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True Life Story: Revelation-My Wife Cannot Bear Children For Me Unless


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True Life Story: Revelation-My Wife Cannot Bear Children For Me Unless

Hello Lively Stones,

I have been married for the last 7 years. My marriage is something I hold very dearly but I think I need a divorce. My story is long but I will try and summarize. I met my wife after she separated from her husband after 5 years of marriage with no children. I have a son from a previous relationship . My wife told me she and her ex separated because of domestic violence but I later found out it was because of the childlessness.

Going into this marriage, I was not bothered about having a child or not cos I am someone who believes that it is God that gives children. I also had it at the back on my mind that if my wife cannot have children, then we can adopt or do surrogacy.  I am very much in my son’s life, ensuring that I raise him well.

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When I met my wife, I told her about my son. That he lives with my mother and sometimes his mother. She accepted. Since we got married, we have been trying to have a child but God has not blessed us yet. I know the pressure from family and society but the pressure is more from my wife’s family.

It was around the third year of marriage. My wife’s mother started asking what was delaying. I always told them that God will do it and I am not in any form of hurry. Anytime I said that, my wife takes it to mean because I already have a child from my past relationship, that I am not making it compulsory.

Several times, I have told my wife that I want to have kids with her but she should relax cos her anxiety may be the reason that we have not been pregnant. We have done all kinds of tests….taken and still taking fertility drugs which are affected my wife…she has put on so much weight because she is on progesterone hormone boosters.

Things began to feel weird from last year. My wife and her mother started going to vigil to vigil. Prayer house to prayer house. All kinds of revelations started coming out. One revelation was that my ex cursed me for not marrying her when she got pregnant for me but my ex too did not want to get married when she got pregnant 11 years ago. It was also  revealed later that someone in my wife’s past cursed her. So, the prayers have been going on.

As for me, I told them, I will not put pressure on myself. I have prayed to God and He will answer me in his own time. But I was worried that too many prayer nights was keeping me and my wife apart. We hardly saw each other at home. Except during her ovulation period which we must make sure we have S** throughout the ovulation period. Trust me, it became very frustrating.

To assist in the house, my wife brought in her twin sister since she was hardly around. I started noticing, the sister would cook and serve me food. I do not eat any food not served by my wife by my wife told me to accept it, since it is her own blood sister. Next, the sister started dressing seductively around me.

I thought it was my head deceiving me but after having my bath one Saturday morning, the sister was waiting for me in our bed, stark naked. I was shocked. The sister asked me to relax, that he sister, my wife will not mind cos she asked her to take care of me every well, including S**ual needs. I told her I would not do it cos its cheating. I started to lock my room door when I got inside.

Knowing that I have seen her naked, the sister started doing everything to make me sleep with her. She would press her buttocks on me. She would tie only towel and wrapper around her chest and once she sees me, she would let the wrapper or towel fall. It became very hard to ignore her. One day, I found myself kissing her…she was sucking my manhood…doing all kinds of crazy things. I almost went all the way before I caught myself and ran out of the house.

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From where I was, I called my wife and told her to return immediately. I told her I would not go to the house until she returns. Two days later, my wife called me that she was back at home. I got home and knelt down on my knees to beg her forgiveness. I told her how her sister almost made me cheat on her and that I wanted to sister to leave before our marriage is destroyed.

My wife was silent and she later said, honey, my twin sister can help us with a baby if we cooperate. I asked what she meant by cooperating? She said, she asked her sister to be her surrogate mother to help carry our baby and the sister agreed since her sis is yet to be married at age 38. So, clearly, this was all planned.

I felt betrayed by my wife. I asked her why she is so desperate to have a baby by all means. So, I must get her sister pregnant, ….can you beat that? I knew there was no way I was going to agree with this. My wife got angry and said this is the only way, that she cannot do surrogacy with a stranger but why do I have to sleep with your own sister? She said because her sister is the only one she feels comfortable with.

Haa…my wife and the mother began to explain how people in the bible gave sisters to one husband for marriage and for child bearing purposes. My wife again accused me of not interested in making her happy cos I already have a child. I am confused. I started thinking that since it was my wife who offered her sister….maybe its not so wrong afterall?

When I probed further, my wife broke down and started crying….she said another prayer house revealed that she can never have a child because she slept with her twin sister’s boyfriend back in school. Got pregnant for him and aborted the baby because her parents found out and told her then that  twin sister came out of the belly before her, so she was not supposed to marry or have a baby before the twin sister just like in the case of Leah and Rebecca in the bible.

That the revelation came in her former marriage but she did not believe it then but now, another prophet has said the same thing. That only if her twin sister gets pregnant before her, that is only when she can get pregnant and have her own children. Do you believe in such revelation? Why did she not tell me all these before we got married. My wife has been crying and begging me to agree and cover her shame of being married twice and still childless.

Now, my problem is, why must I be the one to get the sister pregnant? The twin sister is not married and has no boyfriend. So, how long will my wife wait for her sister to get married and have a baby before she can have hers? My wife said she told her sister of the predicament…the the sister is ok with the plan to save their family from shame.

That idea seemed ok by my wife and her mother (their mother is begging me everyday, because everyone is saying she is cursed, that her daughters have not being able to give her grandchildren) and that is why, they sent the sister to come and seduce me cos they did not know how to tell me.

Please advice me…should I agree to what my wife is saying? Should I sleep with her twin sister, get her pregnant so that my own wife too can get pregnant? I was very angry that they did not tell me this instead tried to make me feel bad for almost sleeping with the sister thinking I was cheating.

