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True Life Story: My Wife Believes I Am Occultic


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True Life Story: My Wife Believes I Am Occultic



I have been married to my wife for 10years now. My 1st child (7 years) has some health challenge. My daughter’s challenge was diagnosed at age 3. Same year, I came back from work to see my child having crisis. I asked my wife why she didn’t take my DD to the hospital. She responded, “no more hospital in this house”. I tried calling a friend to drive me an my girl to the hospital, she got the phone from me and ended the call. Her words were , ” if you are aware what is causing your child’s illness, you better let me know “. I kept focused. Got my girl the needed medical help. Next day when I got home, I asked her, she refused answering. I later told the priest that wedded us, who later spoke with her.

In 2020, I got a call from a church in Port Harcourt, that someone brought my picture to the pastor. That I am the evil man causing my wife’s and daughter’s illness. The person that took my picture is my wife’s brother. I was mad! But family and friends helped me to keep calm. A month later, my wife wouldn’t UnClothe in my presence. If I entered the room while she is dressing or the bathroom while she is bathing, she will quickly cover up. When I confronted her, she told me it is because she believes my “hands are not clean “. That she was told that I am occultic before she even joined me. That because I am “hot tempere”,”don’t pray certain prayer points “, she believes that I have some dark powers. I did my best to refute her claim in a calm way. But was deeply hurting. I reported her to a Pastor at Mountain of Fire where she now worships. She changed and told the man that she believes I am a child of God.

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Just few weeks ago, I picked a paper under our bed where my wife wrote to someone how her brother had a dream in December and was told that I am my wizard causing my child’s illness. In that write up, my wife also claimed she had her own revelation that I am in some occultic powers. When I showed her the paper, she tried to cause a scene, but I left her. I only asked, “are all these true?” “Why are you bent on labeling me what I am not?”
Later that day, she came up with lies, that the paper was just some prayer points she was putting down.

Just yesterday, someone called to inform me that he was with a certain owner of prayerhouse when my wife called to tell the woman why she believes I am occultic.

I have tried to ignore her, but I am gradually getting worried. What is she really up to? She doesn’t believe in the medical diagnosis for my DD, hence, she won’t give the child the necessary medication if I am not home.

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How does someone believes that the hubby is occultic, and wants to harm her, yet still tries to initiate S** with the said husband? When she had a surgery last year, I was the person cooking for her till she could get back on her feet. Why did she not refuse the foods? Finally, who knowingly get married to someone she believes is occultic, then start running to prayer houses for deliverance?

Could it be my wife is mentally sick? Or she is projecting who she is on me?

Source: Nairaland

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  1. Oga if you are not occultic,do not allow it bother you,just make sure you keep praying for your daughter to have total healing and deliverance from whatever sickness she is suffering from.

    I believe your wife has gone to a particular prayer or prophetic place where she was told something evil about you. Keep praying and God shall vindicate you in no time,amen. Stay blessed


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