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True Life Story: Pregnancy Changed Everything My Wife Can No Longer Satisfy Me


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True Life Story: Pregnancy Changed Everything My Wife Can No Longer Satisfy Me

Hello Lively Stones,

I need your help and advice. Hide my details. I am married to a good woman. Its not like she was a virgin when we got married but we both used to enjoy s3x during our courtship and after wedding. My wife matches my s3xual energy, I am one of the lucky ones. There is never a time I want s3x that she turn me down. In fact, our s3x life was very sweet. We do it every day and anytime. She is fun and spontaneous and I loved her for it.

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However, something happened when she got pregnant. Due to her pregnancy, she would urinate very frequently as most pregnant woman do. That made her have a smell around her vagina which repulsed me. I had to tell her that anytime she goes to urinate, she has to wash with soap before I made love to her. Which she tries to do but I still noticed a faint smell around her even when we are not making love.

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My wife explained that, sometimes, a small wee can come out of her uncontrollable…this made her clothes smell. I guess I have a super sensitive nose. I could not stand it…it turned me down…I started refusing to make love…this did not go down well with my wife cos even though she was pregnant…she was also very active s3xually. I noticed that even when she washed up…maybe its my thinking…I don’t last as long as before…maybe I am thinking the p*ssy is not as clean even though she cleaned it. I find myself coming under few minutes.

This made our lovemaking quite uninteresting…I practically avoided s3x , most times until my wife gave birth. I was looking forward to her giving birth ,..especially after six weeks so we can resume our active s3x life cos I have missed f*cking my wife the way it was before the pregnancy. I was totally disappointed when we tried to make love after the six weeks after giving birth.

As we tried to make love…I discovered that due to the size of our child when my wife gave birth…her vagina has become loose even after some stitches were done to close up her vagina. But the thing is no longer as tight as before. Infact…its like a big sea and I cannot feel myself anytime I try to penetrate her. This is so frustrating to both of us. When I told her what the issue was, she became emotional…saying I am ungrateful…after she gave me a son, I expect her vagina to remain the same.

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Well, I did not expect it to be the same but neither did I expect it to be so large now. This is just our first child….what will happen when we have finished having all our kids….I have sought some medical research online and I found no answer to her problem. Its like surgery is the only way and my wife is saying she does not want surgery. I also chatted someone online who is a s3x therapist…they recommended other forms of s3x like anal s3x or use of toys to boost our s3x life but my wife is refusing anal s3x. I dont like anal s3x either. The toy they recommended is not the same as the real vagina. I don’t derive the same kind of pleasure from it.

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Now,S3x has become uninteresting to me. I fear we may be loosing our marriage if we don’t fix this issue. Even my wife is upset with me, she has totally abandoned me to care for the child. So, when I ask her why she does not want to do something about the expanded vagina, she will tell me to take it like that or leave her alone. I feel she has lost her s3xual drive too.

Even if she does not want to do vagina tightening surgery, why is she not trying to find other natural ways of tightening vagina? Instead, she said I should go and take pills for penis enlargement if I say she is too wide…maybe its because I have grown too small. Can you imagine… is that fair…am I not only trying to find solution…why will she insult my manhood because of that? I read that alum or lime can work on vagina tightening. but I don’t know how true that is. Has anyone tried it? Please advice, maybe my wife can read it here and try it..

Its been months without s3x…I am a man and now the temptation to go out and have s3x is becoming too high. I love my wife but if she cannot satisfy me s3xually…I fear, our marriage is doomed…my wife thinks I am just looking for excuse to cheat but its not true. What do I do…what can we do please…my wife is not interested in finding any solution. Does she know how women are flirting with me to sleep with them? My wife is being string headed..no one should blame me if I go outside o.

I need advice. The marriage is just 2 years old…I have tried to be patient and understanding but my wife is not the first to give birth vaginally…I read that the vagina is elastic and supposed to go back to the normal state before pregnancy…why is her own not going back? If I had known, maybe she should have done CS instead of vagina birth. I cannot continue to live like this.


