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True Life Story: Our Online Relationship Was Great But I Lost Interest Once We Met Each Other


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True Life Story: Our Online Relationship Was Great But I Lost Interest Once We Met Each Other

Hello Lively Stones,

Does size rally matter in a relationship? I need your advise…My situation is somehow related to the last post on this blog. I met someone online five months ago. He is a Nigerian born and living in Germany. We met during an online training and got talking. We later started getting personal a few days after we met. Everything seemed to click with us. He is single, looks fine and has a good career.

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Since we met, he has been telling me that he wants to come and visit me in Nigeria because our chemistry online is so good. We could not wait to see each other in true physical form. When he eventually had time, he came over last month. And when I met him at the airport, I was shocked at how tall he is.

To be honest, he told me he is tall, that he is 6’4. I am 4’8 tall. When we saw each other, it was obvious the surprise we both had at seeing each other physically. But the chemistry was still there except for two things: one, people kept starring at us like, an awkward couple. Seeing the very wife gap in our height made people star at us. I was embarrassed.

We also went to see my folk when he was around. My family did not take too well to him. They said he is too tall and he makes me look like a dwarf. My mom especially…she says we do not look compatible. The other issue is, when he came, he wanted us to be intimate but I thought it was too soon. But seeing that he was leaving soon, he wanted to make sure we were s3xually compatible, plus we may not see each other for a couple of months, we made love.

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That was very messy. As tall as he is, his peepee is way taller. My heart dropped when things were about to get serious. He saw my fear and began to tell me to relax. That I show enjoy it. So, somehow, the whole thing went down but for days, I could not walk. I was walking awkwardly. When I told him him how I felt, the slight pain and inability to move, especaily because we had s3x once more before he left…he only just laughed.

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To him, it was a thing of pride for him…like he accomplished a great feat. He said that its proof of great intimacy when a woman cannot walk after making love to her man. Yes, the s3x was great…no caps but it was also painful. It was also like a train ran over my body. I had body pains for days. I told my friend that I am afraid that me and this guy may not be compatible because of the height issues ( physical and his peepee), my stupid friend said do I know how many girls would die for what I am complaining about?

This may sound crazy but since he went back, my interest in the relationship just seems to be diminishing. Is it a bad thing that I am having second thoughts because of our height difference? As for the pain in the s3x….I do not know if it well get better with time of we get married…like they say, will my vagina expand to fit in the entire length without me feeling pains after?

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Look I have given this quite some thought…I am small, petite young woman, beside him, I look like a child or his younger sister….if we get serious with this thing, how will I cope with people always starring at us? How ever will my vagina which is commensurate to my size ever be able to accommodate his tall iroko tree? Is this not a doomed something?

I need your advise and opinions on this. The guy has noticed my lack of interest and he is asking me what he did wrong to upset me. I said nothing. Apart from these two issues, he is a great guy….the man of my dreams…but I am worried and he too is worried, says he is in love with me. His family in Germany and US all call me and want this union to work…but I am worried….should I tell him my fears or should I just break up with him or should I try and get used to the situation?


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  1. Madam,is it what will people say that you are after? If you like marry your size, people will still talk.

    It all depends on you ooo,for me,I would say he should just be your friend because these fears of yours can’t be taken into marriage ooo,e get why? Trash whatever thing you want to trash before marriage ooooo.

    Thanks,if you don’t want him,tell him on time rather than the silent treatment.


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