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True Life Story: No One Ever Shown Me True Love Like My Madam


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True Life Story: No One Ever Shown Me True Love Like My Madam

Hi Lively Stones,

I need to remain anonymous. This is a story of circumstance and conscience. I am 19 years old, I got pregnant two years ago for my boyfriend. Before I got pregnant, my family used to abuse me alot. I was not happy at home and it was affecting me in school. I could not pass my WAEC even after 2 attempt. So, I thought this my boyfriend was the only one showing me true love. Soon as they found out I was pregnant, my parents insisted I must have the child because their religion does not support abortion. I think they just wanted to get rid of me from the house cos they could barely provide for me and my siblings.

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I was asked to go and live with my boyfriend, that he must marry me for getting me pregnant. So, I had to stay with my boyfriend in his parents house. His family turned me into their maid while they did not care that my boyfriend was living carefree….Throughout my pregnancy, I was always crying. Even when I gave birth, the thought of running away always comes to my mind because I am not happy. I am living like a maid to my this family and their son was even cheating with other girls.

One day, my a woman invited me to their church. I was happy for the first time in many months. I became committed in the church. That was the only place I felt really happy. I was in choir, I loved singing. It helped me forget what I was passing through back at home. I loved going to church just to be away from the house.

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It was from there that someone told me that a family in church was looking for a maid that will earn N50k a month, they wanted the maid to stay with them also. I begged my boyfriend mother to let me take the job, I promised to give her N20k every month if she helps me look after my daughter. I started working with the family and I was so happy to be there cos it made me feel free from being at home with my boyfriend’s terrible family.

The madam in my work place is a business woman, she has 3 children but they are in boarding school. My job was to clean and cook…which I do very well. She took interest in me, always giving me gifts of clothes and pocket money. I loved her so much, I called her big mommy. The husband was barely at home but once when he was around, he tried to sleep with me and I turned him down…infact, I begged him not to cos I do not want to loose this lucrative job.

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To keep this man away from him, I had to report the matter to the wife. I wanted her to think she can trust me if I told her what her husband was up to. She listened to me and thanked me for telling her….then she made me swear not to tell anyone. After a couple of weeks, my madam asked me when is my birthday. I told her..she was excited, saying she will make sure I celebrate my birthday well. I thought she wanted to reward me for my loyalty to her by reporting her husband.

On my birthday, she took me to shop new clothes in a fancy boutique and also took me to a restaurant to enjoy. I was so happy. She bought me a Samsung S series phone too. Next she said she booked a hotel room for me to enjoy myself further. We got to the hotel room, she took off her clothes in front of me…and she went to have her bath. After she had her bath, she asked me to go and bathe….I did…when I came out…she was still naked on the bed…and she asked me to come lay down next to her. Then she started kissing me…I was confused…next thing…she started grabbing my breast….she asked me to relax but I could not…I was so scared.

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I kept telling her that its a sin to have s3x with a fellow woman…she said is in love with me. I told her I don’t feel comfortable doing anything with her. So she asked me to relax, that she wanted to tell me about her. She said that she and her husband don’t sleep with each and they have not done that for about five years. That she wanted to divorce him but the man begged her to remain in the marriage and do whatever she likes but that they should not divorce because of their status in the society and in the church.

So she has been without a man for five years until she met me and she started having an attraction to me, especially how I refused to sleep with the husband and came to tell her. Her story made me feel sorry for her….she then said we should go to sleep and I said ok. But I could not sleep that night….and she started touching me again…saying please…so I allowed her…and I had my first lesbian s3x. Ever since then, the affair continued. We are so close, people think she is like my sister cos we are so close but no one knows what is going on behind closed doors.

Things were going fine for us until one day, I came to her room at night for us to have some fun but she was not there. I looked for her all around the house but I did not see her until I went to the husband’s room. I saw the door was closed but as I listened…I heard sounds of lovemaking. I was furious. Did this woman deceive me about the fact she has not had s3x with her husband for five years. I waited for her in her room. She did not return until the next day.

The next day…I asked her why she deceived me, why did she sleep with her husband. She said she had s3x with him cos he begged her, not out of love but because  he was having a bad day, he lost some huge amount of money and needed some encouragement. She said the s3x was just to make him feel better. I realized that I was so jealous of the man and I was upset at her for cheating on me with her husband. Then she promised to make it up for me and she did…I felt happy again.

The only problem I have now is, because of this relationship, I find that I am no longer interested in doing anything in church. I feel guilty anytime I am in church. I feel I am offending God by sleeping with this woman but at the same time, I am happy because for the first time, I feel really loved by someone….no one has ever shown me love like this. Why does this feel so good and so wrong at the same time? Being in love with a woman is a different feeling, I feel like she understands me more than I even understand myself and she is ready to sponsor me to any level I want.