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  1. Do not do anal sex and do not use we toys. Anybody that tells you to do anal sex and sex toys is a liar, please don’t do it.

    You need to see a confirm health not all these ones that give evil advises, and please don’t try to do anything to enlarge your manhood, there are too many fake products out that that will destroy your health.

    All the best.

  2. Dear poster from your write up, you sound selfish, I’m sorry to say…your wife passed through stress of giving birth to your kid, and all you care about is sex, what’s wrong man,..now you are talking her down and making her feel emotional, that alone can make her loose interest in sex and also make her find solace in the arms of another man,which you don’t know because you are not understanding and care more about yourself,is she the cause of her having a loosed vagina…how do you expect her to remain the same after child birth?…don’t use that as an excuse to cheat and don’t indulge in anal sex,..it must have been the way u talked to her that’s why she isn’t ready to find solutions, manner of approach matters…..Think man,..work on your marriage….peace bro…

  3. I only see a selfish man that thinks only about him self. Do u think it’s easy for we women after child birth, If I tell you things I have bought that didn’t even work, what of the daily kegel exercise. But I thank God for my husband understanding. Please don’t make things worse for Your wife if u truly love her. Give her time to heal
    You want her to get back her VJ by all means yet u find pe*nis enlargement offensive

  4. Dear poster, your write up alone scores how insensitive you are already. Now imagine talking to a woman that just gave birth all these trash you just wrote. Did you read online that the vagina will come back to us birthday state at 6 weeks? Or that she had healed enough to engage in sex. you really are selfish and I’m sure she’s even wondering the kind of monster that she got married to. Please give her time to heal, did you even find out if she was ready to start having sex after delivery? You think to have CS is easy too, you should kukuma go and enlarge your penis since her hole is now too small like she suggested, since youv can’t be patient and kind enough to wait and apply wisdom

  5. Dear Poster,
    Not to judge you, please… yeah, we have been told some men by nature are selfish beings, but i cant believe this height of selfishness you have written here!
    and wickedness too!
    Again, not to judge you, i will go straight to try to profer some “out of the box” solutions for you:
    1. You need to know marriage is in stages and sex at a point esp the stage youre isnt a priority, nuture the new-born together, be part of the early stage of bonding.that is your stage for now. Vigina will contract with time, do give yourself to patience and talk to your third leg!

    2. You need to start being grateful to God for having mercy on you and enabling your family to start making babies immediately after marriage.

    3. you need to be grateful to your wife for giving it her best to have a vigina baby, bcos thats why you can think of 6 weeks resumption for sex.
    You think CS is an alternative ?! please ask those that go thru CS:
    how many pants of blood they buy,
    how many risks they go through and chances of life-death papers they sign,
    how many tendencies to infections they are exposed to after the procedures that in some situations ,you wont even think of sex for months!
    Please ask for forgiveness for wishing her CS cos you want to fuck tight vigina.

    4. You need exposures. Read books, interact with intellectuals (not those who are suggesting anal sex or alum to you), you may need to travel beyond africa cos this looks like an African man with a core African mentallity in 2022!
    Before you ll put that woman thro horror , psychological, mental and even physical abuses. I am sorry ,but youre showing tendencies you can later in your journey by these irrational frustrations you’ve written here.)

    5, You need a renewal of mind by God. Ask God to clease your mind so that you may know what is essential in life and priortise them.
    This is marriage, some things are unheard of. Anal sex in marriage, alum wash, porn, dildo ?! what!!
    i better stop here!
    Please go and work on yourself and tell your mind to appreciate your wife’s vigina as it is for now.
    Also, DONOT go the way of cheating becos it will be selfish, myopic, self-destruct and wicked.
    Work on yourself . be grateful, be patient , be disciplined , be contented, be rational, be broad-minded, be circumspect to life.

