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True Life Story: My Wife’s Friend Seduced Me Into Bisexual Affair-Pt 2


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True Life Story: My Wife’s Friend Seduced Me Into Bisexual Affair-Pt 2


Hello Lively Stones,

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To my shock, my wife told me to allow Trisha ‘take care’ of me…. I was baffled…my wife is aware I am f*cking her cousin and she is fine with that? She even thanked her for it? Did she set me up to sleep with her cousin. I called my wife to ask her why did she really bring this woman to our house and what does she mean Trisha should take care of me?

My wife said I should relax…that whatever is going on with Trisha and I….she is very ok with it. That she prefer I f*ck someone she trusts than a stranger. My wife…my own wife said that…can you really believe that? She said she will explain better when she returns. Trisha and I continued our f*cking for the rest of the week. Trisha was something else…she definitely knew how to screw a man leaving him wanting more.

To me, I thought I was having the fun of my life…imagine your own wife giving you permission to sleep with another woman…..I was not even thinking straight….all the questions in my head, I pushed them aside. Then my wife returned. She was so happy…me, I was happy to see her but I wanted to talk to her about this Trisha matter…she told me to relax….that we will talk after we make love cos she has missed me and Trisha has been telling her so many things we did that made her horny.

So, my wife and I are in our room…making love….and here comes Trisha….and before I could understand what is going on….Trisha joined us and began to kiss my wife….by this time …it clicked…my wife is a lesbian….no…bisexual and she found a way to bring her lover into our marriage to have threesome with us. I froze when it hit me…but my wife and Trisha lured me and we were all f*cking each other like crazy dogs.

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After everything….Trisha went back to her room….my wife asked me if I still want to ask her questions about Trisha….I said no… everything was clear to me now. I then asked her only 2 questions: what if Trisha gets pregnant or what if I begin to have feelings for Trisha. That was when my wife said: I trust Trisha will my life…no matter what happens…we will be alight.

What my wife did not explain was, in the days and weeks to come…I realize that my wife and Trisha are in love. And my wife is more in love with Trisha than even me as her husband. I began to get jealous of their relationship. Now, Trisha started demanding s3x for only both of them….I felt left out…I was like the side chick now…these two women are deep with each other.

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That was when I told my wife that we have gone too far with Trisha…we have to stop cos this woman wants to come in between us. To my greatest surprise….my wife said…Trisha cannot leave cos she did the same thing for Trisha when Trisha was married. Now, I realize why Trisha is divorced cos no man will see his wife in love with another woman the way both of them are. Maybe they have even made an oath….this must not continue.

In bewilderment…I walked up to Trisha to tell her to leave my house immediately cos I love my wife and I will not loose her to another woman. Trisha said if I try to throw her out, she would release to the blogs and my family and friends that I am having a threesome. That she would frame me and no one will believe anything I say.

That is why I feel betrayed and cheated on by my wife. You may say I was also a partaker…but now, my eye don clear. Threesome is sweet but it can betray you also. My marriage was just a cover for my wife to continue to f*ck a fellow woman. I admit, it kind of even turns me on but the fact that I am married to someone who is in love with another person apart from me…is giving me serious cause for worry.

From the way Trisha got divorced…I am sure Trisha wants me to get frustrated and also file for a divorce from my wife. But she lies….I am not leaving my wife…but I need to get rid of Trisha. How do I get rid of her permanently from my wife’s life without exposing our relationship in the process? How do I get rid of Trisha from our lives?

When my wife sees I am not happy about this, she will come and be seducing me… telling me to stop worrying…that I am the only man she loves…and she will not leave me …that Trisha will not be a threat to us cos Trisha loves her but what she does not want to admit is that Trisha also sees that I love my wife and she is trying to show that she loves my wife more and trying to outdo me even when 3 of us are having s3x.

I cannot be competing for the attention of my wife with a woman…if Trisha is upset, she will even tell my wife not to have s3x with me…can you imagine? how do I get rid of this Jezebel that has sunk her fangs of temptation and lust into my marriage?


