate any money, she will keep coming back for more.

    The truth will set you free.

  5. Dear writer,

    Do you have a true love for Betty?

    Do your gain and future peace with Betty better?

    Are you ready to be a lasting source of joy to the same woman who gives you joy and is the only good thing you have?

    Will you stand pretence and betrayal from Betty?

    Do not be Betty’s agony. Standing against one’s place of worship and faith is a big deal because it goes down to saying the fellow got my back and I’m don’t care about you guys.

    How will it feel when your disappointing actions stares her on the face?

    You are Betty’s terrible mistake and heartbreak but you can do better.

    Kindly take Betty somewhere she loves, calm and soothing, give a full story of your escapees like it was someone else and seeks for her advice to the lady? No matter what she says, go on your knees and confess that you are the dude in the story.

    Don’t press hard but ask for her help to solve it. Promise to settle it and do so. You can call the lady while she is there. Cut off all ties.
    Repent genuinely and be responsible.

    Remember, you have a family to raise and a wife to love and be faithful to.

    Do not take Betty’s love for granted. She deserves better.

    Serve God with your life not for gain.

    I wish you well.


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