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True Life Story: Secret Affair With A Senior Colleague-Why She Won’t Leave Me Alone


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True Life Story: Secret Affair With A Senior Colleague-Why She Won’t Leave Me Alone

Hello Lively Stones,

Never felt this way before. I a 26 year old software developer. I got a job in a company four months ago. Its my dream job actually to work in such a company. I instantly had a crush on the HR lady that interviewed me, she is so attractive but I just maintained my side until two months ago. Then she had an issue with her laptop and brought it for me to help. I took some says to fix the laptop but I also peeped into the laptop and discovered she has alot of S**y nu-d-es photos.

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Those photos excited me and aroused my feelings for her more. When I handed her the laptop, she asked me if I went through her personal stuff…I smiled and said…no. Later on, I texted her out of mischief and complimented her S**y body. She replied with a laughing emoji. That is how we started chatting and being friendly. The chats got more friendly…infact, intimate….we started S.e.xting each other.

I have never done that before. But things got out of and very quickly. She would text pictures of her veegaa….I started masturbating to it. Shit got real, I wanted to f*ck her and I told her about my feelings. She agreed and came to my place…we f*ck all through weekends. She never tires. We are both drunk in love.

Now, I am madly in love with her but she does not want to go public with our relationship. She is our HR, it will be frowned at, in fact she might be sacked if the company gets to find out…secondly, she is 4 years older than me. But she said she has dated several guys younger than her but she cannot date them publicly.

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Let’s call her Morenike. Morenike wants us to breakup because of her age and because we work together, I love her alot. I feel like I cannot breathe when she is not with me. I told that I can quit the job so we can be together but she says the age difference is an issue. That she is ready to get married, she is 30 years old, she wants to get married and she feels the society, even my family will oppose the idea. I have tried everything I can to convince her that age is not an issue for me.

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Some weeks ago, I saw  pictures of her on Instagram. With her ex boyfriend. She said she has forgiven the guy and they are working on coming back. I am heartbroken. I begged her not to go back to him. She said we can be secret lovers, just continue having fun but never in public. I asked her to choose between me and that guy and she said she cannot…that one man can never satisfy her libido. That is really hurting me. I tried to forget her, blocked her no and wanted to do everything to break the feelings I have for her.

And then she shows up in my place twice in a week…saying she wanted to f*ck…it was like sweet news to me. I thought if we continued to f*ck…she would change her mind about us. But it seems now that she will not change…she just wants to f*ck. I wish I can say I do not want to f*ck her but I want to every time. Now, I am feeling used by her yet I cannot refuse her.

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I don’t know what to do…blocking her is not working…once she shows up…I just melt in my defenses for her. Few days ago, I was with a friend when she S.e.xted me…she said she is wet and that she is on her way to my place so I can make her squirt. I told my friend lets go out so she will not meet me when she comes…my friend laughed and said I should be ashamed for wanting to run away from a girl.

That I should stand my ground when she comes and say no S**…I agreed but when she showed up at my place, my friend just excused himself…the way she was looking so hot my friend said even him cannot resist her if she wants him….as soon as she came in, as if she put magic in her mouth…she just said, follow me…and I followed her to my room…

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My guy excused himself because he too was having an erection from hearing us f*ck. My friend later texted me that he had to leave…he could not stand it anymore…my guy said  he envies me….that if he was the one, he would continue f*cking her…even if she is married but I am not that type of guy.

Should I quit my job and relocate from my apartment? This job is not even up to six months  I got it…but that way, she will not be able to find me anytime she is horny? Seeing her makes me loose control…like I said…I literally cannot breathe when she is around me…She is toying with my feelings…how do I get back at her…how do I free myself from her?


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  1. You will not quit your job or relocate. Tell her to leave you alone,if not,you are playing with . Your job is at risk if you don’t tell her to leave you,block her and make up your mind not to see her again,yes,you can do it.

    It is well,don’t allow kpekus to land you inside wahala. Stand your ground now and don’t listen to that your friend.

    • You are a BIG SIMP. You can breathe without her, you even want to change your job.

      Honestly, how some men act for women is worrisome. You are not in love but in lust.

      You are a weak man, you have no frame, you still make a woman the center of your world.

      Please read what you posted and you will see, you can do better than this.



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