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  1. It is obvious that your wife is the breadwinner,she provides everything for you and the family. She has all the SAY in the house.

    Without typing too much,the only way you can get rid of Tricia is by filing for a divorce,yes,that is the only way.

    You just said you can’t leave your wife , isn’t? That is because she calls the shot,she is the money bag right? Kindly stay and enjoy your wife with Tricia or you divorce her.

    Note- your wife and Tricia already had a serious covenant, serious oath,even you cannot break it or separate them. You better be careful,you are still having threesome with them yet you are complaining,abi.

    Something you have been enjoying,abi? Yet you are complaining. Anyways, the ball is now in your court. It is with you stay in the marriage because your wife feeds and takes care of the home or divorce her, period.

  2. Another idea is popping I. My head o! Go get another lady n tell them you are fine with it .

    Maybe that would show them how serious you are !

    Or just keep praying the pastor you know should follow u to the house for Deliverance

  3. Na wah! wetin Musa no go see for gate!
    I dont even know what to say. This is a set you fell for bcos birds of the same feather flock . You could cheat on your wife , then it happens your wife would cheat on you with someone you don do am with as a set up . Wat a mess we are turning this world to!
    I think @Marylyn has advised well. Divorce is your option here or you continue the nonsense and be become biblical Esau full time, who sold his birthright and became second class .
    But sincerely, this nonsense should stop. exercise discipline to stop the thereesome with them and watch till something ends their affair naturally.

    But in all if you opt for the above , you need restraint, accountability, prayers and you need God to forgive you. Give your self time space and make up your mind to be a great father. Your son will need you someday.

  4. Ok everyone has seen this from a religious light..
    Let me advice you truthfully from a psychological standpoint
    Your wife and her lover are bisexuals so you have nothing to worry about except your selfishness

    You are a beta male that is why you are troubled, if you were an alpha male things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand, your wife wouldn’t leave her lez lover for you because you have proved that men are scum as her lover had been telling her by sleeping with her lover so easily

    2nd any female with lesbian or even bisexual tendencies have emotional damage that a man can’t handle and she need psychological, physical and mental care and nurturing that a man especially one that is easily devoured by lust like you can’t provide

    you have 2 options, you either divorce your wife and regret for your life, after all she gave you something any man would die for, a threesome.

    or you become emotionally matured enough to handle the matter at hand

    1 read EGO IS THE ENEMY by RYAN HOLIDAY to put your ego and jealous at check, because you are jealous of what your wife and her lez lover have, you were ok when they both loved you, but you are jealous and egotistical about her being happy in the arms of another

    2 read LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE by ROBERT GREENE to understand yourself, your wife and Trisha, understand why your wife loves Trisha and why Trisha loves your wife, what they have gone through, don’t look at Trisha as the enemy but as a human being who is damaged and flawed and you’ll be easily able to love her

    3 red ART OF SEDUCTION by ROBERT GREENE to be able to love and seduce Trisha, Happy wife happy home they say, when you got along with Trisha it made your wife happy so get along and even seduce her… in the long term after coming to terms with everything, i would advice you that you should marry Trisha…

    she is lonely and unhappy, a third wheel in your marriage, if she has a stake in the marriage too by being tied to you seeing as the laws of Nigeria wouldn’t let her marry the woman she loves, being your wife would give her the sense of belonging she needs and end her raging jealousy and spite that wants to make her break your home, because the home would be all your homes….

    in the long run you would sire children from both of them and even get multiple wives like King Solomon, my friend you are living every man’s dreams…

    but if you want to break up your wife and Trisha permanently without destroying your marriage, well that information would cost you a minimum of $5000

    I hope that love prevails in your marriage…

    PS: My opinion may be too much for alot of religious people on here but its your safest and best bet….

    • Hello Claire,

      Your Opinions on this case is strictly yours. We will not quarrel with you but we do not endorse your opinion either.

      This platform’s values are based on God’s word and we are not ashamed of it. We do not want to sound religious but we do not promote any concept outside of God’s word.

      Please do not call anyone religious….they are expressing themselves just as well.

      Love and Light,



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