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True Life Story: Our Marriage Is Just Six Weeks But I Can No Longer Manage My Husband’s Constant Erection


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True Life Story: Our Marriage Is Just Six Weeks But I Can No Longer Manage My Husband’s Constant Erection

Hello Lively Stones,

I am heartbroken and in serious pain. I do not know what t do. I am ashamed to tell anyone my problem because it is just too early in my marriage to be dealing with this kind of issue. I am 26 years old, yesterday made it six weeks since I got married to someone I believed was God’s sent to me.

Akin (not real name) is my husband whom I dated for 2 years before we got married in January of this year. I have always known Akin to be s3xually active. When we first started to date, he told me that. Akin is a very nice man, God fearing and prayerful. He treats me like a queen in short.

However, when it comes to s3x, he told me he loves s3x alot and it was really difficult for him not to have s3x with me even though, I lived far from him. I was in Abeokuta, while he was in Lagos. So, every weekend, he would come visiting and the s3x was very plenty whenever he came.

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Akin used to say he cannot wait to get married so we can be having s3x everyday. I would then laugh and say don’t kill me with s3x o. A few months to our wedding, I got a job in Lagos, in a private Clinic. I am a nurse. When I moved to Lagos, I noticed that Akin’s neighbor is quite friendly to him and they also welcomed me as Akin’s incoming wife.

This neighbor is a businessman who has shops that he runs with his wife and his and his  wife’s siblings. So, There are 3 siblings living with them. Two young guys and one girl of about 21 years. The girl is the wife’s sister. They come to Akin’s flat and Akin goes to their flat too to eat and play and just be friendly neighbors.

When we finally got married, I discovered Akin was not playing about s3x. It was a daily affair. As soon as he wakes up or anytime he feels like, he will just corner me and bang. I have not rested since we got married. Akin is always having an erection and once he does he wants to bang.

As I am now, I even think I am pregnant from the daily banging but I have not confirmed it. If I do not see my period by the end of this week, then I am pregnant for sure. Now, the issue is that this week, I was placed on night shift at work. Akin did not like the idea at all cos he wants his s3x every morning once I return and most times, when I come back from work, he is ready to bang but I am very tired even though I still try to make him happy.

Two days ago, as my night shift started, I became a bit sick. Like I said, I am suspecting am pregnant. I started my shift around 7pm. By 9pm, the matron asked me to go home and rest, that they can manage. I was so happy. I did not call my husband that I was coming home cos my phone battery was down.

On getting home, around 9.30pm or so, I used my key to get in cos I knocked and my husband didnt open. I thought he was sleeping or in the bathroom. I got inside, and went straight to my room and low and behold, my husband was f*cking my neighbor’s wife’s younger sister. My reaction was shock instantly. I became hysterical.

By this time, Akin quickly got himself and tried to put on his boxers. The girl got up, she did not even show any sign of regret or remorse. She even rolled her eyes at me, gathered her things slowly before she walked past me to go out. Oh God, that picture of my hubby banging that girl has refused to leave me. I started crying and hitting Akin. He started begging me, saying its a mistake, that this has never happened before. That he was missing me and he was having a serious erection.

That was when it dawned on me: my husband must have a s3x addiction. Maybe that is why he always has erection. But later on, I found out that he started having this erection as a young boy and anytime he did, he started having s3xual urge and once he has s3x, he feels better. He started having s3x at age 11.

I was so upset that I told Akin I was leaving the marriage. Just barely six weeks? Am I not enough for him? I give him s3x everyday…what else again? I have been crying for two days. My husband is begging me to forgive him but my worry is that that the root problem of him always having an erection and wanting s3x is something that I cannot handle.

When I told him that the girl too insulted me by her reaction and so I must tell her sister and sister’s husband, my hubby said I should not bother because they wanted to make him marry their sister but he told them he was already engaged. So, why sleep with her, what if she gets pregnant? And he said, he uses condom anytime he sleeps with her.

I am devastated. To even think of forgiving hubby will mean, he has to go for medical check up and find out why he is always having an erection. He said he has tried medical and they said nothing is wrong with him, but I think he is scared that they may do something and he is enjoying the constant s3x.

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Secondly, we must move out of this compound cos I cannot be in the same compound with a family that is using their sister to seduce my husband. Akin is refusing to go for medical consultation and refusing to move out. He said he has paid for his rent for the next two years last December.

As for the girl, he said, if I promise to make sure he is s3xually satisfied, he will no longer go near here. And that he will even ban her from coming to our house. That is not enough for  me. How can he say if I can promise to satisfy him always s3xually? So what if I can’t? What if I am tired or sick or pregnant? He said being sick or pregnant does not mean one cannot have s3x.

Akin is not alright o. He said he already told me he loves s3x before marriage and so I cannot deny him anytime he wants it…that if I deny him, then I cannot blame him if he finds someone else just to release. That what he must do is make sure he uses condom.

Akin said he does not mind if I stop working and stay at home so that I can always be available to meet his needs. That he will give me monthly allowance. That he does not want to cheat on me again. That it was because of my work that took me for night shift, that he fell for my neighbor’s sister…that any wife that value her marriage will make sure her husband is s3xually satisfied or be ready to accommodate side chicks.

Do you believe that? Is this what my parents trained me in nursing school for? To be a house wife abi s3x machine? Can you look at the things Akin is saying? What am I supposed to do in this situation? Should I consider quitting my job to save my marriage? I am really heartbroken.


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  1. Please don’t quit your job and don’t, turn yourself to a sex machine.. he needs help ooo
    So sorry about your pains but your hubby needs help

  2. Nne it is in your hands to decide on what to do ooo,your husband is obviously a sex addict.

    * It is either you are ready to quit your job and satisfy him or he keeps cheating on you ooo.
    * Even after quitting your job,he will still cheat on you because he has high libido and will knack any available kpekus as long as he needs sexual satisfaction.
    *He told you about his love for sex,you ignored it and felt he was joking or probably you will be able to deal with his sexual desires in marriage,here you are.
    * You have to make up your mind to either remain in the marriage and continue to deal with this urge your husband has for sex or quit, because it is not gonna be easy,there is no point or need pretending over this. It is well with you my sister
    *Can’t the landlord refund the rent? Anyways even when you move out of that place and go to another,your hubby will still cheat.

  3. Quite your job? What about when you give birth? You’ll have to stay atlist a month without sex… My sister think.well… This just one scenero out of many..

  4. Quitting your job and becoming a full house wife wouldn’t change anything, your husband needs help,he has a problem.

  5. This is a serious problem. Please do not quit your job because of his sexual prowess. Insist for him to get medical attention and be with him in the process to ascertain the truth and solution to his problem.

    Know for certain that Akin will continue to cheats and hurts you in this marriage except you seek for a lasting solution.

    You can also seek for divine intervention by really praying for his deliverance… anything that is abnormal is not good at all. It Needs divine attention.


  6. See babes, your husband is wicked for giving such conditions after everything he did…
    Don’t allow anyone subject you to such pain.. you can’t cope ooo.. do what you think is best for you please..

  7. Your hubby needs both medical and spiritual help seriously.
    He’s acting like someone under a curse, probably from a past deed he committed.
    You need to get closer to God and seek for His help.

  8. Your marriage is still very young and hubby has started cheating already,your husband sounds selfish, he cheated and still giving you conditions just to satisfy his sexual needs, that’s very bad of him, he needs help…please dear take good care of yourself……this generation needs to do better….

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