Now, that I know the plan, I really started feeling afraid. I told my wife I cannot do it. That we should get her sister a husband quickly but my wife and sister say it must be me…her own husband cos my wife got pregnant for her sister’s boyfriend in the past and so, the sister must get pregnant for her husband for everything to go well.

I know some people will think I am a fool for refusing to sleep with a woman who my wife gave me permission to sleep with even her parents have given their support. They say its better we have a child from someone in the family than a stranger surrogate woman…my wife even said that, in the bible,  Sarah gave her maid to her husband when she could not bear a child….and Isaac married Leah and Rebecca who are sisters.

My wife said its either that or we should divorce, because she cannot remain childless because she believes she can still get pregnant if only her sister can get pregnant first and since there is no other man in her sister’s life, that I must be the one to do it.

My wife believes that once her sister is pregnant for me, her own womb will be allowed to carry our own child then….what should I do? The idea of having two women in my life is really frightening…I love my wife…I want to do it for her but I fear this might end up hurting her…what if I fall in love with her sister in the end? Will she still be happy? I asked her, she said….once the children are born….her sister will leave our home…so maybe I am being too worried for nothing?

I will not lie…the idea is getting to me everyday….It should feel exciting to sleep with the two sisters but I also have a dark fear at the back of my mind that this will be dangerous in the end. If truly the sister must get pregnant first…why must I be the one to get her pregnant?

When I told my elder sister about this (she is the only one I have told because I trust she can be discreet), she said, she does not trust my wife’s family….that they are into too much revelation, too many spiritual acts…she thinks they maybe trying to harm me.

My elder sister says sleeping with two blood sisters may be a form of ritual and so I should consider leaving this family, let them go and find another man to get them pregnant…that they have planned to take my destiny away by me agreeing to father children from two blood sisters.

This made me ask my wife for sometime to think about this … should I do it or should I divorce her?


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  1. Your elder sister is right,please yield to her advice.

    This will be dangerous in future oooo,please don’t do it ooo,it is better you divorce your wife since she suggested it than do this,I see danger ,great danger at the end.

    Please don’t,thanks.

  2. All these ‘revelation’ bullshit by your wife and her family is so bad. What’s really wrong with Christians nowadays? They are carrying their superstitious beliefs from African traditional religion into their Christan religion.
    I love your mindset of adoption if pregnancy doesn’t work out between you guys. I really love that you’re open minded. It takes two to tango!
    I wish your wife was in agreement with you on this then you guys have a United front against the world and maybe God may then bless her with her own fruit.
    Be calm by brother, do not do what they are asking you to do. It’s not right.
    I wish your wife could see that she’s destroying herself by moving from one ‘prophet’ to another. Let her trust God, be in agreement with you and put a smile on someone’s face by adopting if she’s so desirous of being a Mother.
    God bless you.

  3. To me love is all about sacrifice, so do it for your wife, nobody using anyone for sacrifice here, have a time phrase of being with your wife sister if it works fine if it doesn’t you know you have done your part, if you were the one that has the problem madam would have help you out without much ears eating it.

  4. Please, do not fall for this emotional blackmail and manipulation. Don’t even give their demands a second thought. It’s all shades of wrong.Your wife and her people are nothing but selfish and narcissistic.
    Stick to your guns! If she refuses safe options such as IVF, adoption, surrogacy or patiently waiting on God and insists on divorce, so be it!
    She may never meet a man as understanding, committed and honest as you are.
    The destruction that so- called prophets and prayer houses have brought on individuals and marriages is better imagined than experienced. Yet, people will never learn.

  5. The day they get “revelation” that you are the cause of her predicament and your death will solve it, bro, they will kill you without blinking.

  6. Please, Mr Poster, don’t ever succumb to this temptation. This is not even a temptation, but a suggestion you should not welcome at all! It is bad enough the extent you already went with your wife’s sister. Please repent from there!!! Say NO to all their plans. You will win in the end if you stand firm and would be messed up if you give in. BTW, that family you married into needs God’s intervention. You will need the grace of God to stay married to that woman, but of course, His grace is sufficient for you. Just do your part and never yield to this evil. Blessings!

  7. So for your mind or your wife’s mind,you think the sister will take in after one attempt or how many times will you have to sleep with her to get her pregnant. During this time,you may fall for the sister as you yourself envisioned,what will happen next? Again, what if the barrenness runs in both the sisters? Have you thought about that? Will you sleep with both of them for two years, three years then you realize the problem is deeper than you imagined.okay, assuming she gets pregnant for you. Puts to bed and decides she’s not letting her baby go? Then before you know it,they start fighting amongst themselves. You and your baby will be the center of all that drama. What if the sister sleeps with a man out there and pins the child on you. I mean….the repercussions are just too many to ignore. This family needs deliverance and if they insist on that being the only way,then serve her the divorce papers even before she does. I don’t believe it must be you to break whatever nonsense revelation. You should look for a way to separate for a while before they drug your drink and make that her sister to sleep with you. Or chase all of them out of your house with the excuse that you need time to think. They seem desperate and that’s why I don’t believe they’re being genuine. If you knew all these,I don’t think you’d have proceeded with the marriage. I think they intentionally hid all these from you. Your elder sister is right, all these could be part of a bigger scheme than what meets the eye so you better not take it lightly. Every morning at 7am, pastor Jerry is always praying for women who are crying for the fruit of the womb. If you’re intentional and have faith, God will give you both your own baby if not babies. I don’t think you’ve exhausted all the means and ways. This time take it to God in prayer and he will surprise the both of you. Tell your wife that you want the two of you start those prayers for two months, if God will not answer you,then go for divorce, that business of sleeping with your sister in law is and should never be an option at all no matter what? God bless you.

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