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True Life Story: My Wife Starved Me Of S3x For Two Years Because Of My Condition


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True Life Story: My Wife Starved Me Of S3x For Two Years Because Of My Condition

Hello Lively Stones,

My name is Sunny (not real name). I am 38 years old, former Trailer driver until two years ago when I got sick with stroke. At first, we were using othordox medicine but spending all our money on hospitals and physiotherapy without any results, I had to go the traditional way. My wife who used to be a house wife, did not need to work because my job was paying very well. But now, she had to start working to sustain the family.

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My wife’s work could not afford her time to take care of me. I needed a nurse to attend to me, bathe me and help me with the traditional therapy I was doing. My mother got me a traditional nurse from my village to come and help. This lady is quite good with some experience. With her help and massage, I can say I really improved over time.

I could still not walk but I felt my lower body area become active. I told my wife that I was active again and would like for us to engage in intimacy once in a while but she either is always busy with work or very tired when she comes back. I begged her to consider and she would flare up to say, is s3x the most important thing now because she has to work hard to take care of the family. Sometimes, I felt like she saw me as smelly or ashamed of me.

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My nurse, when she would massage me, would notice how I get erection and she would laugh. She would then say, why is your wife not helping you out, I would try to explain to her that my wife is busy. She would jokingly say, that this my big things needs attention o. We used to laugh at that. I told her I fear, I may never be able to enjoy s3x as long as I am unable to walk and she told me its a lie.

Nurse Funke (not real name)? told me that from what she sees, I am perfectly able to have s3x but the woman must sit on me to get me to thrust. When she saw my wife was not interested, she took my penis one day and began to s*ck it. I told her to stop but she continued. I wish I can say I got angry at her for what she did but instead, I felt so relived and happy after.

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It had been a year, I had any s3xual pleasurable experience. From sucking, she started to sit on me and she would whine her waist around my manhood. No one could suspect that a man who could not walk was f*cking a woman right under the wife’s nose. I felt bad sometimes but I also blamed my wife for abandoning me. Infact, I began to suspect my wife was cheating because she would stay out for several hours in the name of working and I used to wonder how come she never felt the urge for s3x throughout this period.

This continued for months. Now, Nurse Funke is pregnant. When she told me she was pregnant, I could believe it cos I thought my sperm may be weak cos of my condition. I am begging her to remove it because I know this will destroy my marriage. She was surprised…she thought, I would leave my wife and marry her cos I used to feel sad that I thought I could never sleep with my wife again.

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However, I explained to the nurse that I appreciate her but It would look like, I am not grateful for all the sacrifices my wife has made since I fell sick. I only know that my wife seemed too ashamed to have s3x with a man who could not walk but she did not believe that I can still f*ck a woman talk less of getting one pregnant.

Nurse Funke said she would need money if I want her to remove the baby. She wants 200k. I do not have that kind of money. The only person that has that kind of money is my wife. My family has not been forthcoming since my illness. How do I ask my wife for that kind of money if I do not want her to know? I am at risk here. I do not know what to do. The time for the abortion is fast going, if the pregnancy pass 3 months, its now 2 months plus, it might be difficult to remove it again.

Please advice me, how do I handle this matter. I did not mean to cheat but my wife abandoned my s3xual needs just because I am down. She is ashamed of me, while another woman made me feel like a man again, even if I cannot walk for now. I am so sorry I had to cheat but I had no means of happiness having been bed ridden for almost 2 years. It was Funke that made me happy most of the times.

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I really do not blame Funke. She tried for me. She did what my wife could not do. She packed my sh*t….she bathe me, fed me, massaged my body, fondled my junior…I felt alive once again anytime she did that.. It was a mistake, we both were just trying to make each other happy. Because of Funke, I know one day, I will be able to walk again.

I do not want to offend Funke. I wish I could keep her but this is a trying time. I do not want to be seen as a bad man. What should I do please? Should I tell my wife and beg her forgiveness ,maybe she could give me the money to give Funke,cos I think she would not want me to have a child with another woman. Maybe that will even open her eyes to see how she neglected me.

Please advice…what should I do?


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  1. Chaiiii this is so tough ooo but you would have been more careful na.
    Tell your wife you need some money and hear her response,you can tell her you need like 100k instead of 200k.

    When she gives you,give to Funke immediately to go do the needful,please.

    You and I know that you can’t keep or father a child in your condition,so please be fast because it is almost going to 3months . Beg Funke to manage the 100k first and be careful, remain faithful to your wife and stop this mess with Funke to avoid stories that touches the heart. Your wife will feel extremely bad if she gets to know about this,just look for something to tell her about the need for the money you want from her. Its well oooo

  2. Pls dont listen to anyone telling you to commit abortion, abortion is MURDER. Why will it be a woman that took care of you, bath you and the likes, what sort of rubbish is that, a man to can be the one taking care of your wife if she was in your shoes abi.

    Thats were the problem started from. So your wife started paying bills and started disrespecting you, it shows as we have been saying it, women will become arrogant when they are the ones footing the bills, but some women think men and women are equal.

    I believe your wife is cheating, DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF SHE IS CHEATING. Get a male caretaker, tell your family of the chill, but wait oo, what if you are not the father of the child, paternity fraud is very rampant, women give their husbands or lover another mans child, so please take note.

    Do not do abortion, get a male caretaker, don’t be surprised if your wife is cheating, find out if you are the father of the baby the nurse is carrying.

  3. You are an ungrateful soul. So in your condition you still manage to cheat on your wife instead of supporting her? Is the sex worth trading your marriage for? Or you think marriage is all about sex and making babies or is is because she cleans up after you? Oga divorce your wife so she can find a man that deserves her. You are so ungrateful to even blame her for your indiscipline haba! You are ready to trade your family for another woman and a baby that probably isn’t yours. I wish you all the best Sir, don’t abort the baby, tell your wife and let her do as she pleases after all if she were to be in your shoes and her male caregiver impregnates her you would have told us how ungrateful and wicked she is. For you to even accept a female caregiver shows you are loose. Good luck

  4. This is not hard. Marry funke, let her take on the full responsibility of taking care of you then you will see if she is really better than your wife and if your sexual needs are more important. Because so far it’s only sex funke has had to offer you


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