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True Life Story: My Wife’s Friend Seduced Me Into Bisexual Affair


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True Life Story: My Wife’s Friend Seduced Me Into Bisexual Affair

Dear Lively Stones,

I do not even know what to type as I am sending you this message. If I type to say my wife is cheating on me, then, what will I say of myself? If I say my wife lied to me or my wife is in love with a woman…what will that make me? I was a partaker in this bisexual relationship that my wife tricked me into. I have my own share of the blame but things have gone out of hand and I fear I may have lost my wife to a game of lust.

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It feels like I am rambling abi…ok, let me start from the beginning. I met my wife two years ago through a colleague at work. My wife, a very stunning woman, I fell for her at first sight. She was a senior finance manager doing very well but at 38, she was progressing really well at her career but she was single. After six months of dating, we got married.

After wedding, my wife got pregnant the first month. I was overjoyed. Then my wife introduced me to her relative that is like her sister. They grew up together. This woman is 35 years old divorced with no children. My wife told me that she wanted this her cousin to come live with us as nanny when she puts to bed. We have a house help but she needed a nanny that she can trust especially because my wife got promoted to CFO in her company so she needed more time at work.

This her cousin moved in when my wife was 7 months pregnant. I tried not to notice but this woman is very attractive and curvy …her behind was something else. In my heart, I wondered why my wife will bring an attractive woman into our home…but I told myself…I will not be one of those men that will be tempted to cheat on their wives no matter how hot the other woman is.

Trisha (not real name), my wife’s cousin settled into our home very well. She cooked, supervised the house help…in fact took over the running of my home…my wife gave her absolute control over everything. She served me food, cleaned our room, anything you can think of that the house help does not do, she does.

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Then, I started hearing Trisha say that she is here to take care of me and my wife, no matter what any of us needs. I used to tank her alot for her help but I also felt she was intruding too much into our lives but my wife said I was being too paranoid, that she trusts Trisha with her life.

After my wife gave birth, Trisha went into full nanny mood…our son was with her from day one. Even sometimes, the baby slept with her. I stopped worrying since she was now like family. Then three months after giving birth, my wife started going to work…her company wanted to send her to Ghana for two weeks to set up their new branch financial system. My wife told me that it was better to leave the baby with nanny Trisha instead of taking a three-month baby on a work trip.

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I protested that the baby was still breastfeeding, but my wife was like…he will be fine with baby milk and Trish will breastfeed him with her breast just to soothe him even if there was no milk coming out. Well, I wanted to support my wife so I agreed. Soon as my wife travelled…Trisha started to try to seduce me…she was not even hiding it…she kept telling me my wife told her to make sure she took care of me when she is was.

I was like..yes…take care of me…not to sleep with me…but she insisted that Trisha will not mind…this woman kept coming to me for 3 whole days. She told me that even if Trisha walks in on us making love….that she will not mind. I told her she was lying…she laughed and said I do not know my wife then. By the fifth day, I could not resist her again…by this time…she had come unto me so hard, that all I was thinking of was f*cking her.

This was the beginning of our problems. After she and I had s3x…she would call my wife and tell her that she just finished ‘taking care’ of me. To my utter shock my wife told me to allow her…please advise me…is she allowed to ‘take care’ of me?



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  1. If your wife is mad I believe you aren’t, it’s women that always suggest nonsense idea to their men like Abraham, if you need a second wife no problem go ahead it’s a gift . But if you don’t want it then be a man and do the right thing and free yourself!

  2. What a world.

    Sometimes, we don’t know anyone except occasions permit them to manifest their true personality.

    That last question should go to your conscience and values because you allowed yourself to be taken care of already.

    You are the man and sane person in that relationship, you should have avoided that temptation especially by speaking to your wife the moment her cousin started her seductive moves but no, you wanted it. Your wife’s agenda isn’t known yet.

    I hope you weren’t married to be a sex toy and baby making machine for both women?

    Your wife’s cousin has only one duty, Nanny role to your child. Don’t give room to what you won’t be glad to share with your kids. You are an adult, make a first decision and be straight.

    I wait for the rest of the story.

  3. How can you allow your wife not to breastfeed your child, do you know how important breast milk is for babies, what is wrong with us, why are women doing this nonsense feminism and neglecting their children.

    You are a weak man, first, you shouldn’t allow another woman into your house, the moment Trisha tried seducing you, you should have sent her away, infact you shouldn’t have allowed her into your house.

    Your wife is leading you into your destruction, adultery is evil, no matter what excuse you give.


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