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Secondly, anytime I go home and my boyfriend tries to have s3x with me, I discover that I am no longer interested in having s3x with him. Does this mean that I am now a lesbian? My boyfriend is accusing me of cheating because I have more money than him.  Like, does this mean I will no longer feelings for a man? I am confused. I love this woman so much but it feels like its changing everything about me….I am no longer able to find time to go to church or pray…I am also no longer interested in having s3x with a male.

Finally, the woman told me that her husband found out about me and her…and he is fine with it,….but he says he wants to watch me and her when we are having s3x. …she said she told him no but that the man is saying if she says no…then he wants me to leave the house…..having s3x with someone is one thing…having another person watch is another….I mean…its not just anyone…its her husband…what do these people want from me….I am now really scared….between my feelings for her and what her husband wants …is making me very worried....maybe he wants to sleep with me too.

The woman has said she is not going to force me if I don’t want the husband to watch us but she is worried that he might actually send me away and she does not want me to leave. I can’t also go back to my boyfriend’s family house. They will ruin me. What is happening to me…I do not want to be a lesbian but I can’t control how I feel about this woman…its become like an addiction to me and I want to break free but its not easy because there is so much love between us…and what should I do about the husband?

I cannot loose this job, going back to my boyfriend’s family is like going back to hell and I also don’t want to leave this woman…I really love her…she only understands me, even my parents don’t …I have no friends…my family abandoned me….I am not telling you my story because I don’t know that I could leave the man and woman alone but this woman is the only person who has shown me love since I left my parents house three years ago…I can’t even think ,if I were to leave her, where do I get a cleaner’s story for 50 with allowances and life of luxury. I need advice.


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  1. Poster please find away to leave that house! Sin is sin! Inasmuch The condition outside won’t be favourable, hold on to God, it only God that will help you! No one has it easy, gather all you can from this woman and leave! Get a house of your own! Or better still, go back to your parents, beg then, start up a skill with the money you gather from her by so doing, you’ll be free from their clutches, your boyfriend, this woman and her husband!

  2. If you truly need help and a good advice , don’t stop at reading but taking steps today.

    What you call true love was a gift to condition your mind to accept whatever you would be asked to do.
    What the woman shows you as love is what she will show to another woman too. You are not different.

    No true love would leave you so confused and in a mess like this.

    Your madam and her husband aren’t straight couple and truly, she sleeps with her husband and he wants to sleep with you. Obviously, you aren’t their only victim even as we speak.

    If you accept their offer, you would become their sex toy. Some day, they will trade you for sex and money. It may not end with threesome but foursome, orgy and even you having a child for them.

    It’s a pity that the people that should have cared, protected and guided you were naive and bitter towards you. Forgive them.

    God is one who shows true love and won’t force or lure you into doing evil.

    Do you prefer money today which the source will definitely end someday to end your relationship with God and your normal life?

    I guess , NO.

    You have been receiving gifts, it’s time to play smart. Gather money as you receive the gifts and salary. Find a place for yourself and get a new job.

    You must not return to the father of your child, he isn’t a good man for you. Go and build your life and trust God to favour you. Ensure you keep in touch with the child, if they insist you take her, carry your child with you and be willing to turn a new leaf.

    You aren’t a lesbian. You can have feeling for a man if you let yourself. Do not hesitate in asking God for forgiveness.

    Yes, you will find people that will pay you up to 50k, if you don’t start with what you can find. Add side hustle to it.

    Your act isn’t good as a Christian. It’s sin. God frowns at it.

    You have control of what your life turns out moving forward. Don’t blaming everyone because what you are inside is purely your choice.

    Wise up. Change your ways. Trust God for a way forward and his blessings.

  3. I feel so bad for you because of what the world has thrown at you.
    From your own biological parents to the guy that got you pregnant and now to your employers. It’s so so unfortunate.
    But, you need to save yourself from you first.
    Leave that toxic family immediately. They will ruin you mentally, psychologically and physically. If you continue staying there, you will end up a wreck.
    Your boyfriend’s place is safer for you than that house you are staying now. The only problem there is money, isn’t it? Save your life first.
    I want to advice you to go back to that church where you found happiness. Truly ask God for mercy and get committed again. Prayerfully look for another job, and I believe God will come through for you.
    You need a complete change in your life.
    God can help you stand on your feet and you will leave that boyfriend’s family and be independent. God can help you find true happiness in life without being taken advantage of. Trust Him.


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