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True Life Story: Please Help Deliver My Husband From Spirit Wife


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True Life Story: Please Help Deliver My Husband From Spirit Wife

Dear Lively Stones,

Has any man ever experienced spirit wife before? I have been married for about 5 years now. I love my husband and I believe he loves me. We have three children. I have never had any reason to suspect my husband is not a faithful man but towards end of last year, my husband has been experiencing something that is quite disturbing. And that is why I need some advice. It all started with one early morning last year in October.

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When I got up around 6am to start our day, I noticed, hubby was wet on his side of the bed. I had wake him up, to ask him what happened, did he urinate on himself? He said no. Infact, he was perplexed. When we checked, he has ejaculated on himself so much that it looked like three rounds of s3x for that kind of ejaculation. I teased him and told him at his age, he is still having wet dreams.

A few days later, same thing happened. Then hubby said he had a strange dream experience. That he found himself having s3x with someone, a young girl he dated back then in his secondary school. He said it felt so real that he was drained when he woke up. We prayed about it and since then, it has been happening almost every month and hubby is getting frustrated.

We started seriously praying about it and joining PJ early morning prayers. I have asked Hubby if he did oath with the girl in question but he said he did not. He says he does not even know where the girl is right now. This has been like over 30 years ago. Please what is happening to my husband. Now, he gets tired easily when we make love. He barely lasts up to 2 minutes cos that spirit girl is draining him.

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I have heard of spirit husband before, not spirit wife. The problem is, we dont even know where this girl is anymore. Hubby has been trying to look for her on social media, maybe to ask her if he offended her …to ask for her forgiveness….but he cant find her. But hubby said he never offended her. That it was just secondary school love. Nothing more. Maybe she is married with a new name. I need help, I need advice.

What do we do…do you also think my husband is being honest with me? Do you think there is more to this? But I have never had any reason to doubt him before but this is so strange….why will a girl he knew over 30 years ago be coming every month to have s3x with him now?

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  1. Your husband is being tormented by a spirit wife. It’s not the former girlfriend. This is a demonic spirit masquerading as a girl he once knew to make him feel comfortable and then it will mess him up.
    He needs to go to a church that does TRUE deliverance. He will first of all, give his life to Christ and submit to thorough deliverance. These evil spirits are very wicked. If your husband doesn’t do anything about it, your union will be in serious trouble. A time will come, this wicked spirit will not even allow your husband to have sex with you at all because they’re terribly jealous. It will cause hatred and rancour in your marriage between both of you. Some cause sicknesses in the lives of the spouse and make life miserable for him/her.

    My father was a victim of spirit wife. My parents were always at war with each other. No peace.
    It was when my dad went to a deliverance church and got delivered he understood what was happening.
    According to what he told us, he said he always saw himself in the dream with a lady living together as husband and wife. Having sex and all sorts. He didn’t know it was real and affecting his physical marriage. He thought it was always a dream. It was when he got his deliverance that he saw himself in that house where they were both living together and the lady came and packed her things telling him she was no longer married to him. That marked the end of the dreams and peace was restored to my parents’ marriage.


  2. This is spiritual, go to a genuine church where they can help. You can go to Winners chapel at Ota, Ogun state if you can. Don’t joke with this, this is more serious than you think.

    On the flip, what if your husband jilted a lady before you married or even after you married, and the lady didn’t back down, you never know, just saying. Not withstanding, go to a genuine man of GOD first and be careful, there are many fakes out there.

    I wish you well. Try listen to radio too, there are genuine men of GOD that do radio shows, please listen to radio, they normally drop their Nos and social media handles. Let’s start from there.

    I wish you him and you well.

  3. Hi sis, This is a really sensitive and spiritual matter. Your husband needs to go for deliverance, you and him also need to be violent with prayers and scriptures that have to do with deliverance


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