  6. I pray God forgives you for all you have said about your wife,and I also pray you have self control so that you don’t cheat,if you cheat on that woman, whatever you see,you take.

    Allow that woman to heal please,9months is not a child’s play couple with postpartum depression and the rest of it.

    Be patient with her,she needs to heal first,thank you

  7. Hiya,

    It is not the end of the world and your s.x days with your wife is not over.

    There are phases in life, love is patient , kind, not self seeking and always hopes. Love NEVER fails, cheating with another woman is not love.

    You both had unprotected s.x and the baby is here with all that has come with it, at least before delivery, you testified that your wife did everything to satisfy you, it is time for you to return the gesture. Let her try pelvic floor exercise but first be very kind with your words and understanding. Be gentle, be sensitive. After 6 weeks you were ready to start again !!!

    Shower your wife with kind words and actions giving her some time and at some point, she will find natural ways to expedite her healing in the meantime find ways to satisfy each other.

    A love that jumps to the nearest chick when conditions are not how they were is not genuine. The tables can turn around tomorrow, what if one has an accident, on wheel chair and your wife starts complaining that she wants to go outside to satisfy herself telling you your legs where not stuck to this chair when you both first got married? There’s God, seek medical counsel after your wife starts responding to your love not threats of cheating or hurtful words.

    @Wife – pls forgive and do what you can to calm your husband down, well done

    All the best

  8. Oga you selfish o, and you wicked and ignorant join.
    Ahahn! 6weeks you don already dey trouble woman wey get small baby? I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t even help her around the house and with the baby because you sound so self centered.

    Give that woman some space and show her love. You expect a vagina that a baby came through to go back to it’s size in 6weeks? Some take many months.
    Stop telling her things to use that may do her body harm, leave her alone she will recover with time and 6weeks is not enough to heal completely she may just be inconveniencing herself to satisfy a man that is still going to be selfish.

    And threatening to go outside just shows how selfish you really are because if your wife says she wants a car or something you cannot afford and she wants to get it from another man you will cry foul

  9. Mr man you are the selfish person here I don’t need to read all the article or the problem you said you are facing in the marriage because I don’t see any problem there. If you are a good man you clime to be you would have supported your wife in the promise of the pregnancy and with her sex life. Should I say, you married her because she matched your sex life. Looking at things here you look like a sex addict you are the one that needs help not your wife. Some men are wicked sha. Some ladies don’t even allow their men to touch them when they are pregnant. You have a good wife because of the little smell you are stressing her life. As much she does not have that before the pregnancy something can be done about it. Free the woman. She has given birth you don’t expect her pussy to remain the same.

  10. Be patient with her. Let her heal properly. Secondly advice her to use clove water kept in a water bottle for 3 days to wash. Or she can boil cloves a bit and wash her vjay with it when it cools down a bit. I learnt it helps.

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  12. Get her feminine wash by orifame for the smell and to tighten her…. But sincerely, apologize to her in many ways, you have wronged her. The fact she hasnt changed towards you goes to show she is a good woman and loves you, but this is bound to change if you dont apologize and ask for her forgiveness.

    Since you know how much the sex meant to you, why get her pregnant??? what were you expecting afterwards??? You cant eat your cake and have it sir, please understand.. You want her to go for surgery but you take offense when she tell you to do an enlargement

    ‘……..maybe its because I have grown too small. Can you imagine… is that fair…am I not only trying to find solution…why will she insult my manhood because of that?’………. Yet she takes all your insults about her smelling and loose vagina

    Now you want her to be tight so you can impregnate her again and complain she is loose. And you dont see a big problem with your mentality???? And all you would think about is going outside …. Wow

    Women are indeed suffering in marriage. Please it is either you give up being a father to more children or enjoying tight vagina for now.

    My advise, give her time, get her pregnant.. let her give birth to a second child, then you can channel energy to your sexual needs… And if after a year you arent still getting the pleasure you desire you can go outside at your detriment though, if the poor woman be.


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